How to fix the situation when the ring is too big for you?

How to fix the situation when the ring is too big for you?

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Have you recently received a super romantic and passionate proposal from your dearest person? Congratulations! This is a very touching and happy moment! But a mistake may occur, in the form of a small discrepancy in size - the engagement band turned out to be large. What to do in this situation? Of course, this isn't a disaster and there are many ways to solve the problem. In the new FJewellery article, we will look at all the solutions together!

How to understand that the ring size isn't suitable for you?

The diameter of each finger is different for everyone, and they even differ on both hands. So, initially it may seem to you that there is nothing wrong with the fact that the ring doesn't sit tight on the finger, but this is the first mistake! In this case, you will lose the jewellery very quickly. This can happen during sports, swimming, and especially handwashing. But how to determine that the jewel is very large?

  1. If the ring slips off easily while showering, washing dishes or hands.
  2. The decoration constantly rotates around the finger and isn't fixed.
  3. The central part with the stone constantly turns over.
  4. When moving or waving the hands, the ring "jumps" and tends to fall.

We understand that the situation is unpleasant, and therefore we have prepared ways for you to resolve it. There are safe permanent and temporary solutions for this.

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5 ways to save the day

1. Sizing bar

This is the easiest way to correct the situation - such bars are on sale in most stores, they aren't expensive and imperceptibly adjust the diameter of the ring. They are small regulators of various sizes, which are made of plastic and are attached to the inside of the band, sealing it. This option is suitable for an accessory of any thickness and will be completely invisible from the outside.

2. Rubber or silicone band

This refers to simple elastic bands that are used to fix hair or just for household needs. You will have to wrap it around your finger a couple of times until it sits as tightly as possible - a ring is put on top and thus fixed. In fact, such a rubber will increase the thickness of the finger and compensate for the difference in diameter, moreover, it will be safe for the metal of the product. This solution is suitable in case you need to urgently put on a piece of jewellery, but you shouldn't wear such a design for too long, as it can squeeze your finger.

3. Spring plate

This is a thin strip of metal that jewellers insert inside the ring, and it helps to correct the size. It isn't noticeable during wear and tightly wraps around your finger - when you put on or take off the jewellery, you will notice how it bounces. This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to professionally correct the diameter. However, it's essential here to take the necessary measurements in advance, because of such a spring, the band may not pass through the knuckle.

4. Sizing beads

With a very small error in size, this can be the best and most durable option. It looks like this: the jeweller forms two tiny beads out of metal and soldiers them to the inner surface of the band on both sides closer to the base. The advantage of this method is that the beads are exceptionally smooth and small, which means that the jewel will easily slip through the knuckle.

5. Professional resizing

Correction by a specialist is the best and most reliable option that will permanently fix the problem. When contacting, the master will examine the ring, measure the circumference of the finger and knuckle, ask a few clarifying questions and do everything quickly and professionally - very soon you will receive your sparkling treasure back and it will fit perfectly!

But this method also has exceptions. First, the band can be changed within a maximum of two sizes from the original. Secondly, not all bands are generally resizable. The properties of some metals don't allow this, or the inability to correct the size may be due to the location of the stones. E.g., in models such as eternity rings and cross-over bands, the diameter cannot be changed because the gemstones are all over the surface.

To avoid such problems with jewellery repair, there is a size guide on the FJewellery website and a detailed manual on how to use it and pick up the right band size. It also explains how to properly measure your finger in advance.

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What NOT to do with rings

On the Internet, you can read a lot of tips and dubious life hacks for correcting sizes at home. We warn you - you should not trust such recommendations, otherwise you can permanently ruin your jewellery and then even a specialist won't be able to help you fix it. If the accessory is dear and valuable to you, avoid methods such as:

  • using hot glue,
  • nail gel,
  • paraffin or candle wax,
  • other ideas, using any chemicals.

Precious metals can behave unpredictably, especially if they don't have a protective coating. Such methods can cause silver or even gold to react with unnatural materials, warp, tarnish or blacken.

In what cases should you not rush to change the size of an accessory?

Yes, there are times when the problem can resolve itself, and you should just wait a while. It's for such cases that temporary options for reducing the rings were invented. Let's take a look at these situations!

  1. If your weight and physique are currently unstable and prone to change. This may be due to illness, hormonal failure, pregnancy and many other factors. Until you return to your usual state, don't rush to fix your jewellery. Over time, things can change, and then you will again have to turn to professionals for help.
  2. Weather fluctuations and temperature changes can affect the size of your hands and fingers. If you have noticed, many people have fingers that narrow from the cold or, on the contrary, swell from the heat, because of which the decorations may not sit comfortably and seem to be the wrong size. It's worth waiting until the weather stabilises, and the body will be in the most comfortable conditions for it.
  3. It happens that at the base of the finger the accessory is located freely, but it passes tightly through the joint and will definitely not fall off the hand. Professional craftsmen always clarify this point and take measurements themselves before starting work on the decoration.

Does resizing affect the quality of the jewel?

Any intervention violates the structure of the metal and weakens it. This occurs even in highly wear-resistant materials. But this doesn't mean that it's categorically impossible to correct the size - you just shouldn't do this often.

Each specialist can immediately determine what manipulations have already been carried out with the decoration and won't take up work if they are not sure of the final result. In addition, experienced jewellers know the secrets of how to strengthen and protect the weak points of the product so that it continues to delight you for many more years and withstand any test!

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What is the cost of this work?

It all depends on your specific case and wishes. The price of professional work is influenced by factors such as:

  • the overall complexity of the task;
  • features and type of metal;
  • the presence of precious inlays, their location and the admissibility of correction;
  • product parameters (weight, thickness, etc.).

The expert will assess the complexity of the order and offer you possible options, only after studying all the nuances and evaluating the jewellery.

Final thoughts

An engagement ring is an essential gift for every girl, and she wants it to be flawless. We have found out that there are no hopeless situations and for any problem there is a right and high-quality solution, and then you should not worry ahead of time and spoil your nerves.

With any questions when choosing accessories, you can contact the FJewellery managers in the online chat and get useful advice on any stages and aspects of purchasing precious decorations! We are always happy to help and save you from unnecessary problems! Contact us!

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