Neck Jewellery Guide

Neck Jewellery Guide

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Chains are worn by everyone, and this accessory should be in every girl's arsenal. And also, a luxurious necklace that will complete your look and add charm to it. In the "FJewellery" store you will see many interesting models of such decorations. And our helpful tips will help you choose the perfect model.

How to choose the right chain or necklace length

To make the right choice, the first step is to know the girth of the necklace. It is very simple to do this - wrap your neck with sewing tape, thick thread or simple ribbon and fasten where you like best. Then the thread or tape will need to be attached to the ruler to find out the exact number. Then add 2 inches to this number for the perfect size. However, if you like, for example, a choker, the product should fit snugly, and you don't need to add inches.

Silver 1.5mm chain

There are several categories that determine the length of the jewellery, and each of them has its own name:

  1. Collar - the shortest accessory, ranging in length from 11.5 to 12.5 inches.
  2. Choker doesn't have to fit so tightly, so it is slightly longer: 14-16.
  3. Princess is the most classic model in standard sizes from 16.5 to 19 inches.
  4. Matinee - the most versatile and practical option for both men and women. It is 19,5-23,5 inches.
  5. Opera has a length of 27.5-35.5. The decoration falls below the bust line, but does not reach the waist.
  6. Rope or Sautoir is the longest and most variable neck decoration. Its length in inches can vary from 44 to 71.
  7. Lariat - has almost the same size as the previous piece: 47-71 and is a very unusual and rare type of transformer jewellery.

When buying a chain, pay attention to its width. This is important for combining with other accessories:

  1. The thinnest chains are 0.03 to 0.11 in wide. As a rule, they are worn as an independent decoration.
  2. 0,15-0.19 in is the width of medium models. They are considered universal for pendants and lockets.
  3. Variants over 0.27 in are called massive and are worn without pendants.

When choosing a locket or pendant, do not forget about the ratio of weight and size. It should be in harmony with the chain and be half the weight so as not to pull it off.

Silver & Gold Coated Feathers Necklace 16

How to wear and what to combine accessories with

The collar is the perfect accessory to an elegant off-the-shoulder evening dress. Most often, it consists of several rows of beads, pearls or crystals and fits completely around the neck.

Choker is a much more modern and simpler accessory that is most often worn with everyday looks. It's worn at the base of the neck and has an adjustable closure, making it more comfortable to use.

The "Princess" model necklace goes well with any neckline. The decoration looks very laconic, and its central element is lowered just below the collarbone and concentrates all the attention on itself.

The Matinee gold & silver necklace adorns the neckline very gracefully, thus drawing special attention to this area. It looks charming with high necklines and pairs well with casual outfits, delicate summer sundresses and cocktail attire.

Model "Opera" looks very stylish and can combine three or more tiers of precious stones, original beads or different crystals. Such an adornment with colorless gems will perfectly complement a business look. For an evening look, the option with bright-colored crystals is more suitable.

Silver & Gold Necklaces

The Sautoir necklace has a special charm and came to us from the distant 1920s. Then it was customary to wear it over the shoulder or on the back, and this gave originality to any outfit. This piece will definitely not go with a casual look, but it will be a great finishing touch to an elegant dress. Sometimes a sautoir can consist of several parts, which are attached to each other with small fasteners. Thus, this piece of jewellery can turn into several separate precious accessories at once. By the way, the brilliant Coco Chanel preferred exactly this type of the necklace most of all.

Also, don't forget that different types of jewellery can and should be combined with each other. For example, now the trend is a combination of three or more chains of different widths and lengths. Short necklaces made of massive cast elements in combination with a long chain look very unusual.

You should never be afraid to experiment! And the "FJewellery" website is the place where you will find the most original accessories to experiment with!

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