Romance and sensuality of the silver anniversary

Romance and sensuality of the silver anniversary

Silver rings

Your incredible marriage has already passed more than 20 years ago, and today you are looking for the flawless present for your soulmate in honour of 25 years together? This is a great and very solemn occasion! The FJewellery team is extremely happy for you, and therefore we are in a hurry to convey our congratulations and tell you about gift ideas that you can give each other on this wonderful family holiday! Join us and let's come up with the most luxurious surprises for your loved ones together!

How are silver and the 25th anniversary related?

Oh, there is an incredibly beautiful and romantic explanation for this! Imagine, Medieval Europe, a married couple: a stately noble German and his beautiful wife. These two have been together for over two decades and are still desperately in love! And on the day of the wedding jubilee, this husband presents his adored Frau with a luxurious silver garland - the whole neighbourhood noticed such a gift! Legend has it that for each such anniversary, this hopeless romantic gave his wife original themed presents. All of them were made of certain materials and kept a special meaning, known only to two happy spouses.

So, on the 50th anniversary of marriage, he ordered a golden wreath of amazing beauty from local craftsmen and handed it to his beloved in a solemn atmosphere. It isn't known how many more years these two lived together and what were the other gifts, but the rumour about them went far beyond the borders of their native city and their little family tradition has already become worldwide! Of course, there is another version that such gifts were a common marriage custom in Ancient Rome, but you must admit that the first story is much sweeter and more touching!

Returning to the romantic legend, since then it has become customary that every special wedding date has a thematic present - each symbolises the number of years spent together. At the beginning, the gifts are very simple and fragile:

  • cotton,
  • linen,
  • paper,
  • thin leather,
  • etc.

Silver PendantsSilver Pendants

All these are symbols of the fact that at the beginning of family life, the relationship in a couple is still quite fragile and efforts and desire must be made to preserve and strengthen them. Every year, gifts are more reliable and more expensive in price, as well as relationships become more trusting and valued more strongly.

To some, this may seem like an exceptionally bizarre occasion, but it's still cute and funny - every year to select presents for a partner in a certain topic and from one specific material. Of course, for such a long time, the couple spends many holidays together and there are always gifts, but it's much more interesting to choose and guess the desires of the other half when you are limited in options - the concept is really cool!

Every five years is considered a certain milestone that the lovers passed and became stronger together, more confident and closer to each other. Therefore, presents on such dates are special - the further, the more expensive and more valuable. So, 25 joint years is a silver date when it's customary to buy or make suddenness for each other from this noble metal. Its pure brilliance symbolises the openness of the relationship, the hardness of the alloy means the strength of feelings, and the polished surface indicates the way for lovers to move on and "polish" their relationship in the same way!

If you, like us at FJewellery, think this tradition is wonderful, then you may need help to come up with a really cool and unusual gift. We have created this guide for you!

Ideas and examples of flawless silver jubilee gifts

It's up to you to decide how you want to spend this day: with family and friends or alone with each other. In any case, it's necessary to make this holiday as unforgettable as your marriage day - it should become a reminder to you of the infinity of your love! Your couple is special and, on this day, your bright past is intertwined with a joyful present and a mysterious future, which means it's worth it to take care of all the details!

Silver is an iconic and essential mineral for a quarter-century date, and you need to make the most of its properties to create the ideal gift. Let's look at all the options, from the most obvious to the more original!

1. Jewellery

It would seem, what could be simpler and more obvious? But it is still very relevant! You can choose a new silver engagement band for your sweetheart or exchange with each other silver bridal rings - it doesn't matter if they are more luxurious or vice versa cheaper than your previous ones - the principal is the meaning behind them! It's great if you can match models with each other's birthstone - this will make the accessory even more symbolic! Pay attention to the romantic claddagh rings - what you need!

Silver BangleSilver Bangle

Silver cufflinks for a man or elegant drop earrings for a lady will also indicate your desire to impress your soulmate and make a valuable present.

Charm bracelets or cute initial pendants can be an excellent pair of jewellery that will always remind you of your darling.

You can pick up an exclusive silver watch and put a specific date and time on it - the moment of your wedding vows or a hint of planning a date! If you turn on your imagination, such a gift can become truly original and even fun!

2. New honeymoon

Oh yes, it's a dream for every couple - to get out somewhere in a new place to relax and so that without children, worries and work! So, give yourself and your sweet one this vacation, especially since the occasion is more than suitable!

To add a silver note to your surprise, use your imagination! You are both tennis lovers and can come up with a hint to your partner about the purpose of the upcoming trip if you get small precious silver rackets. The same options can be found for any of your joint hobbies.

If you are planning a trip, then prepare a beautiful silver envelope or tie it with an appropriate ribbon, and put it in your plane tickets, travel plan, hotel vouchers, etc.

Are there close people who are connected with your acquaintance, wedding or other important event? Arrange them a meeting in a new location in honour of this! Or visit friends who live far away from you - it can be jovially!

3. Evening in the city

Plan the flawless date just for the two of you - a boat trip, a dance night, a trendy restaurant, a picnic and so on. Prepare the atmosphere in advance, silver elements, in the form of: balloons, dishes, candles, cake, blankets, etc. The more details of a certain colour, the better!

Would you like to spend this evening with your family or best friends? Plan an event and ask everyone to dress up in silver-coloured outfits or with such attributes. Invite a photographer - it will be cool to look at the photos, and later you can make general portraits in silver frames, hang them in your living room and give them to friends!

Silver EarringsSilver Earrings

4. Family vacation

Take a journey with relatives or children, plan on a special map and give the event a "silver" name! Visit all the iconic places where you have been together before: if these are restaurants, then order the dishes that were once there, if the hotel - the same room, and so forth.

Show your kids the places you've been to, tell the story of an acquaintance or proposal, and be sure to take a photo from the " 25 dates later" series.

You can invent any concept for such a trip - the main thing is that your interests are taken into account, and you visit all the significant places.

5. Useful gifts

If you are a practical person and your partner is the same, then pick up a present that will be useful to you in the future. It can be: household appliances, furniture, a car, or even a long-planned purchase of a cosy apartment or a large house. Just try to buy items in the right colour or decorate the surprise in such a way that it's timed to coincide with the silver day off and is clearly understandable.

Here it's significant not to try to keep up with the cost, but to make the surprise really important, necessary and desired by both of you! Remember your joint desires, plans, dreams and try to make them come true!

6. Improvisation and non-standard approach

If both of you decide not to bother much and spend your fiesta as freely and calmly as possible, then just add thematic elements and have fun! Arrange to watch your favourite movies that you have adored all these years or review the family video archive. Have an evening with your favourite food and music, dance, relax, take a walk - in general, everything that you love to do, but don't always find time for this one!

By the way, the iris of a classic purple tone is considered a sacred flower for 25 holidays of love - gift your beloved with a magnificent bouquet or even plant a flower bed near the house with these wonderful flowers! It will be a truly romantic gesture!

We hope we were able to inspire you in your search for the ideal silver gift. And remember that you can always turn to FJewellery consultants for advice and help! There are many wonderful dates and holidays ahead - we are online 24/7 and ready to give you tips and recommendations! Contact us!

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