Claddagh ring - the history of the most impressive accessory

Claddagh ring - the history of the most impressive accessory

Claddagh Rings

This amazing decoration is rightfully considered one of the most romantic. A lot of stories and legends are connected with its appearance, and many even believe in its special magical power to connect hearts. This type of ring has gained immense popularity and is a highlight in many mens and womens personal collections, and for couples in love, it has become an exceptional symbol of their feelings. However, not everyone knows about the symbolism that this decoration carries in itself, and even there are certain rules for wearing it. In this article, the experts of the FJewellery shop decided to study in detail the meaning of a claddagh ring and share the most interesting nuances with you. Get comfortable - this story will be very exciting!

Claddagh Rings for MensCladdagh Rings for Men

How did this romantic decoration come about?

As we have already said, not a single legend is associated with this ring, but the story of the young romantic Richard Joyce is really considered true.

And so, it all began in the distant 17th century. In the small village of Claddagh, which is located in the Irish county of Galway, there lived a youth named Richard. And he had a beloved - a beautiful local girl, whom he dreamed of marrying. The guy was poor and in order to earn money for the wedding and the subsequent comfortable existence, he decided to go to work in the distant West Indies. Already returning home from this dangerous journey, Algerian pirates attacked his ship and the guy was captured. Later, he was sold into slavery to a well-known jeweler, and he began to work as his apprentice. Under the guidance of an experienced professional, Joyce mastered this difficult craft and began to make significant progress. All the years in captivity, he terribly yearned for his beloved and made a promise to himself that he would return home to her at all costs. It's believed that it was then that he created the first copy of this famous ring especially for her.

He spent more than one year away from home, but in the end, the guy was still lucky! When Willem III was crowned on the English throne, he was able to negotiate with the Moors about freedom for all Britons in slavery, and Joyce was able to finally go to his native Galway. His beloved girl waited for him and the happy couple got married. In his hometown, Richard opened his own workshop, where he continued to create magnificent examples of jewelry art, among which the Claddagh rings he made gained particular popularity. Lovers came here from all over Ireland to buy this special accessory and give it to their soulmate. This history has become a true legend of love and fidelity!

Today irish claddagh is popular and in demand all over the world - its fame has gone far beyond the borders of its native Ireland. This accessory is considered the most desired gift for Valentine's Day and other romantic holidays - its value cannot be overestimated! Our FJewellery store also has a wide range of these stunning rings, from the most classic to more contemporary and original interpretations. But how to choose the most ideal model for yourself or your beloved, among such a variety? Let's figure it out!

Claddagh Rings for WomenCladdagh Rings for Women

Design features

The most traditional version of this ring has three main components:

  • two palms
  • heart,
  • crown.

Hands clasp the heart on both sides, and the crown crowns throughout the composition. In this case, two hands symbolize true trust and strong friendship. The heart, of course, is a symbol of great love and unceasing passion. You can’t do without crown, as it carries the concept of faithfulness and loyalty. These three details are inseparable and only together they have their own special meaning and charm.

However, fashion doesn't stand still, and the usual design doesn't surprise anyone. That is why jewelers are increasingly looking for ways to diversify the ring and bring more brightness and originality to it. Thus, the classic claddagh is usually made of cold silver or warm gold. It remained unchanged, but at the rest of the designers did their best! Often the central symbol of the ring (heart) is replaced with a coloured gemstone, which gives the product a special radiance. Also, sometimes an ornament or engraving is added along the rim, in the form of other popular celtic signs and runes. Since this decoration comes from Ireland, such images look especially harmonious here. Models with celtic knot in a circle look especially luxurious.

But all the magic is created not only due to the special style of the ring, but also due to the way it is worn. There are some unique nuances here.

Rules for wearing a ring

This piece of jewellery is said to represent various forms of love:

  • friendly,
  • platonic,
  • romantic,
  • passionate.

It all depends on which hand it is worn on and in which direction it is turned. There are four options:

  1. Right hand, heart directed towards the fingertips. This suggests that the owner of this accessory is in search of his soulmate.
  2. The same hand, but the heart is turned to the owner of the ring. Evidence that a person is in a strong love relationship.
  3. The left hand, the crown is directed inside the palm - this is how the ring is worn during wedding ceremonies, as a sign that the hearts of lovers are turned to each other.
  4. Same hand, but upside down claddagh ring means that a person is already tied by the knot and has found his happiness.

You can wear jewelry on each finger - this doesn't play a special role. But since most often these rings are engagement or bridal, they are usually put on the ring finger.

New Claddagh RingsNew Claddagh Rings

In fact, not many today adhere to these traditions, therefore it will also not be correct to interpret a person’s relationship solely by the position of the ring. However, these rules still seem to us not so strict as cute and very romantic. And if you feel the same way, then in our online catalogue you can find this amazing ring for yourself or as a gift. We also have many other stylish female and male accessories in different categories, and they can be a great addition to your present. In our assortment you will find:

To learn more about the products presented on the FJewellery website, just read their description. The actual price, exact characteristics are always indicated there, and real pictures of each model are added. So, the search for a suitable accessory will not take you much time, and you will understand exactly how suitable the chosen option is for you. Join now and make the most charming gifts for yourself and your family with the maximum benefit! Welcome!

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