How do vintage style and contemporary engagement rings fit together?

How do vintage style and contemporary engagement rings fit together?

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If you want to find a truly unique accessory to propose to your sweetheart, then vintage is exactly that special style that will enchant and win the heart of your lady! Such bands, inspired by the charm of the past, can become a real family heirloom that will be kept in your future family for generations. And there really are a lot of options to choose from: delicate filigree patterns from the luxurious Victorian era, bold and extravagant art deco designs or bright and glamorous retro sequins. The assortment of vintage items is very large and there are options for connoisseurs of any era. In this article, the FJewellery boutique team has prepared a very clear explanation for you regarding these accessories, and we can't wait to share it right now! You will learn all about popular vintage jewels and will be able to buy an exclusive gift for your loved one, based on your taste and her preferences, and we will help you with this!

Vintage ring - what does it mean?

Simply put, “vintage” is things that are more than 20 years old, and anything over 100 is already referred to as “antiques”. That is, when talking about a vintage decoration, it's precisely its style that is meant, and not specifically its age. In fact, this is a contemporary frame in a vintage design.

If you are considering buying a simpler and more concise ring, then you should look for options from the retro era, as other styles from different eras have much more elaborate and rich decoration. Of course, they look grandiose, but here you need a clear understanding of what kind of jewellery your beloved will like for constant wear - it can be something more restrained or, on the contrary, an extravaganza of expression and avant-garde!

Cubic Zirconia Engagement RingsCubic Zirconia Engagement Rings

How to understand that a vintage accessory will impress a girl? Pay attention to what accessories and outfits she usually wears and what shops she usually visits. If a lady often looks into second-hand stores and selects non-standard contemporary outfits for herself, then she likes a more ancient style of jewellery. In this case, we advise you to stroll through antique shops and pick up something worthwhile. Or perhaps your family already has such a special ring, and you can make your proposal a good continuation of the family tradition. In any case, our guide will become a storehouse of useful information for you, and you will certainly understand what to pick up for your girlfriend.

Varieties and features of products in the spirit of "vintage"

If we take into account the definition of this concept, then even very new designs from the 90s are already technically vintage. But we want to delve into the topic in more detail and discuss the four main and most iconic eras that inspire brands and designers to create their vintage masterpieces of precious art.

1. Victorian era

In fact, even jewellery from this one era can be divided into several periods, but we will study this style as a whole.

Victorian ring models were usually made from classic yellow or romantic rose gold, and the most popular inlay for them was large luxurious diamonds. They were stacked in several rows, using cluster or voluminous halo techniques, and combining different shades of gems.

The colour schemes were really unusual. As we know from history, blue was the favourite colour of Queen Victoria, and therefore crystals of this tone were often used. Among the most common inserts: sapphires, blue enamel, turquoise, mystical opal, shining moonstone or delicate topazes. Natural pearls were also often added to them.

Volumetric rose and stepped varieties are considered among the most relevant cuts for jewels of this era. Chic stones were surrounded by decor in the form of golden bows, soaring birds, large hearts and coiled snakes - these are the most popular precious motifs of that time.

2. Edwardian era

Fancy lace patterns, big solitaire stones, delicate shades - all this refers to this majestic precious period. The most common type of metal was platinum, and it was in this era that jewellers learned how to create fine filigree from this noble material. Graceful patterns intertwined with vines, ribbons and flowers - the most striking motifs from the Edwardian era.

Iridescent pearls and diamonds were still at the heart of this style, but increasingly, masters began to prefer coloured stones in pastel tones. Among the cuts, voluminous cushion, traditional step emerald and rose were popular, but at the same time, more fancy shapes began to be popularised.

Sapphire Engagement RingsSapphire Engagement Rings

3. Art Deco

Bold forms, large sizes, strict geometry and a series of repeating patterns are motifs that characterise the luxurious and pompous Art Deco. Instead of tenderness and splendour, large metal elements began to appear with strict angles, clear geometry and tiny beads made of a noble alloy that created volume around the gemstone - this technique is called milgrain.

The most sought-after cuts are, of course, baguette, classic emerald, strict square and asscher. Bright coloured gemstones were at their peak then - juicy rubies, deep sapphires and bewitching emeralds were the most coveted inlays in art deco accessories.

However, with the onset of the Great Depression, the consumer opportunities of the population were greatly reduced, and the demand for more affordable natural crystals increased, including: citrine, rich garnet, amethyst, etc. The masters of that time were able to adapt to the changed conditions and introduced a new fashion for gems that were not previously of interest to the public. This was a real breakthrough and it's thanks to this period that such a huge variety of rings with a wide variety of stones are on sale today, from cheap to more expensive.

So, in the FJewellery catalogue there are models with a lot of genuine gemstones in various natural shades for every taste: rings with tanzanite, airy aquamarine, royal diamond and even its more affordable analogue - cubic zirconia. We offer our clients the widest selection and try to satisfy the tastes and wishes of each customer!

4. Retro era

This period is distinguished by graceful simplicity and conciseness of forms - there are no more elaborate designs and voluminous decor, elegance and restraint prevail here. One large stone was used as the centre of the whole composition, and most often it was a diamond. Small side inlays in a baguette cut or another one with strict forms could be added to it. At the same time, the round cut or other equally smooth and soft forms became especially popular.

Since during World War II it was forbidden to use platinum for any purpose other than directly military, the demand for gold increased again. It was already difficult to impress someone with classic shades, and then the jewellers began to create models using two-colour alloys: they combined yellow with strict white or tender rose - really new and unique products were obtained.

In each of these eras, there were their own trends for special engagement rings, and now these designs are becoming relevant again. Perhaps your bride is especially warm about one of these periods, and then such a surprise will be a magic treasure for her!

Diamond Engagement RingsDiamond Engagement Rings

What happened after?

In recent decades, fashion has changed especially rapidly, and therefore it becomes more difficult to single out any clear canons and motives for specific years. However, we tried to make it for you!

  • So, the 60s are multi-coloured inlays and art deco-like motifs. Then the unique engagement ring of the gorgeous Jacqueline Kennedy made a splash, and many designers began to produce alternatives to this design using emerald and diamond.
  • 70 is avant-garde geometry, voluminous ornaments, bold and even large-scale designs. The disco era, vibrant New Hollywood and other landmarks of these times also greatly influenced precious fashion.
  • The main precious symbol of the 80s was a brilliant sapphire ring - the most famous engagement jewel of Princess Diana. Every woman dreamed of getting the same band as a gift, and jewellers enthusiastically picked up this idea, creating very beautiful and similar analogues.
  • The last period that can be correlated with the concept of "vintage" is the stylish 90s. Minimalistic but bold designs, asymmetrical shapes and large inserts of all possible shades became the main motifs on the eve of the new millennium. The fashionistas of that time were especially delighted with classic diamonds in the original marquise cut.

Vintage engagement bands

Well, the choice and variability of such accessories is obviously great, and in the contemporary jewellery market there are enough vintage models for every taste and budget. And fashion designers don't stop there! Every season we are offered more and more amazing novelties, where they combine details from a couple of eras and even add elements of modern designs to them. These mixes result in delightful results and become the basis for new sensational styles. The combination of classic and modern makes these rings timeless, and this is the best thing for engagement decorations!

If you have already decided to purchase such a vintage band, we invite you to explore the assortment of the FJewellery store! We have a variety of both brand-new models and exclusive pre-owned ones. Our managers are always online and ready to help you with the selection and decision-making! Don't hesitate and contact us!

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