How to keep your engagement ring, and when is the best time to take it off?

How to keep your engagement ring, and when is the best time to take it off?

How to keep your engagement ring, and when is the best time to take it off?

For most of us, such accessories are a symbol of love and fidelity, and therefore we store them very carefully and cannot even imagine the moment when it becomes necessary to take them off, but this happens. But no, don't be scared! We aren't talking about some frightening and irreversible moment, but only about prosaic everyday situations when a precious attribute can be at risk of deformation and damage. In fact, there are a lot of such moments, and they happen every day, and we don’t even think about how one or another of our actions can affect the quality and brilliance of the jewel. This applies to all products made of precious genuine metals, but those that have inlays from natural gems are at particular risk. The experts at FJewellery decided to dig deeper into this topic and put together a list of 10 possible reasons for you to remove your special ring in order to preserve its beauty. Get comfortable! Today you will learn something new!

1. Moments of rest and sleep

Let's face it: bed isn't the place where you need to decorate yourself and shine with smart decorations, even if it's such an important thing as an engagement ring. On the contrary, for its safety, it would be much more logical to put it in the box at night or leave it on the bedside table while you indulge in night dreams.

But what can happen in a dream? - you ask. Firstly, the jewellery can squeeze your finger, especially if you take a certain position in a dream. Also, if you have gemstones in your ring, you could accidentally scratch yourself with gems or even rip thin bedding. Another reason is that the ring can get tangled in hair, nightgown, etc. If you put your hand under your head, it can leave an unpleasant imprint on your face and also other parts of the body, and since the weight of your body will exert pressure on the accessory, this can lead to deformation of the product and a change in the position of precious inserts.

Sleeping without an attribute will be much more convenient for you, and when you wake up in the morning, you will find your treasure in perfect condition and without the slightest damage.

2. Sports and active workout

Agree, a gym, a stadium or a yoga class aren't the best places to showcase your luxurious collection of accessories, and even an engagement band wouldn't be particularly appropriate here. Active strength training, fitness, exercise on simulators, volleyball, golf or tennis - in each sport, the hands should be free and nothing should interfere. Agree, it won't be very pleasant if a heavy metal neck of a barbell or a dumbbell scratches the ring or flattens its base.

In addition, don't forget that during training the body warms up, swelling may appear, and the hands may sweat. This will negatively affect the natural mineral and in some cases can cause a real allergic reaction if the skin is too sensitive. Also, during sudden movements, it's possible to injure yourself with a large stone or pinch the skin on your finger. If you work out with a personal trainer, then he should definitely warn you about the inappropriateness of the decoration at the training session, but you yourself should always remember this and hide the item in a safe place in advance.

3. Water procedures

While washing your hands or taking a warm shower, it's better not to keep the precious ring on your finger, otherwise there is a risk of losing it permanently or severely damaging it. Firstly, the skin becomes too slippery, and even a very tight-fitting accessory can easily fly off your hand. Secondly, the use of soaps, balms and shampoos, shower gels and other products can have a negative effect on natural stone, causing it to become cloudy. Scrubs and other exfoliating products can damage the metal itself and leave a lot of scratches on it.

4. Swimming in open water

We think you have also heard many stories about how expensive diamond jewellery is irretrievably lost in the ocean or a stormy river, and therefore it wouldn't be the smartest thing to wear them on a beach holiday. It will also be very difficult to find an accessory in the sand if it suddenly slips off your finger. And then there is the moment of salt water, which can spoil the appearance of both stone and metal.

Wearing a ring in the pool is also a very bad idea. Of course, if he flies there, then the probability of finding it is much higher than at sea, but the presence of chemicals that clean the pools can ruin the noble alloy forever. So, for example, if your accessory is made of white gold or has a protective coating, then when interacting with chlorine, the top layer of rhodium can be destroyed and the metal will return to its original yellow colour. Trust us, in your home or hotel room, the gemstone ring will be much more secure and no nerves!

5. Cleaning and housework

When you wash dishes, floors, appliances or other surfaces in the house, avoiding the use of various cleaning products is almost impossible. Even while washing the car, specialised shampoos are used. And all of them, as a rule, contain harsh chemicals and various abrasive components that are harmful both to precious items and directly to your skin. Oxidation, tarnishing, scratches are just a small part of what can happen to your other valuable gift if you don't take care of it in advance. And therefore, you should never forget about gloves and hide the band away from all kinds of chemistry.

6. Gardening and yard work

Another easy way to ruin your perfect accessory. Soil, dust, caustic fertilisers, industrial water, specialised metal tools, and these are just a few of the dangers that await your decoration while maintaining a garden. Even protective gloves may not save, so when you are going to clean up your favourite garden or look after vegetables in a greenhouse, do not forget to leave the ring in a safe box in the house!

