Jewels for every day. How to build your basic stack?

Jewels for every day. How to build your basic stack?

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Precious accessories are the foundation of contemporary and stylish casual looks, they accompany you everywhere - home, office, bar, party, concert. From day to day, from morning to evening, these things are with you, create your personal style and make it recognizable. That is why it's so important to choose the right ones and correctly combine your main set - this will be discussed in the new FJewellery article. Our experts have collected the most useful recommendations for you and compiled a selection of suitable decorations from our catalogue. Read on and start creating the perfect base for your image now!

A guide to creating a precious casual collection

From season to season, fashion styles change and are updated, offering us newer and more original options. But there is always a basic classic, which is the basis of any jewellery box, and they are unchanged, although they are different for everyone. We're talking about the accessories you love the most and keep coming back to. Agree, because everyone has a couple of such decorations that you put on without hesitation, simply because you like it and are comfortable. It's almost as timeless as a standard white tank top or traditional blue jeans in your wardrobe, like a cup of coffee in the morning or 5 o'clock tea - something without which it's simply impossible to imagine your day.

Here we are discussing not something pretentious and luxurious, but the usual things that are simple and necessary for everyone. In our collection of the first essentials, we have collected plain and understandable jewellery, with an affordable price, the most comfortable and made with high quality and with great care for you. This is about:

However, just listing these accessories won't tell you much, so let's delve into each point separately and look at specific examples.

Reflection of your character – rings

Yes, these are one of the most substantial items in a precious wardrobe, because every day you show your hands to numerous people and a well-chosen decor is just as important here as a quality manicure. Graceful female hands are simply made for jewels - every lady will agree with this! That is why the collection of your daily stack of rings must be approached with all responsibility.

The ring is a kind of cornerstone that unites other elements of the image around itself and balances them competently. Yes, of course, you can wear only one ring for every day, but it's much more interesting to assemble an unusual kit that will add a certain amount of brilliance to your usual repertoire. To achieve the desired result, try one or more of the following methods:

  1. Combine large and small accessories in one kit.
  2. Play with shapes and designs by combining elements from different styles.
  3. Pair classic and phalanx rings in a harmonious tandem.
  4. Add variety with bright inserts and natural gemstones.

If we talk about specific models, then we advise you to look at laconic band rings or dazzling wishbone rings, and use vintage halo models as a chunky highlight.

Pair classic and phalanx ringsPair classic and phalanx rings

Earrings are everything!

These are the accessories that immediately catch the eye of others looking at you. Especially when you do a high hairstyle, ponytail or fashionable bun. Regardless of the situation, no girl leaves the house without something bright and sparkling in her earlobe.

For daily wear, it's better to pick up the most practical options that won't need to be removed during sports, bathing, swimming in the pool or even sleeping. The only reason you would benefit from removing such decorations is for cleaning and polishing. You can also learn more about this from the FJewellery blog - we have collected a lot of useful and interesting recommendations regarding a wide variety of jewels and this will come in handy when choosing your essential collection.

But let's move on to specific tips, namely:

  1. Use simple and comfy shapes such as hoops or sleeping earrings.
  2. If you have several piercings in your ear, it will be most convenient to wear larger models as centrepieces, and fill the remaining available places with tiny stud earrings.
  3. Combine multiple styles, and you'll be amazed at how vibrant the result can be.
  4. Don't forget about handy trends, like huggies earrings - they can make any look stylish in no time.
  5. Use colourful crystals or big stones to set the right accents.

All eyes on the neck!

If you love revealing outfits, such as open-front dresses and loose tops, then you just need to effectively emphasise the neckline area. And bright chains and voluminous necklaces are best suited for this purpose. Here we come as close as possible to another top trend - layering. Its use in daily looks will bring you considerable benefits!

It's believed that some trends have their own seasons. So, the autumn and winter months are responsible for layers, and the warm periods of the year (spring and summer) are more about lightness and freedom. It's up to you to use this information to your advantage, but here are some interesting combination tips:

  1. Start with a large circle necklace - it always looks spectacular.
  2. Don't neglect the classics - delicate pearl pendants and thin hollow crosses will give feminine charm.
  3. Mix sizes and textures - this will help make your stack stand out and set a real stylistic precedent.
  4. Lockets with a secret and vintage accessories are always about your personality, which means they cannot but intrigue.
  5. Trust your imagination and instincts - this is how the most masterpiece and exclusive sets are obtained.
  6. Themed decor is always appropriate if you like it.
  7. Practicality is important, which means stylish spectacle necklaces are just what the doc ordered.

Smooth transition to bracelets

Talking about the elegant decoration of the fingers, one should not lose sight of the wrists - this is a continuation of the image and harmony is no less important here. In this way, you can refresh any image, adding restraint, glamour or even audacity to it - it all depends on the selection of models.

Tennis bracelets can be safely called an absolute favourite for every day, but there are other nice options. Let's discuss them too:

  1. Diamonds are great, but look at other natural gems, and you will be surprised how colourful and custom kits you can create.
  2. A massive chain bracelet will be an appropriate continuation of the necklace and help complete the look competently.
  3. Use models of the same weave with accessories on the neck to make harmonious pairs.
  4. Layering is essential on the wrists too - you don't have to focus on just one product when you can use mixes.
  5. The combination of thin flexible bracelets with rigid bangles is another way to express yourself and your impeccable taste.
  6. A bold decision would be to use bangles not only on the wrists, but also to lift them higher on the forearm - it looks sexy and excites the imagination.
  7. Don't forget about wristwatches - they can also be luxurious and bring more benefits than you think.

Graceful ringGraceful ring

Gold or silver - the eternal dilemma

Having discussed the types and designs of jewellery, one should not miss such a nuance as the selection of metal. It's impossible to categorically say that one of them is better than the other - this will be a fundamentally wrong statement. Both are good and noble - it's up to you to decide which one is closer in spirit.

They say that silver will be the new gold in the coming seasons - it's more affordable and can also broadcast your cold and unbreakable self-confidence. Precious inlays and natural crystals go well with it and don't cause bewilderment, so take a closer look at this beautiful metal!

What can be said about gold when everything is already known? Glamorous, chic and regal metal has not lost its popularity for many centuries - this already says a lot. Of course, its main privilege is the variety of shades and purity of alloys - you can literally choose an option for every taste, style and budget. Wear resistance is also on top and by purchasing a gold accessory you can be sure that it will serve you for many years.

Each of the metals has enough pluses, but what to do if you just can’t stop at one thing? To mix! The most rational way and it's confidently gaining fashion momentum. Such a bright tandem simply could not help but attract attention and has already become a favourite for many celebrities. You can find detailed information about such a precious mix in our blog and there you will also learn everything you need about the reasonable combination of these two gorgeous minerals.

What else can be added here? We have pointed out to you all the significant points, and now we are sure that with your knowledge you'll easily find a way to improve your usual style, bringing freshness and novelty to it. But if you still have additional questions, FJewellery managers are always online and ready to help you at any time and give you a tour of the entire assortment of the store! Enjoy a flawless shopping experience, get the latest news and make amazing purchases with profit with us! Welcome!

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