Birthstone meaning

Birthstone meaning

Birthstones amethyst

Each birthstone has its own history, meanings, holistic properties and myths:

  • January - Faith, Eternity and Truth
  • February - Luck, Wittiness and Health
  • March - Happiness and Understanding
  • April - Eternity, Courage and Health
  • May - Fidelity, Goodness and Love
  • June - Peace, Nobility and Beauty
  • July - Love, Enthusiasm and Strength
  • August - Success, Peace and Love
  • September - Serenity and Truth
  • October - Purity, Hope, Health
  • November - Wisdom, Courage and Sincerity
  • December - Love, Happiness and Luck

A birthstone is a great option for a birthday present for yourself or a loved one. However, not everyone is aware of the huge, intriguing and even mystical meaning behind them. This is not just a beautiful decoration - a real magic created by nature especially for you! And in this guide, FJewellery specialists will tell you the story of each gem and the secrets behind their magnificent brilliance.

Birthstones: what are they, and why are they needed?

Each such gem represents a specific month of the year, and each has its own special meaning and unique story.

It's believed that the history of birthstones originates from the Bible, or rather the Old Testament and has a sacred meaning. The high priest Aaron was chosen by God himself as an intermediary between people and higher powers, and had the right to question God on behalf of the king or the people. He wore a special breastplate - an amazing golden pectoral decorated with 12 various natural gemstones, each of which was engraved with the names of the original tribes of Israel. Each crystal had an oval shape and was framed in a filigree setting of solid gold. Later, this majestic breastplate is already mentioned in the New Testament.

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Many theories have been built since then and new compounds have been invented for these stones. For a long time, they were associated with the signs of the zodiac, and later they were compared with the 12 months.

The peoples believed that these stones bring prosperity, luck and fortune to their owner, or even have some therapeutic properties. Some even believed that using such a gem during the corresponding month could enhance the properties and strength of the crystal, which means that a person had to have all 12 basic gems and wear them alternately at certain periods.

These days, birthstone jewellery is often given as a surprise to the dearest on special occasions and anniversaries. And since each such jewel has an individual meaning, the gift becomes very personal and reflects your concern for your soulmate.

Finding your birthstone

Accessories with such crystals are very personalized and important attributes for many. Below, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of the stones and find out how they are associated with certain months and how they affect their owner.

1. January - garnet. It's called a symbol of peace, harmony and good health. And it was always credited with love magic, it was believed that it connects people, gives them passion, mutual understanding, courage, honesty and loyalty. This is exactly what we wish each other every new year - it's no coincidence that this gem has become a symbol of the very first month.

Outwardly, the fiery red crystal looks like a small pomegranate seed - juicy and bright, and the word "garnet" itself comes from the ancient Latin "seedlike".

It will be a chic present to your best friend, as a sign of eternal and very strong friendship, and will also bring protection and peace to his home.

2. February - amethyst. The unearthly dark purple colour of this variety of quartz is difficult to confuse with something else. This stone is associated with courage and devotion, stability and sincerity. It will bring order to the house and peace to the soul of its owner.

For many centuries, this gem was valued even above popular diamonds, and was a favorite of many royalty. Today, it has become much more accessible and many jewellers willingly use it to create unique decorations, experimenting with its sizes and shapes.

3. March - aquamarine. Its stunning and mesmerizing hues range from soft blue to more intense, reminiscent of the sea wave.

For many centuries, people have associated it with heaven and water - the elements that give life and believed that it can reward its owner with eternal life. This is a crystal of purity and youth, magical power and health. The Greeks and later the Romans, believed that it would protect sailors on their voyages through the rough seas and relied on him very much.

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4. April - diamond. It has always been credited with a huge symbolism, and its unique properties have amazed people for many centuries. From the Greek language, the name of the gem is translated as "invincible". It's considered the strongest and most durable element on earth, because nothing can destroy or scratch it, except for another diamond. Because of this, it is considered a stone of imperishable and eternal love.

Also, the ancients believed that it was formed as a result of a lightning strike on rocks or was a fragment of a fallen star. It is believed that a diamond is able to protect from the effects of any negative energies. Once upon a time, gorgeous Marilyn Monroe said that these delightful stones are the best friends for women, but our ancestors knew about this clearly much earlier!

By the way, a luxurious white topaz, a symbol of wisdom, clarity and strength, can become a more affordable and acceptable alternative to an expensive diamond. It's also great for anyone born in April.

