Infinity ring as an engagement ring: To wear or not to wear?

Infinity ring as an engagement ring: To wear or not to wear?

Infinity Engagement Rings

The tradition of giving an engagement ring before a wedding ceremony is a very old tradition. Their design was traditional. And no experimentation. Today, the newlyweds themselves decide what design the engagement ring should have. One of the most popular options is the "infinity" rings. At FJewellery, this has been one of the top choices for quite some time. What is it and is it right to use this accessory as an engagement ring?

Features of eternity rings

Their shape is traditional - it is a ring that consists of a single rim. The decor is beautiful and looks elegant and stylish. Along the entire rim in a single row are gemstones (most often the same shade) of the same size and cut. The product does not have a pronounced direction. But overall it looks feminine and beautiful. In addition to the fact that such a ring is used for engagement, it is also in demand as a gift for significant events in life: anniversaries, birthdays, etc. It is believed that a ring with gemstones of the same size and cut in a row symbolizes devotion and eternal love. This value makes them very popular among those who choose to express their feelings.

Wedding rings

Is it appropriate to give an eternity ring as an engagement ring?

Why not? There are no rigid canons of what engagement rings should look like today. There is perhaps only one nuance to pay attention to. Very often women wear their engagement and wedding dresses together. Therefore, the two rings must match in design. To make the task easier, today you can find ready-made engagement and wedding ring sets. This guarantees you the same style and design. You can buy a set once and solve two issues at once: the choice of engagement and wedding rings.

When choosing a ring, keep in mind that there are a few restrictions:

  • If you're buying an engagement ring, look out for an organ with gemstones. They should match the future engagement ring. The best choices are round cut, marquise, baguette, princess, and others.
  • Choose a ring that your beloved will love. It can be an infinity ring with the entire rim filled with gemstones, one half filled or one quarter filled.

Rules of choice

The most important rule is for the ring to please your chosen one. This is one of those gifts that are chosen according to the tastes of the one who wears the accessory. To make the right choice, observe what kind of jewellery your bride likes, what precious stones she prefers, and maybe she likes minerals of a certain cut. Take all this into account to make the right choice.

Infinity rings

How to wear

As a rule, an eternity ring is worn on your ring finger. But after marriage, you will put an engagement ring on that spot so that it is closer to your heart. After that, you can treat the wedding ring like any other ring, that is, it can be worn on any finger of any hand. You should also know that it is perfectly reasonable to wear both rings (wedding ring and practice ring) on the same finger. In this case, the best option is to buy a set at once. FJewellery offers a huge selection of options and our concierge is always ready to help.

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