The most perfect jewellery in the world

The most perfect jewellery in the world

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There are legends about these jewellers. They are flawless, elegant, stylish and very worth. We are talking about Queen Elizabeth Jewelry, about which much has been written. At FJewelery, we've put the information in order and prepared an overview for you of outstanding jewellery belonging to one of the most influential women on the planet - Queen Elizabeth. Each one is stunning in its richness, design thought and execution. They are simply magnificent!

Queen Elizabeth Personal Jewellery Collection

It cannot be said that the Queen prefers one thing over another. Her collection and that of the Crown of Great Britain contain a very diverse range of jewellery, which has struck the imagination of all generations of jewellers and connoisseurs of beauty. If we talk about the ones she uses most often, the list might look as follows

Gold brooches

  1. Brooches. The Queen is said to adore brooches and has her own collection of this wonderful jewellery. The Queen is said to adore brooches and has her own collection of these wonderful jewels. One of those which are often seen on royalty: "Queen Mary's Love Knot" brooch (brooches with bows are one of the Queen's favourite themes), "Pink Diamond Williamson" brooch (one of Cartier's famous creations), "Cullinan V" brooch (one of the Queen's favourite brooches with a diamond of 18, 8 ct.), Basket of Flowers brooch (a classic basket of flowers set with precious stones), Cullinan III and Cullinan IV (two luxurious gemstones with a legendary history joined in a single piece).
  2. Tiaras, diadems and crowns. Not surprisingly, Queen Elizabeth has a lot of them. Some came to her by inheritance, some she added to the collection herself. Of particular note is the Imperial Crown of State (a weighty jewel with 2868 diamonds, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds and 269 pearls, weighing 2. 2 pounds), the State Diadem (intended to be worn at the opening of Parliament), the Tiara of Mary Queen of Great Britain and Ireland (belonging to the Queen's grandmother), the Tiara of the Grand Duchess of Vladimir (a symbol of the monarchy that has fallen into oblivion), Tiara with Burmese ruby (created by Garrard from Burmese rubies), Tiara with fringed Queen Mary (the most delicate and fragile jewellery, a vault that has been broken more than once), Tiara with Brazilian aquamarine Parure (another breathtaking creation by Garrard from Brazilian diamonds and aquamarine).
  3. Jewellery sets. There are a huge number of them, we would like to highlight two that we think are iconic. The Victorian Sapphire and Diamond Suite (the sapphire earrings and necklace given by the Queen's father at her wedding were complemented by the Queen's own royal crown), Kent Amethysts (the set belonged to the Queen's mother).
  4. Rings. The Queen's engagement ring is a gold ring that she never parted with, as was her Welsh gold wedding ring. For one thing, a solitaire ring always looks stylish. The three-carat diamond was taken from the tiara of Princess Alice (mother of the Duke of Edinburgh).
  5. Necklaces. Ruby Crown necklace (a magnificent necklace of Queen Victoria), Cambridge and Delhi durbar necklace (made of dark emerald), three strand pearl necklace (one of the Queen's favourite jewellery, which is used quite often, given by her father), Queen Elizabeth's festoon necklace (festoon design is three strands with diamonds).
  6. Bracelets. Diamond bracelet with rubies (the centre piece can detach and turn into a pendant), Garrard's Cambridge emerald bracelet (would make a lovely addition to the Cambridge and Delhi Durbar Parure emerald necklace), etc.
  7. Earrings. Perhaps most often the Queen is seen wearing pear drop earrings, which she successfully pairs with her favourite necklace. They look flawless. And the stunning diamond earrings Greville chandeliers (a of timeless classics that are festive and stylish). She wears them on special occasions.

The cost of most of this jewellery cannot be put into figures because they have completely different values. It's not difficult to buy something like this, it's just not realistic. The Queen quite often allows her relatives to wear certain pieces of jewellery so that they can be found at various events on princesses.

Solitaite rings

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