Investing in gold - top 5 reasons why it's worth it!

Investing in gold - top 5 reasons why it's worth it!

Gold ring

It's no secret that gold jewelry is a status item that demonstrates the high wealth of its owner and is able to raise his image to a completely new unattainable level. But besides being an indicator of success, such products can also be a very smart and rewarding investment. The cost of golden accessories only increases over the years and this is a favourite way to invest your money among most investors. However, there are ways not only to profitably invest your budget, but also to get the most out of it! This is what will be discussed in this expert article from the specialists of the FJewellery team. Together with you, we will try to figure out in detail how to buy jewels correctly in order to benefit from them in the future and pleasure in the present!

The noblest of metals

Since ancient times, gold has been valued incredibly highly, and even after years this trend doesn't change. Our ancestors used it as a universal measure for calculations and payments, and later, with the advent of metal processing technologies, aurum has entered a fundamentally new level. For many centuries, humanity used it to create the most beautiful and chic jewellery, which today are real works of precious art. And the whole point is not only in its alluring beauty, but in the unique properties that this exquisite metal possesses.

In its pure form, this mineral is incredibly ductile and malleable, and also has high durability, resistance to corrosion and deformation. These properties distinguish it from other known metals. So, for example, silver can tarnish or blacken over time, which already makes it less valuable. But gold doesn't have such side effects, moreover, there are opportunities to increase its strength. It occurs by alloying with other precious metals, which not only increase its reliability, but can also change its colour.

All these factors make aurum the most versatile of minerals and a favourite for many jewellers - it can be used to produce really bewitching accessories that will serve their owner for decades or become the main family heirloom.

Smart investment - gold jewelrySmart investment - gold jewelry

Great value = high price!

High demand proves once again that gold is potentially the best investment option. Its cost is constantly growing and this has been happening for many hundreds of years. This process can be seen especially clearly in times of economic crises and other instability in the currency markets. It's not for nothing that many banks and entire countries use this very ancient mineral to store and replenish their gold and foreign exchange funds and reserves! Such a metal even has its own separate name - banking gold. What other arguments could there be?

But if we are talking about getting not only profit, but also pleasure from such an investment in the present moment, then golden bars are not the best option. It's much more pleasant to buy something really luxurious, use it and at the same time have a good financial cushion. So, your smart investment could be:

There is another extremely important nuance here - you always need to store your collection correctly. Accessories need to be taken care of, cleaned and polished in time - only in this case they will be stored for a long time and increase your passive capital. You can read more about proper storage and care on the FJewellery blog. There we collect all the most useful and significant information about the precious decorations, which will definitely come in handy for you!

Carat Matters

We think that everyone at least once heard about this important indicator. We have already said that gold in its natural form is quite soft, and it's used only in ingots. To create jewellery, alloys are used, where aurum is combined with other noble minerals. Most often used:

  • copper,
  • palladium,
  • pure silver,
  • zinc,
  • and others.

Depending on the percentage of fine gold in such an alloy, its purity also changes, and this directly affects the price. So, in a 9-carat ring, only 37.5% of gold is present - everything else is impure. In an 18-karat accessory, it's already 75% - hence the increase in cost. To date, the assortment of golden decorations is huge and every day it only grows. Depending on the budget available to you, you can select which accessory to purchase so that you not only invest a certain amount of money, but also wear a luxurious piece of jewelry for your own pleasure.

Gold pendantsGold pendants

Status is everything!

Most historical figures have always been proud of their large collections of luxurious jewellery made of shining gold. Often, these are very bright and even extravagant accessories that have become real symbols of their eras. A colossal contribution to the development of this industry and interest in it was made by the ancient pharaohs and mediaeval kings. They proved that with the help of precious things you can distinguish yourself from others and perpetuate your high status. By the way, our contemporaries are trying to keep up with them! So, chic and massive golden details have long become symbols of an entire culture - eminent idols of rap and hip-hop constantly prove this to us.

In addition, exquisite jewels with diamonds are still a symbol of royal power today - just remember the incredible collection of the English crown. All this to the fact that you, too, can very well use this method in order to demonstrate to the whole world your social position and prove that you are no worse than celebrities and have your own flawless precious taste!

Style must be noticeable!

All of this brings us to the conclusion that when investing in luxury, you must have the opportunity and courage to fully enjoy it. Such a wonderful investment should not be kept in a dark box or safe - you should be proud of your abilities and show them in every possible way! This is why buying accessories just for the price is a bad idea. Always choose what you like, what can become part of your image and tell everyone about its exclusivity! Don't be afraid to take risks and make yourself known - it always pays off!

Now that you are sure how to make investments correctly and thoughtfully, it's time to look into the FJewellery catalogue and start creating your unique and most ideal precious collection! Join now and we will help you with this! Welcome!

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