Astonishing ring with black diamante inlay - a jewel for the special engagement

Astonishing ring with black diamante inlay - a jewel for the special engagement

Ring with black diamond

A unique gem about which so many myths and legends are composed is absolutely real and insanely desirable for many women. The deep black colour of the gem fascinates and magnetises, its surface seems to be perfectly silky and beckons to touch it - this is real magic created by nature! And how magnificent this crystal looks in a frame of pure gold - truly a work of the greatest jewellery art worthy of a true lady's finger. It seems to us that the reasons why engagement rings with this incredible stone have become so popular are quite obvious! Yes, the classic clear diamond is more common and seems more appropriate for such a special occasion, but trust us, the mystical charm of the black crystal is unmatched! Such rings are ideal for the most daring and bright girls who aren't afraid to show their individuality and crave attention. In this article, FJewellery experts have put together all the information about this rare stone, its meaning and features. When you finish reading - you will no longer have doubts about which ring you want to present to your lady of the heart!

The history of the majestic black diamond

It's almost impossible to give an exact date for the appearance of these crystals on earth - they are considered one of the most ancient minerals, and eminent scientists claim that these original gems are at least about 4 billion years old. There are two most realistic versions of their appearance in nature:

  1. These are fragments of once fallen stars, or more precisely, meteorites.
  2. Crystals appeared as a result of very powerful volcanic eruptions - roughly speaking, they came out of the ground.

Many mineralogists are still arguing among themselves and looking for confirmation of their theories. But one thing is for sure - it's joyful that these stunning stones have appeared at all and become part of the luxury jewellery culture!

Ring with black diamanteRing with black diamante

The very first samples of these minerals were found in Brazil in the middle of the 19th century and, and amazingly, this outstanding find wasn't given much importance. For more than 100 years, they have been used as technical raw materials for the manufacture of various specialised abrasive equipment or tools for cutting and drilling. Their price was incredibly low and for a long time was no higher than $10 per karat- no one thought then how to process them, cut them and use them as precious inserts. None other than one progressive jeweller who made a real breakthrough in his craft in the early 90s! The name of the person who gave the whole world the beauty of faceted dark diamonds is Fawaz Gruosi, the most talented designer, owner of his own famous brand and in many ways a pioneer! He was the first to come up with the idea to use these black gems as inlays in gold, and as soon as the first collection with his jewellery appeared on sale, the popularity of the jeweller skyrocketed, as did the cost of the stones themselves. Since then, these gemstones have become synonymous with luxury, wealth and chic - now they are used in the most exquisite accessories and their fame doesn't cease.

Nowadays, these darkened crystals are still being mined in Brazil and in the centre of Africa. Large and flawless minerals are very expensive and are especially rare - they all have unique names and their own history. However, mid-range stones are very affordable and are frequently used to create dazzling decorations, including these especial rings.

The meaning of genuine black diamante

This stone is shrouded in many sacred meanings and superstitions - in various world cultures, it's betrayed by very different meanings. So, for example, in India, this gem is considered cursed because of its sinister colour and similarity with the destructive look of snakes or huge spiders. But in sunny and picturesque Italy, everything is quite the opposite - they believe that this stone can unite two hearts in love and can even save a marriage, one has only to touch it! Italians believe that with its help you can overcome any jealousy, correct problems and misunderstandings in relationships.

If we turn to esotericism, then it's believed that the black shade of this mineral mirrors all negative emotions and does not allow them to reach the owner of the jewellery. There is even a special theory that says that these crystals are conductors between the real physical and astral spiritual worlds. And many also believe that they strengthen the emotional bond between two close people - this explains their growing demand as an insert in wedding bands.

Speaking about the sacral meanings of the gemstone, we can distinguish that they are:

  • enhance the inner strength of a person;
  • bring good luck and success;
  • symbolise wealth;
  • embody justice and trust;
  • reflect the depth of feelings and emotions, exposing true desires.

Based on all of the above, they are considered an excellent addition to engagement rings - as if such a gift, a man wants to open his soul to a woman and give her all the best in his power. Jewellery with such a stone is considered a symbol of fidelity and the highest trust to your partner, and such a sign of love will certainly impress any girl!

How to pick up a dark gem engagement ring with?

Such accessories are a very individual gift, and you need to select a model based on the personal tastes and preferences of your chosen one. Of course, your budget also matters. The FJewellery boutique has options for these special rings for her in a variety of styles and affordable price ranges - you can explore our catalogue on your own using convenient filters by product category or ask our managers for advice. Specialists will advise what to pick up the diameter of the ring, design, stone shape and more. In addition, we have prepared some tips to make it easier for you to navigate the styles and shapes of such rings. So:

  1. Elegant minimalism will always be appropriate! A classic decoration with one large central element is always a good choice! A single stone draws attention to itself, demonstrates the refined taste of its owner and is perfect for girls who love restrained and concise images.
  2. Playing on the contrast. The ideal setting for a rich dark crystal is strict white gold - they form an impeccable tandem, reflecting all the facets of the colour palette, like a precious yin-yang.
  3. For lovers of more glamorous and noticeable jewellery, models in the style of a traditional halo are suitable, where the main gem is surrounded by tiny graceful crystals. The matte surface of the black diamond is perfectly combined with the brilliance of the transparent ones, and together they enhance the overall radiance of the accessory.
  4. The ideal cut for a sophisticated darkened diamond is the traditional round - with it the stone looks very voluminous and resembles a magic sphere. But, for the engagement ring, you can select other forms of stone, especially if the lady loves unusual designs. In this case, such fancy shapes as: a princess, a delicate pear or a romantic black heart will be relevant - the latter option will definitely make a splash!
  5. For women with especially non-standard tastes, you can pick up exclusive and rare vintage models - a luxurious cluster framed by an 18-carat golden alloy - just fantastic! And there are plenty of options!

Dark gem engagement ringDark gem engagement ring

Famous rings with a rare black stone

If you are still in doubt about whether a dark diamond is suitable for a marriage proposal, then we would like to remind you of the most famous example of such a gift from contemporary television culture. Fans of the great series and its continuation films "Sex and the City" will surely remember the moment when the indecisive Mr. Big finally made the most important decision - this was what many were waiting for! He presents Carry with an amazingly beautiful ring with a big black diamond and does it with these words: "Because you are not like everyone else!". His words and this moment captivated many, and the engagement jewellery became a symbol of exclusivity and otherness - decoration for the most special woman!

However, not only in films they like to use unusual decorations. Many celebrities and bright Hollywood stars prefer to wear accessories with this bewitching stone, among them is the stylish Blake Lively, the brilliant Gwyneth Paltrow and others. Moreover, many male actors and musicians don't deny themselves such a luxury! And you shouldn't!

If you want to show your girlfriend how deep and comprehensive your feelings are, how special your love is - such a unique ring is just right for this! And you can be sure of her answer! Choose a wonderful engagement ring on the FJewellery website and come back later for wedding accessories! Waiting for you!

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