Most expensive earrings in the world

Most expensive earrings in the world

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Precious accessories are the best and favorite companions of women at all times! Nothing adds so much luxury and elegance to a look as well-chosen jewels, and first we are talking about earrings. They are a key accent detail and a spectacular finishing touch in all images that is hard to miss. Especially those whose price exceeds several million dollars. The FJewellery team decided to find out which of these are considered special, coveted and most expensive earrings in the world today. Honestly, we were wildly delighted with these works of jewelry art and want to share our impressions with you. Let's get started soon!

Top 5 unique earrings in history

It's unlikely that you knew that women began to wear decorations on ear more than 5000 years ago, and it's really impressive! Of course, then they were made from improvised materials, something like: feathers, shells, pebbles, animal bones, etc.

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Time passed and the demand for these accessories didn't disappear, on the contrary, they firmly strengthened their positions in the contemporary world of jewelry fashion, and the simple materials used by our ancestors gave way to luxurious precious gems and metals. Today, in the collection of every girl there is at least one pair of earrings (in fact, there are many more) and each one is special and valuable for her. But in this article, we want to focus on those instances that have become reference. So, we present you five of the most amazing models in the history of the world:

  1. Luxurious jewels of the French Queen. 14 and 20 carats, two amazing pear-shaped diamonds mined in India, are the centerpiece of Marie Antoinette's famous earrings. They were encrusted in a silver setting studded with smaller crystals and were the main highlight in the collection of the French crown. After the revolution, these unique earrings belonged to several famous ladies, and their setting were replaced with lighter platinum one. Today they, along with the original silver settings are the property of the Smithsonian Museum. The cost of this jewelry is not exactly known, but we are sure that it's a fortune!
  2. The Apollo blue diamond and its other half, the pink Artemis, are two natural crystals of the second type, which have become the basis of the most expensive and stunning earrings. At Sotheby's, they were sold separately, but the same person became the buyer, who paid more than $57 million for these magical gemstones in total.
  3. The Indian mines of Golconda are known for producing the most expensive diamonds there. So, a pair of impressive vintage-style earrings made of 23-carat Indian crystals was auctioned off by Christie's, where they fetched over $9 million.
  4. The most beautiful creation of masters from Boehmer et Bassenge - striking earrings with a very romantic name in the French style "Miroir de l'amour" were valued at almost $18 million and sold at Christie's auction in Geneva. For 2016, this was a record amount. The unique design and impeccable clarity diamonds weighing 50 and 52 carats each conquered even the pickiest connoisseurs.
  5. Marvelous golden earrings with large emeralds by Lorraine Schwartz. It was in them that the gorgeous and brilliant Angelina Jolie appeared at the ceremony dedicated to the 2009 Oscars. Large emeralds combined with luxurious yellow gold worth $ 2.5 million then conquered everyone - just look at them in the picture, and it becomes clear that this is real perfection!

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These precious accessories are a real delight and a triumph of splendor, you fall in love with them at first sight and dream to try them on at least once. Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to buy these, but the FJewellery online store is ready to offer you a worthy alternative. Our catalogue contains many stunning models of womens earrings at most affordable prices. In addition, you can immediately pick up other original decorations for them, such as:

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