Do you want her to say "Yes"?

Do you want her to say "Yes"?

Engagement Ring

When proposing marriage, you should definitely try to find a unique ring that will impress your darling. This special piece of jewellery will keep the memories of one of the most important events in your life together. Therefore, the search for it must be approached with all responsibility. And we at the FJewellery store decided to facilitate your searches and made a selection of the most interesting and original jewellery for this propose.

The most popular engagement ring styles

Among the incredible variety of designs, we have selected the most interesting variations that combine both new trends and unchanging traditions.
Timeless classics. This style will never lose its popularity due to its lightness, simplicity and sophistication. A graceful platinum or gold setting, crowned with a single magnificent scintillant diamond, looks dignified and expensive.

Vintage style

This chic accessory is a real embodiment of family values, and thin neat details covered with precious crystals of different colours and sizes give it a special charm and how luxurious it looks on delicate women's fingers. In addition, the decoration may well become a real family heirloom, which will be passed on from one generation of the family to the next.

A scattering of diamonds

This is ideal if the sparkle of one gem isn't enough for you and you want even more shine! Small gemstones diverge to the sides in the form of thin paths from the main diamond, which is located in the center of the composition - it looks amazing and attracts everyone's attention. Multicoloured stones look very original and unusual in this design option.

Engagement Rings

Three precious stones

The trio of sparkling gems is one of the most romantic designs of such a special gift, as they symbolize three important periods in your relationship: present (volumetric stone in the middle), past and future (two smaller crystals on the sides).

Diamond bezel or design called Halo

This is perhaps the most fashionable and contemporary version of such accessorise. The stone in the center is surrounded by a scattering of miniature gems. Halo design emphasizes the volume of the main gemstone, makes it shine a thousand times richer and brighter. Models with coloured crystals in a circle or in the center are also very popular.

Ladies all over the world give preference to the variations of the engagement rings, which are indicated above. The colour and type of metal can be any. Gemstones are also selected according to your taste and desire. Show your imagination, listen to your heart and amaze your girlfriend with something unusual!

Rings Diamond for a Engagement

But before you buy one of them, you need to be absolutely sure that your girlfriend will really like the accessory. This can be done in several ways:

  • Remember what style is closest to her and what kind of accessorise she wears.
  • Ask her friends, sister or mother about it. After all, they know this for sure and will be happy to help you.
  • Watch movies on this topic with her, or look at photos of celebrities who have been proposed to. Chances are high that the girl will pay attention to the ring.
  • While out for a walk, "accidentally" drop into a jewellery shop with her and see what she likes in the window.
  • Or you can just ask her directly. This may not be a surprise, but here you'll be 100% sure of the result.

Whatever you decide - the choice of such a decoration should come from the heart, and it’ll be the most correct one. And if you need qualified useful advice, on the FJewellery store will definitely help you choose a ring that can win her heart. We wish you happiness and a successful engagement!

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