10 top romantic proposal ideas

10 top romantic proposal ideas

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Have you finally decided to reveal your feelings to your partner and say those very cherished words that will be the beginning of your life together? Then a new guide from the FJewellery team was created especially for you! We tried to collect in this article all the most interesting and extraordinary ways of a marriage proposal - from familiar classics to really non-standard and original ideas. Let's find the right option for you together!

When should you propose?

In fact, there are no specific deadlines and dates when it's necessary to ask a sacred question to your loved one. It all depends on your feelings, mutual trust and willingness to dare to take the next step into a joint future. Perhaps you have already discussed your future wedding with your partner, or conversely, you want to take your beloved by surprise and make the moment as sudden and dramatic as possible - in any case, you need to clearly understand that both of you are ready for this. After all, the basic in the proposal is not to achieve a mandatory "Yes!", but to be ready to take your love relationship to a new stage.

If you rely on statistical data, then 1 or 2 years from the beginning of a relationship are the most optimal terms for a proposal - you already know each other's habits and desires well, spent enough time together and can accurately answer yourself the question: "Is this the person you want to spend your life with?". Of course, many may not agree with such a time frame - for some it's too early, and you may be advised to just live together longer, while others will say: "Why wait? Do it as soon as possible!". Both sides of such a dispute will be right in their thoughts, but your joint choice depends only on your couple, and you shouldn't rely on other people's advice or beliefs. When you are absolutely confident in yourself and your soulmate, then it's time to go for an engagement ring and prepare the flawless surprise!

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What are the ingredients of an ideal proposal?

Surely, you remember the frames from the films where the hero gets on one knee, smiles mysteriously and takes out the coveted velvet box, and the girl bursts into tears of delight and throws herself on the neck of her beloved. The surrounding floor is usually strewn with rose petals, the lights are dimmed, warm candlelight pours, glasses of champagne are always present, and somewhere nearby there is a group of violinists with a gentle and romantic melody. All this seems very beautiful and somehow magical - at this moment we just want to add "like in a fairy tale!".

However, life is not a pretty picture from a movie, and you should not blindly follow Hollywood examples of proposals to impress your lady of the heart. There's always the possibility that she doesn't like it. Therefore, it's very essential to know the dreams and habits of your partner in order to make this present exclusive and unforgettable - exactly as she would like, and not as usual.

When you know your girlfriend well, and your feelings are pure and sincere, you will easily understand how to surprise her, and the phrases will come to your mind, and you won’t have to invent anything! Try to prioritise so that this desired event becomes a reflection of both of you, characters and inner worlds - in this manner, you can make this day really memorable!

How to make this event special?

You can invent a lot if you try to take into account all your general tastes, hobbies and habits. So, gourmets will appreciate a proposal made in a trendy Michelin starred restaurant, extreme people will want to make it on top of a mountain or in the open sea, and romantics will like a cozy picnic under the stars in their favourite park - how many people, so many tastes. And in order to precisely decide on your plan for the offer, answer yourself the following questions:

1. Have you talked to your sweetheart about this topic? Perhaps the girl has already hinted to you about how she imagines this?

You can invite her to watch a couple of films where there are different scenes with marriage proposals and notice at what point her eyes light up with delight.

2. Do you want to tie this event to a specific date or celebration? Could it be a romantic holiday, the day you met, or a secluded Christmas Eve?

Think about sacred dates and numbers for both of you - this will make your gift as personalised as possible.

3. With whom would you like to share this joyful moment? Perhaps family and close friends? Do they have to be present and take part in the event? Or will you still contact them via video chat a little later to please them with good news?

Gather only those people who are important and dear to both of you, and you can ask them to help you prepare and host the perfect evening.

4. And finally, the main part - which ring will your bride like? Maybe a luxurious vintage design or a laconic classic? A traditional diamond or an unusually cut coloured gem?

You can browse through the FJewellery catalogue or explore our other featured articles on our blog to find the flawless engagement band! You can also seek advice from our consultants - managers are always online and help you pick up the best option for style and for your specific budget.

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Our top recommendations for a unique proposal

1. A surge of adrenaline

They say that love is always a risk, so why not make it part of your special day? If you both like to have fun and a touch of thrill, then this is just a great idea! Go to the amusement park and ask at the very peak of the roller coaster or arrange in advance with the employees of the haunted attraction to play along and surprise her at the most intense moment. Themed guest room is also ideal.

2. Public event

A joint trip to the theatre, a performance by your favourite artist or a concert of a cult group - each such occasion can be your stage for a romantic question. You just need to ask actors or musicians in advance to help you with your idea - as a rule, even the most popular celebrities are willing to meet such a request and gladly join in the surprise.

Do you love opera? Then perhaps you will ask to sing your marriage offer from the stage and add it to the subtitle line? Do you often go to quiz nights? Agree with the host that he will add your question to the mandatory program of the game. You can also arrange with the staff of your favourite bowling centre to have your question displayed on the scoreboard!

