How to store gold jewellery and coins

How to store gold jewellery and coins

Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery is a great investment. Experts say that with this kind of investment, you can not only keep your money but multiply it as well. Since it is an investment for many years, it is important to understand how to keep your gold jewellery safe and marketable. Turns out, that not everything can be kept in a bag or box. We at FJewelley have put together some practical tips for storing jewellery.

Top 4 Rules

Perhaps this option is new to you and you don't yet know how to do it right. Gold jewellery should be kept clean, preferably separately. Here are the details:

  1. A very important step is to separate all the jewellery by the type of metal from which it is made. It is wrong to keep them all in one place piled up. Start by sorting separately by type: gold, silver, other metals and costume jewellery. It doesn't matter at this stage if you have gemstones or not. But already this approach will allow you to keep everything you have in the best way possible. By separating all of your jewellery in this way, you will prevent it from being exposed to various corrosive substances. This way, everything will be kept neat and clean.
  2. The important point is that jewellery (regardless of type) must be clean. If you remove a ring or earrings, bracelet or chain, be sure to put the jewellery in a clean and dry box. It will take a lot of time and effort to clean it. If you don't plan to wear any ring and earrings or other jewellery often, have it cleaned at a salon.
  3. Make sure the storage location is dry. Don't put your jewellery box under the radiator, on the windowsill, in the attic, or any other place you know is damp. Make sure it's dry. Excessive humidity, as well as contact with other jewellery, can cause the precious metals to darken and damage the gemstones.
  4. Insurance is still considered one of the best ways to save money spent on expensive jewellery. We are talking about really high-quality jewellery with precious stones. To protect yourself from loss with a guarantee, we recommend that you seek help from an insurance company. To do this, be sure to gather all documents from the time of purchase that can prove ownership of the jewellery (photos, purchase receipts, etc.). This is followed by an appraisal by a specialist from the company and insurance.

Gold earrings

Why is it important to separate jewellery by type of metal?

It may seem like a small thing, but it is very important. You just have to remember that gold is not stored together with silver in the same place. Yes, many people say it doesn't matter that gold is a fairly damage-resistant material. But silver is not. It can tarnish, for example, from sulfur in the air. The patina particles that have formed on silver are an entirely different substance. We are sure that you don't want to spoil your beloved silverware just because you neglected this warning.

How to store and access your jewellery properly at the same time

Storage is a great idea, but you probably bought (or gave) these pieces of jewellery to wear and enjoy. How do you combine these two things? There are several options:

  • Always on hand. Have you seen the little plates or trays that are used to store the jewellery you use most often? This is just about them. A cute stand with rings, chains and other trinkets will decorate your dressing table, and your favourite little things will always be on hand.
  • Stylish jewellery boxes. No one has ever invented a better way to store jewellery and costume jewellery. For many centuries, this is exactly what all the noble ladies and gentlemen did. Jewellery boxes are not only a place to put and hide but also a wonderful element of decor. Today you can find a huge number of such things, and they look great. Plus, from the moment you put your bracelet or chain in there and close the lid, you can be sure that your jewellery is protected from dust, dirt and prying eyes. And you won't lose them in the house because you'll always know where they are.
  • Jewellery holder. A very stylish and convenient option for storing all kinds of jewellery, but especially chains and rings. The design is very diverse. It can be a table stand or a pendant which is attached to the wall. They all serve one function - separate storage of all chains, bracelets and rings. This is very convenient, and you seriously minimize the risk of tearing the chain when you pull it out of the tangle of jewellery again.
  • Travel storage bag. If you are constantly on the road and are used to keeping everything under control, these travel organizer boxes are a great option. As a rule, everything is very well laid out here, there is room for rings, chains, pendants, earrings, etc. More often than not, such an organizer has a soft lining for safe transportation. It is a good choice!

Gold rings

Bonus content. What to do with gold coins?

Gold jewellery is not the only option for successful investing. Quite often funds are invested in gold sovereigns. This is a very good option. And this is also where the question of storage comes in. It is important to find a place where the sovereigns will not darken and will remain in the same condition in which you bought them.

  • Conditions

To keep the coins from losing their value, it is important to store them in a dry, non-clean (attention!) place, away from sunlight.

  • Sunlight and humidity

These are probably the two most important conditions. It is strictly forbidden to store gold coins in a damp room, under direct sunlight.

  • Reliable and optimal safe

This is one of the most popular options for those who keep jewellery, money and gold coins at home as an investment. To choose a quality safe, you need to contact the appropriate organization.

  • Do not clean gold coins

Yes, we usually recommend professional cleaning of gold jewellery, but this is not the case with sovereign coins. The vast majority of cleaners contain various acids which can damage the surface of the coin. Even a soap and water solution is not always suitable.

  • Other storage options

There are a huge number of options that will allow you to choose the best conditions: special PVC flips, and albums. You can even order a gold pendant or ring and always carry the coin with you.

You should understand that the proper preservation of your investment is important. At FJewellery we are confident that knowing the simple rules of gold storage will help you always enjoy the use of your jewellery, ensuring the safety of your investment.

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