7. Home renovation

Another story where the ring is better left hidden in a soft box. The abundance of various complex tools, paints, glues and other not the most pleasant products isn't the best company for an exquisite diamond accessory - this luxurious stone will feel out of place in such a "society"! If you want to transform your home with your own hands, then it's better to forget about decorations for a while - this way you will save your nerves and an expensive gift!

8. Cooking and baking

For many, this moment goes without saying, but it is still worth recalling. Flour and eggs turn into sticky dough, raw fish and meat carry bacteria, oven heat that can melt metals, sharp knives that cut and scratch everything around so easily - there are many dangers, and it's better not to risk it! Your favourite jewellery will be much safer if it remains in the box until you set the table and call the family for dinner!

9. Work with equipment and tools

Here the point isn't only the safety of the jewellery, but the obligatory safety precautions, which are important when working with complex and heavy mechanisms. Working in a factory or any other industrial enterprise is a big responsibility and compliance with all safety standards is very significant. One of the points in the rules always states that there shouldn't be anything superfluous on the hands that can interfere with work or even lead to injury. It's for this reason that your band will be much more comfortable at home - there you will meet after work!

10. Hobbies and other leisure activities

Here, of course, everything depends on your interests - it's quite possible to read books or work at a computer without removing accessories, but more complex types of hobbies require more responsibility. For example, if you paint with oil paints, work with metal or wood, sculpt from clay, then decorations will be superfluous here. In addition to the fact that you can stain the band itself, you can also harm your own skin, and therefore again hide the jewel in the saving box!

Other longer situations

While FJewellery specialists has been exploring ways to keep your valuable treasures safe, we have come across instances where an engagement or wedding band needs to be removed for a longer period of time. Of course, all here depends on the circumstances, your participation and personal attitude to them, but still, we cannot remain silent about this, because for many clients of our online store this information can be extremely useful and decisive. So, here are 3 main situations that we decided to discuss with you:

  • Pregnancy and childbirth. During this period, women experience strong fluctuations in weight and constitution changes, swelling and other consequences of a hormonal surge appear - this is a normal process that many go through. But this is also the time when your marriage ring can become too tight and start to put pressure on your finger. In this case, there is no need to rush, worry and urgently change its size, because frequent manipulations with jewel can lead to thinning of the metal and bring it to a very sad state. It's enough just to wait until your body comes into a static shape after childbirth and then figure out the size of the band. Until then, you can hang it on a chain and wear it around your neck, as an example. Also, many girls prefer to use simple silver or golden rings for this period, and return to more expensive models as they recover from childbirth.
  • Vacation and travel. This may sound like a very strange reason to leave the band at home, but it has its own nuances. So, if you are going to an unfamiliar city or new country where you will visit unfavourable areas, walk a lot along streets and meet a variety of people - this is a reason not to use too expensive and attention-grabbing accessories in your images. We have already said about a beach rest, but camping with tents also won't be the best reason to wear jewellery. Firstly, it isn't practical, and secondly, you can easily lose your favourite ring. This is especially true for outdoor enthusiasts and constant adventurers. So, if there is even the slightest doubt - don't risk it in vain and let your jewel await you in the family nest!
  • Winter, snow, cold or sudden changes in temperature. Our body always reacts sharply to cold weather, and therefore additional protection is needed. We are not talking about the fact that when going outside in winter, the ring cannot be worn - it's simply worth taking better care of its safety. So, when the fingers narrow from the cold, the decoration can simply fly off them, and to prevent this, you should use comfortable gloves or secure it with other rings. A good solution would be to use stacks or a keeper ring specially designed for this. This is true if you are going to be in the frosty air for a long time, sculpt a snowman and participate in other winter fun.

Tips for storage and care

In fact, there are no specific rules on where you should keep your special band. It can be any place that is convenient for you, and you are sure that it's safe there. Many use special coasters, plates, pillows and more. Also, a branded box in which you are given an accessory is a great place. Most importantly, keep the product away from direct sunlight, water and any chemicals that can harm it.

Caring for precious gems and metals is also essential to keep their beauty and brilliance for years to come. You can clean them yourself at home or turn to trusted jewellers for this task. Regarding storage and cleaning, you can learn more from the articles on the FJewellery blog or consult with managers in our online chat.

How else to ensure the safety of jewels?

Here we will tell you about the obvious and most logical solution - jewellery insurance. This is a reliable and easy way to protect your products and your nerve cells. Of course, this doesn't negate the fact that there are cases when it's better to remove the jewel, but if you really don't want to part with your charm at all, this is the perfect option for you!

To insure your precious product, you will need a certificate of authenticity - we provide one with every item in the FJewellery assortment. You can always be sure of the highest quality of your purchase in our boutique! For more valuable tips, check out our blog! Welcome!

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