3. Delicious food as the best addition to romantic feelings

A romantic breakfast in bed can not only be a nice start to the day, but also a great occasion to propose. Or maybe you prefer a delicious candlelit dinner in a quiet place? Prepare original dishes and add your partner's favourite dessert to them. If you aren't sure about your culinary talents, you can order delivery from a restaurant or even hire a chef for the evening. You can also set up a date at a trendy restaurant and ask the staff to help organise your surprise. It will be very cool to find a rooftop restaurant or have dinner on a yacht.

4. Public display of love

You can focus on your partner's passions and express your feelings to a wide audience. Do you know exactly what radio station your lady listens to and at what time? Call live and voice your question! Or pre-order your joint song and deliver your message through the announcer. You can pull the same trick with the podcasts your girlfriend watches or reach out to the bloggers and streamers she follows - it's a great way for them to stir up their audience and get cool ads, and for you, it's an opportunity to show your attention to detail and make an unexpected proposal.

5. Vacation and engagement rolled into one

Surely you know that many people like to arrange secluded or exotic weddings abroad. So why not start early and organise such an engagement? Fans of traditional recreation will be able to find a lot of luxurious hotels and locations where this venture can be carried out. But if you and your woman like more unusual trips, then follow this path. Safari in Africa, authentic hotels in the jungle, trekking through the fjords in Sweden with tents or exciting surfing off the coast of Morocco - select your favourite country and activities, make a clear travel plan and wait for the perfect moment to ask! And of course, buy a suitable ring in advance on the FJewellery website, so you don't have to worry about it on your trip! Such a vacation will be remembered for a long time and even turn into your first family tradition, as an annual trip for an anniversary.

6. Beautiful views and romantic moods

If you find out about a new location that you want to go with your sweetheart, this can also be a great opportunity to propose. Rocky coastlines of incredible beauty, blooming gardens, huge national parks - choose a place with a magnificent view, and it will become a cool memory for both of you. If you are more inspired by unusual architecture and monumental cityscapes, then go to a country that is of interest to you. And we recommend that you take care of the possibility of taking a photo or video in such a charming place!

7. Arrange a home surprise

If you don't have the desire or ability to go on a trip, then organise a special evening at home. It could be a backyard fire pit or your beautiful blooming home garden adorned with garlands, cosy throws and pillows, where you will spend an evening together admiring the stars. Have a surprise BBQ picnic, or set up a projector and hang a screen between the trees to watch your videos together. It's enough to show imagination and even your joint house can turn into a great place for a touching proposal!

8. Come up with your own quest

Do you both like games, puzzles and charades? Then figure out how to beat it at home and impress your soulmate. Try creating your own board game or use your favourite one to ask at the right time. Or hide the ring somewhere in the house and create a whole series of clues by which the girl can find her present. It all depends on your hobbies - use it and make a cool experience!

9. Treasures hunt

Try to complicate and confuse the quest and take it outside your home, even invite friends or family members to participate. Use iconic locations in the city, places where you have been or vice versa new and unexpected corners - place hints there in advance and go on an amazing adventure together. You can come up with everything yourself or contact a company that organizes such events.

10. Connect two holidays

If your bride loves themed seasonal events, then this is an excellent way to propose. For example, for Halloween, you can carve your question on a pumpkin, and for Christmas, hide the band in a small box under the tree, or come up with something original with Christmas tree decorations. You can also include seasonal activities such as ice skating in the park, horseback riding, a fun fair, etc. Think over the details, use the actual attributes and create an unforgettable entourage!

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A couple of last tips

Proposal of marriage is a very exciting event for any man and the excitement or confusion before this is normal. To do this, we have prepared some tips that can become your prompts when planning an event. Let's try to sort them out in the format of FAQs.

1. What words to say?

Here we can only suggest one thing - let your words come from the heart! Don't try to imitate or use someone else's speech - your girlfriend is special and deserves a unique question! Think about how you feel when you are next to her, what plans you want to implement together, and what do you expect from the family future? Say what you think looking into her eyes and she will feel your care and love! If you are very worried that you might stumble, make your speech as short and capacious as possible - only about the main thing!

2. What is the most romantic way to ask a question?

Let's just say - there is no such thing! It's different for everyone and what seems romantic for one couple will seem boring to another. Only your preferences play a role here, and it's unnecessary to try to fit this event to some standards! Balloon ascension, exclusive gastrotourism, cute photo session, dance master class - find something for yourself among the huge variety!

3. How to record this moment?

The easiest solution is to find a photographer and videographer. Professionals will do their job with high quality, and you will have gorgeous memories for a lifetime. The only thing that can ruin your plan is privacy. If you are going to organise everything at home or any other place where you will stay only the two of you, it will be problematic to hide the person with the camera and the girl will surely notice him. In this case, try to put a small camera or phone on the recording and place it so that your girlfriend doesn't look there.

4. Romantic dinner - give the band before or after?

Both options are acceptable. If you ask before dinner, then it will be a great continuation of the evening and the celebration of your event. But you can reach the culmination and surprise an unsuspecting lady at the very end of the evening! Are you afraid that you will be nervous all this time? Then the answer is obvious!

Final word

There are many more cool ways to make an engagement surprise and listing them all in one article is simply unrealistic! However, you can continue to follow the FJewellery blog and check out our other tips on the subject for inspiration. We still hope that some of our ideas will impress you, and you will return soon for unique jewels for your wedding! Waiting for you!

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