Rap and jewellery - what's the connection?

Rap and jewellery - what's the connection?

Rap and jewellery - what's the connection?

The music industry has always been very closely associated with exquisite luxury goods and expensive accessorise. And this connection can be traced not only in rap, but also in other musical styles. But today, on the blog of our "FJewellery" store, we decided to touch upon an interesting topic and tell how such an unusual musical direction could influence the creation of the most daring, original and stylish gold & silver jewellery. Let's start!

How it all began

The love of rappers for luxurious valuables, and especially for gold chains, dates back to the times when this musical style was just in its infancy and was not yet so popular all over the world. Over time, the tradition of wearing chic accessorise only gained momentum and has now become a whole cult and a distinctive feature of rap artists. In the jewellery industry, a separate trend has even emerged that characterizes such decorations.

The fashion for them spread very quickly and many celebrities began to create or collect their own unique jewellery collections. British rappers haven't stayed away from this and often delight their fans, showing new cool ideas and gizmos.

Rap rings

5 UK rappers and their amazing jewellery collections

1. Big Narstie. This famous artist has his own website where you can buy his adorable "BDL" pendant and other accessorise, which he always wears on all performances. And in order to create a holistic look, you can buy other branded items here:

  • T-shirts,
  • snapbacks,
  • face masks,
  • sweatshirts,
  • hygiene and care products,
  • and even goodies.

2. Nines. This artist has not a small collection, among which the huge pendant "Arsenal" stands out. It's made of white gold, and the most expensive precious stones are used as inserts: rubies, classic sapphires and shining diamonds.

3. Fredo. This singer is known not only for his music, but also for the fact that he owns a numerous of precious chains and lockets. Especially expensive exhibits: a wristwatch and a large pendant, which are completely covered with a scattering of diamonds.

4. Giggs. The most famous piece of jewellery in the singer's arsenal is the unusual "SN1" pendant. He almost never breaks up with her. There are several variations of this accessory, but the latest one the rapper has been wearing lately is a classic gold base studded with over a hundred beautifully cut diamonds.

5. Mist. This British performer has always stood out for his chunky chains, and his collection includes a variety of oversized diamond pendants. But one of them has always been special for the rapper. This pendant in gold with diamonds depicting the face of his mother is truly an amazing piece of jewellery.

Rap chains

And what about the others?

The British rap scene is not the only one where performers have decided to create and collect their own unique jewellery. American rap stars can boast of this too. 50 Cent, Big Daddy Kane, Denzel Curry, Lil Jon, Gucci Mane and others - you are unlikely to meet these people without a few massive chains of large links around the neck. Some of them create their own accessorise, others collect them.

Rapper Paul Wall originally stood out by creating a very unusual collection of decoration for teeth. The cost of each copy exceeds 50 thousand dollars, and they are created from gold with various precious gems or platinum.

However, rap artists like not only to wear, but also to give expensive accessorise. For example, singer Giggs once gave his fan a unique gold chain, which was made to order. And, no less famous, Jay-Z, gave his delightful bride Beyonce an engagement ring with a diamond of simply unrealistic size. Such a gift cost the performer almost $5 million. These rappers are very generous people.

There are many more surprising facts about rap artists and their adherence to decorations. And if, reading this article, you can't wait to buy something like that for yourself, rather look through the catalogue of the "FJewellery" website and choose an original accessory in this style. Happy shopping mate!

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