5. May - emerald. It has always been associated with rebirth, fertility and love and were the favorite gemstones of the majestic Cleopatra. In the contemporary interpretation, they are already credited with other meanings - youth, growth, wisdom and patience.

The most valuable are emeralds with a very deep and saturated green colour. However, these gems are very fragile, and you need to be extremely careful with them. If such a first-class green mineral is in your hands, you can safely consider yourself the owner of a myriad fortune.

6. June - pearls. A delightful mineral given to us by a strong and powerful sea element. It symbolizes purity, joy of life and true love. It is also called the stone of the soul.

These stones have a unique natural shape and come in a variety of shades. Framed in classic gold, they look just fantastic and perfectly complement any jewellery ensemble. And pearls will also be a wonderful romantic gift, because according to a certain Greek legend, they appeared from the tears of Aphrodite herself, the great and beautiful goddess of passion and love.

By the way, contemporary researchers often call alexandrite a necessary stone for those born in June, but for more than one millennium this month has traditionally been associated with pearls.

7. July - ruby. It's very doubtful that there has ever been a mineral that would be more strongly associated with love and intense passion. He is rightfully considered the king of all gems and is a sought-after option as an inlay in an engagement ring. In addition, the ruby ​​is always ready to protect its owner from the forces of evil and give him unprecedented luck.

This gem is considered one of the most durable, and its shades can vary depending on the region where it was mined. A professional jeweler will immediately understand that the crystal with a purple tint was brought from Burma, and a browner colour will tell him that this is a Thai specimen.

8. August - peridot. Delicate, airy and summery warm light green crystal is a symbol of passionate and unrestrained energy, influence and strength. Many believe that it attracts love, suppresses anger, protects against any negative emotions, and It has a calming effect on the body and especially the nervous system.

Hawaiian legends say that these gems appeared when the great Pele, the goddess of strong wind, fire and volcanoes, wept. The very ancient history of these stones is also evidenced by the finds of archaeologists on volcanic islands somewhere in the Red Sea. Egyptian jewels inlaid with these stones date back to more than the 2nd millennium BC.

9. September - sapphire. This crystal has a lot of the most unexpected shades and there are such mystical specimens that are able to change colour - they are usually called phenomena stones. Its colour palette ranges from classic blue to orange, yellow, pink and many more.

Many people are sure that sapphire can protect from evil and any negativity, as well as safe from stress. There was even such a belief that a poisonous snake would die at the slightest contact with this stone.

And sapphire is also considered a popular insert in engagement rings, as it symbolizes chastity, trust and is a true talisman of love.

10. October - opal. Since antiquity, it has been called the queen of all precious stones, since in its rich palette it has collected shades of almost all known gemstones. Each natural opal is different and unique, and can feature soothing greens and blues, along with exciting and passionate tones of red or yellow.

There are also many myths and amazing superstitions about him. In various parts of Europe, he was perceived differently - some believed in his ability to make the owner invisible, while others were sure that with his help you could jinx a person. Despite this, many consider it a symbol of hope and happiness, and believe in healing properties.

Tourmaline is also relevant in October.

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11. November - topaz. The main stone of the month has many shades, the basic ones being warm honey tones, something closer to brown and yellow. However, there are crystals of soft pink and even rich red colours. Blue specimens are also very popular, but they are extremely rare, more often they are created artificially.

The ancient Egyptians believed that this gemstone was bestowed by the great Ra, the god of the Sun, the Romans associated it with the majestic Jupiter, and the Greeks believed that he could grant superhuman strength and invisibility.

Beautiful citrine is also suitable for those born in cold November.

12. December - Tanzanite. This special mineral can only be found in one country in the whole world and, you won't believe it, it's in Tanzania, at the foot of the great Mount Kilimanjaro. So, it's not so easy to become its owner, but it's definitely worth it!

Tanzanite is just an incredible colour - it combines shades from blue to purple and looks more than magical. This is a gemstone of prosperity, development, success, friendship and family happiness. They say that others will be as generous as possible in everything with the owner of this crystal and will always help him on the path to change.

You can doubt the magic of birthstones or believe in it unconditionally - the main thing is that these minerals are really luxurious and will become the ideal basis for any decoration. And we are glad to invite you to the FJewellery boutique, where you can choose a special accessory with a personal gem for yourself or your darling!

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