Silver and gold as the trendiest tandem

Silver and gold as the trendiest tandem

Classic golden and silver earrings

A few years ago, this combination was considered a colossal stylistic mistake, and many designers warned against such stupidity. It's great that times are changing and fashion doesn't stand still! The combination of shades and unions of different metals is at the very crest of the fashion wave today - if you strive to be in trend, then such mixes are the main must-have for your collection! Don't know where to start? You are lucky - in this article, FJewellery store experts share their recommendations and give a lot of useful tips on how to style your wardrobe in accordance with contemporary realities. Get ready - it's going to be educational!

Is it possible to combine metals?

Let's immediately stipulate the fact that nothing is impossible! This should be your starting point in creating your personal style. Everything is appropriate and accessible if you really like it! Remember that fashion is too changeable and terribly unstable, which means placing accents in your wardrobe based only on trends is a thankless task. No, of course you need to follow this, but don't trust it 100%. The only thing you can trust unconditionally is your personal preferences. And if you want to combine two metals, then why not do it? Moreover, now fashion favours this, and in your jewellery box there will surely be models suitable for such a mix. Many celebrities have already shown off their collections of such two-tone accessories, and there are plenty of places to get ideas. Start creating and inspiration will come by itself!

How safe is this combination?

Surely you have already wondered how correct it's to wear such accessories together and whether this will lead to their deformation? We want to reassure you - there is nothing to worry about! Silver is a rather malleable and active metal, and gold can rarely react, and they are certainly not opponents of each other. Both minerals are hypoallergenic and don't cause discomfort to the skin. If you are afraid that you can scratch the decorations when wearing them together, try not to wear them during sports and other physical activities. Otherwise, there will be no problems, although for reinsurance you can choose models with a protective rhodium coating. A light layer of this noble metal will protect the jewellery and even give it a special shine, which will beautifully reflect on your new precious set.

If you are concerned about aesthetics and harmony - you can always try to start small and use white gold models to pair them with silver. These options are very similar in colour and won't cause strong dissonance. This will make it much easier to learn how to create your own metal stacks.

How to mix correctly?

It can be difficult to create your first jewellery sets from so different materials, and that's okay. We are here just to make this task easier for you and to find the right vector for your inspiration. Learn 4 basic tips from FJewellery and you will no longer be embarrassed by this glossy trend, and your looks will become as full and exclusive as possible!

Bridal ringsBridal rings

1. Use already combined decor

This is the easiest and most stable way to get used to stylistic changes. Many brands and famous designers have already come up with everything - you just need to use it! The ideal solution would be to buy a multi colour ring or a stylish wrist watch made of metals in a couple of shades. Such models look fresh and original, and will help you express your new style without difficulty!

2. Use one trend to highlight another

We are talking about the undisputed leader of fashionable jewellery catalogues - layering. This cult idea has already made itself known and will be in the top for a long time, which means that this is a cool way to mix not only various metals, but also bright trends! In this case, you can layer anything - from simple silver and fine golden chain necklaces to different models of bracelets or massive bangles. You can also do it even with earrings! It will be especially convenient if you have several piercings in your ears. For example, use classic golden hoops and add small silver studs to them - unusual and fun. Or you can go further and get two pairs of identical earrings in different minerals to make your look even more playful and bold. Experiment and enjoy, because fashion loves the brave!

3. Stick to a consistent style

If you don't want to allow contradictions in your outfits, and you want to keep your style as holistic as possible, choose jewellery models in similar designs and shapes. So, for lovers of vintage chic, a mix of silver drop earrings and an exquisite opening 9ct locket with a secret will be perfect. Do you prefer classic? Then combine simple 14 kt chains with silver bracelets similar in weaving - laconic, restrained, traditional, but still in the spirit of the trend!

Multi-color ringsMulti-color rings

4. A bridal ring shouldn't stop you

This accessory is the basis for all your looks, every day, and its shade shouldn't embarrass or hold you back. On the contrary, this is a great option for creating your initial multicolour set. So, you can immediately combine your engagement ring with a wedding one, and that will be the beginning! Now you can add any accessories from silver bangles to luxurious 18-carat necklaces to this base!

And so, now you know all the basic life hacks of combining sterling silver with noble gold and are ready to start the first experiments! And if you need more expert advice or buying ideas - FJewellery managers are always online and ready to help you any minute! Check out our website, follow the novelties and create unique precious kits with us! Welcome!

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