Cubic zirconia as opposed to diamond. The differences?

Cubic zirconia as opposed to diamond. The differences?

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Diamonds will forever be popular. But more and more often people have questions about such stones. Zirconia is a synthetic stone that is called an alternative to diamond. But there are very important differences that you should know before making a purchase. In any case, Fjewellery will offer a quality product. Everyone can be pleased, so you can be sure that you will satisfy your desires. If you are interested in the difference between such materials, then continue reading this article. Today you will learn a lot of interesting and useful information that may be useful both now and in the future.

What are the main differences between such stones?

Diamond and cubic zirconia are two different materials that can be distinguished even by their appearance. While a diamond is composed of carbon and is considered a natural stone, another one is an artificial one. Let's highlight the main criteria of differences that are worth knowing:

  • Appearance and shine. Diamonds do not transmit light, so they are naturally bright and have a luxurious sparkle. Cubic zirconia transmits light easily and has a different sparkle.
  • Hardness level. Diamonds have a higher hardness than Cubic zirconia and are 10 on the Mohs scale. The hardness of zirconia is estimated at 8 and can reach 8.5. In this regard, no scratches appear on the Diamond.
  • Durability. A natural material like diamond remains attractive even after years. Phoenix, on the other hand, is more quickly exposed to mechanical damage, so it can lose its primary appeal after a while.
  • Cost. Diamonds are much more expensive. They are mined in a more complicated way underground and under high pressure and have several advantages. Cubic zirconia is also more affordable because it is not so rare.
  • Dimensions. Even though cubic zirconia is a synthetic material, diamonds have larger dimensions.

How to distinguish diamonds from zirconia?

It is easier than it seems at first glance to distinguish products made of diamonds from cubic zirconia. This can be done with the help of visual examinations or special methods used by experienced buyers. Although in most cases, everything is written on a jewelry tag where you can see a set of numbers and letters. However, if you delve deeper into this topic, you can quickly understand all its features. On such jewelry tags, you can find carat, color, cut quality, and other important details.

If you rely on the appearance, the diamond will give off more glare due to the play of light on the facets. A person can breathe on the product to understand what kind of material is in front of him. If it is a cubic zirconia, it will be covered with condensation, unlike a diamond, whose condition will not change.

In addition to physical properties, the weight and thermal diffusivity also differ. A diamond will be lighter than cubic zirconia because of its lower density. As for thermal conductivity, the diamond wins here, because cubic zirconia is inferior in this indicator. If you hold this or that product over hot temperatures, you will notice that cubic zirconia will cool down faster than a real diamond. However, sometimes even a few verification methods are not enough to make sure that a material is 100% authentic.

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Final Thinking

Every person has different preferences, so when looking at cubic zirconia and diamonds, you should consider your wishes first. You can find a lot of other interesting facts and features about both products. For example, few people know that synthetic cubic zirconia appeared in the jewelry world in the 19th century, and diamond is considered one of the hardest materials. They will last for different periods, but they will be beautiful jewelry that will complement any look.

The modern jewelry assortment pleasantly surprises customers as it continues to develop and expand. If you want to enjoy your purchase and choose a decent option that is worth the price, contact trusted sellers. Fjewellery has already gained a high rating and popularity in the market, so they offer to provide an objective assessment of jewelry and help with the selection. If you're still on the fence, check out a few options, and then you'll know where your heart lies.

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