Harry's Style: How to style your jewellery like Harry Styles

Harry's Style: How to style your jewellery like Harry Styles

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Harry's Style: How to style your jewellery like Harry Styles

Harry Styles is not only known for his remarkable musical talent and fashion-forward clothing choices but also for his unique and captivating jewellery style.

The former One Direction heartthrob has been breaking gender norms and pushing fashion boundaries, inspiring countless individuals to experiment and embrace their own sense of style.

In this blog post, we will delve into Harry Styles' jewellery style, highlighting ten iconic examples, and providing style tips to help you incorporate his charm into your own wardrobe.

Layered Necklaces

Harry is a master of layering necklaces, creating a bohemian-chic look. Start with a simple, delicate chain as the base and add longer, chunkier pieces on top. Opt for varied textures and pendants to make a statement.

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Style Tip: Experiment with different lengths and textures, but ensure that the necklaces complement each other and don't overwhelm your outfit.

Rings Galore

One thing that sets Harry's jewellery style apart is his love for rings. He often adorns multiple rings on several fingers, mixing metals, and incorporating bold designs.

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Style Tip: When wearing multiple rings, keep the rest of your jewellery relatively simple to avoid a cluttered look. Mix and match metals to add dimension to your ensemble.

Statement Earrings

Harry is not afraid to make a statement with his earrings. From oversized hoops to unique studs, he effortlessly draws attention to his ears.

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Style Tip: Let your statement earrings shine by styling your hair in a way that accentuates them. Consider a sleek bun or a messy updo.

Brooches with a Twist

Brooches have made a comeback in Harry's jewellery repertoire. He often pins them on jackets, scarves, or even hats to elevate his outfit.

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Style Tip: Don't limit brooches to your grandma's collection; find quirky and modern designs that reflect your personality and pin them creatively on unexpected items.

Signet Rings

A staple in Harry's collection, signet rings exude sophistication and class. Whether plain or engraved, they add a touch of vintage elegance to his outfits.

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Style Tip: Signet rings look best on the index or pinky fingers. Pair them with well-tailored suits or even casual outfits to add a touch of refinement.

Beaded Bracelets

Casual and carefree, beaded bracelets are a must-have in Harry's jewellery box. They effortlessly complement his bohemian style.

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Style Tip: Stack beaded bracelets with other simple metal bracelets or watches to create an eclectic wrist display. Ensure the colors complement your outfit or match your personal style.

Body Chains

An unconventional choice, body chains are one of Harry's boldest jewellery statements. He often wears them over bare skin or layered on top of shirts.

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Style Tip: Body chains can be tricky to pull off, so start with delicate chains that follow your natural body lines. Wear them over low-cut tops or dresses for a sensual touch.

Pendant Necklaces

Harry's collection boasts various pendant necklaces that hold sentimental value. From lockets to unique symbols, they add a personal touch to his look.

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Style Tip: Choose a pendant necklace that represents something meaningful to you and pair it with other simple necklaces to create a balanced and stylish display.

Leather Bracelets

Adding an edgy touch to his ensembles, Harry incorporates leather bracelets into his jewellery rotation. They effortlessly blend with his rock-inspired outfits.

Style Tip: Leather bracelets work well with denim and leather jackets. Choose designs with metallic accents to add a hint of shine to your outfit.

Friendship Bracelets

Despite his global fame, Harry remains connected to his roots, often seen wearing friendship bracelets that reflect his down-to-earth personality.

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Style Tip: Embrace the spirit of friendship bracelets by making your own or supporting local artisans. They're perfect for summer outfits and music festivals.

Harry Styles' jewellery style is a true reflection of his artistic personality. By embracing a mix of vintage, bohemian, and contemporary elements, he has crafted a unique and mesmerizing look that resonates with fans worldwide.

Whether you're drawn to his layered necklaces, bold rings, or statement earrings, use these style tips to incorporate his charm into your own jewellery collection and let your individuality shine through.

Remember, fashion is all about self-expression, so don't be afraid to experiment and make his iconic jewellery style your own.

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