How to hide the ring for the perfect engagement surprise

How to hide the ring for the perfect engagement surprise

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You have planned a flawless day, prepared everything for a surprise and picked up the right words - all that remains is to wait for the moment when your girlfriend says the cherished "Yes!" and you can put on her finger the most special accessory! At this stage, men often have a small problem - where to conceal the ring so that the future bride doesn't notice it in advance? The FJewellery store team thought about these questions, and we decided to compile a list of ideas and tips for you. We have sorted out the most common mistakes men make in this matter and hope that our guide will help you avoid them at your special event!

Where to put the ring so as not to arouse suspicion?

An engagement is an extremely exciting event for a man. The girl doesn't suspect the upcoming proposal and feels as free and relaxed as possible. But the guys have to work hard to think through every detail of this romantic action and keep everything a secret until the right moment. And if the rest of the preparations can be done quite imperceptibly, then with the ring everything is not so simple. It must be at hand and must be made so that it's not noticed. What to do?

Gold engagement ringsGold engagement rings

  1. The ring box takes up extra space. This is a bulky and noticeable detail that can give you away - without a case, the jewel takes up less space and is easier to hide, for example, in a zip pocket, wallet, etc. If possible, get rid of the gift case. Of course, there is a fear of losing a small accessory, but you should use the safest place in your bag or clothes, make sure in advance that there are no holes in it, and it will not fall out.
  2. Comfortable and spacious clothing. If you are wearing a thin shirt or tight jeans, it will be difficult to hide the jewellery. You should take care of the outfit in advance so that you look chic at the right time, and there is a place in your clothes where you can discreetly place the ring. It can be a loose jacket with an inside pocket or pants that have a lot of wide pockets. In winter, it will be appropriate to wear a voluminous down jacket, and in summer a wide T-shirt that will cover the pocket with the ring. However, make sure that the gift is hidden securely and doesn't interfere with your walking or other movements - if you constantly adjust the decoration under your clothes, the girl can guess everything.
  3. Use available props. If you are used to a backpack or fanny pack - you won't have problems where to hide the surprise. If not, then you can still come up with something original. For example, have a romantic picnic and hide your jewel in a basket, or go on a fun hike and put the decoration in the bottom of your backpack. Improvise and don't let anything give you away.
  4. Ask for help from relatives or friends. If you are planning to propose to your beloved with your family or at some special holiday with friends - this greatly simplifies your task! Just ask one of them to take a present and give it to you at a certain moment. Or plan so that the jewellery will be hidden in advance in some unexpected place and your bride will find it at the time you planned. By the way, your friends may also come up with good ideas, so don't forget to ask them for advice - you might like the offer!
  5. Pre-rented location. If you're planning to ask the main question in an exclusive location, that's a huge plus! For example, if you booked a table in a restaurant, a romantic boat trip or a suite in a spa hotel - this is a great solution, and you can conceal your gift there in advance! Or you can ask the staff of the location to help you with this - arrange everything so that at the best moment the ring is brought to your chosen one or made from this enchanting performance. Just be vigilant and choose a proven place and people you can definitely trust.
  6. Distract her attention with another gift. You can pre-select and order another cute precious present in the FJewellery shop and give it to your girlfriend at the beginning of the planned event. It can be a delicate pendant, tiny pearl stud earrings or a bright cz bracelet. Then she will switch her focus and will be happy with the new thing, not suspecting what a huge and amazing surprise awaits her ahead! A win-win!

A long romantic trip is planned - what to do?

You are going on vacation with your girlfriend, and you want to propose to her in a new place, but your journey involves flying by plane? Don't worry! You can find a way out of any situation, and we'll help you find it!

Diamond engagement ringsDiamond engagement rings

  1. In this situation, a gift box is required. The present will need to be hidden in hand luggage or in a suitcase, but it's better that the ring is in a special case so that it isn't lost among things, deformed or scratched during transportation. Pack it as securely as possible, wrap it in clothes, fasten it between large items, or put it in the smallest and most secret pocket.
  2. Everyone knows that anything can happen with suitcases at the airport, luggage can even get lost - if you hide an expensive diamond band there, this can become a problem. We advise you not to take risks and put the present in a bag that is always at hand. Remember that you will be passing through metal detectors and if your girlfriend is nearby, the surprise will be ruined.
  3. Explanatory note for safety. It may happen that the security service will ask you to show your luggage or open your bag at the entrance to the airport, or there will be questions from customs officers. In this case, write a short note in which it will be mentioned that the box contains an engagement ring and ask not to take it out and open the box in front of everyone. Of course, this isn't a 100% working method, but there is always hope that the airport employee will be kind and will meet you after reading your message.
  4. Try to split up with your girlfriend during the security check. If possible, separate from her in the check-in queues and try to make sure that she doesn't see what you're taking out of your pockets or showing inside your bag - this will reduce the chance that she will notice the box in your things.
  5. Follow the rules. The main advice is to familiarise yourself with the rules of staying at the airport in advance in order to minimise the risks - following all the instructions clearly, the chances of being stopped are minimal. Don't take anything prohibited with you, namely: sharp objects, forbidden food, any liquids. So, you prevent unwanted situations and keep your surprise a secret.

When you arrive at the right place, choose a convenient moment and hear that very happy "Yes! I agree!" - return to the FJewellery online catalogue with your future wife and select your own special wedding bands! We will be waiting for you!

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