Everything you need to know about the main men's accessory

Everything you need to know about the main men's accessory

Men's accessory

Among all men's decorations, chains are one of the most popular. They stand in the same row with signet rings and wristwatches. But it's the neck jewelry that can bring some highlight to the image and become the finishing touch. In addition, it's very fashionable and stylish. FJewelery site specialists have compiled a detailed guide on how to choose the right accessory, what to wear it with and what styles are in fashion now. We hope you find it useful!

Men’s gold chains: unique styles to add to your collection

The first gold neck decorations appeared a long time ago - they were used in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. Initially, they were made of large and massive golden links - they were intended exclusively for men. This tradition has not gone away, and today many members of the stronger sex often wear chains made of this noble metal. They effectively complement both a strict business look and a casual outfit. To choose the perfect jewelry, it's enough to take into account four simple nuances:

  • type and colour of metal,
  • length and thickness,
  • type of weaving,
  • design.

Aurum is the most ideal metal for such products. In white, it's ideal for a strict and solid look, and if you want to add bright details, choose traditional yellow or original red gold.

Men's gold chains

The appropriate length of the chain is selected depending on your height and physique. If we talk about standard sizes, then products of 17-22 inches (without a pendant) and 23-27 inch (if a pendant is added) are considered optimal. Men's neck jewellery, as a rule, is heavier, more massive and thicker than women's. Therefore, the width of the chain must be at least 5 mm.

There are many weaving types of such gold accessories. Some of them are delicate and openwork - suitable only for girls, others, on the contrary, are too large and brutal - ideal for men. There are also unisex models. The most masculine options are:

In each of these types, the links are arranged in a special way, creating a unique pattern. Depending on the thickness of the decoration, they will look different. For some of them, a pendant or a cross will be an ideal addition, while others are better perceived as an independent accessory.

What's in vogue now

Men's jewelry trends don't change very often. For example, the classic anchor weave with thin, slightly elongated links will never cease to be relevant. Wide biker chains have also firmly taken their place - they are the perfect addition to a strong and brutal look, and are loved by many men.

If we talk about wide and massive chains, then they are just at the peak of popularity. The larger and more unusual the links, the better! They fit almost any look, adding some avant-garde notes to it.

If you are attracted to more luxurious and expensive looks, pay attention to chains with diamond inserts. Many top designers are increasingly adding such accessories to their collections and for good reason: they are valuable, look fantastically impressive and shine just incredibly bright! Instead of classic diamonds, you can choose inserts from other gems and crystals.

Minimalism also has not been canceled. If you are an adherent of concise and strict images, then the usual Bismarck will come in handy. Ideal for business suits and simple everyday outfits.

Men's gold chains

Fashion jewellery brands every year create more and more unusual and original models, so that everyone can find something unique and special for themselves.

6 wearing tips:

  1. With a classic suit, you should not combine more than one accessory around the neck. And it's better to limit yourself to a product without additional decorative elements.
  2. For the hip-hop style, a combination of many chains of different lengths will be relevant. You can combine massive and thinner models. And be sure to add a stylish and large locket.
  3. Never wear neck jewelry with a tie - that is the most important rule!
  4. The chain should be in harmony with other precious accessories. Choose decorations in the same style: one type of metal and one colour.
  5. Don't be afraid to experiment! Try chains from different metals - this is very fashionable now. If you like pendants - choose a couple of the most interesting and suitable for you in spirit and try to combine them in one look.
  6. If you love golden bracelets, try putting together a stylish set where both accessories will be of the same type of knitting.

Following all the above tips, it will not be difficult for you to choose a stylish and contemporary accessory for your image, making it unique. And in the online store FJewellery you will find all the precious goods you need at the most affordable prices. Buy only the best and highest quality accessories and wear them with pleasure!

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