What is the special value of pre-owned jewellery

What is the special value of pre-owned jewellery

Pre-owned Jewellery

Recently, the demand for used precious accessories has been steadily growing and more and more offers appear on the market. And while some people still doubt the expediency of acquiring "someone's old gizmos", others, on the contrary, buy unique things with a special history at very competitive prices. FJewellery online shop also specializes in selling second hand accessories and that is why we decided to dispel some myths and point out the main reasons in favor of such purchases.

Pre-owned Gold Jewellery For Him

Go used: the rise in popularity of second-hand jewellery

To date, there is a trend of rising prices for jewelry and this isn't accidental; many investors prefer to invest in precious metals, natural gemstones and decorations made from them. Traditional gold or vintage silver has always been considered a good investment and over time this only proves to be true. Perhaps you already have a collection of used accessories, or you just started collecting them - in any case, these tips will be useful to everyone:

  1. Affordable prices. You have probably noticed that used accessories are much cheaper than new ones. And it's not that they worse, less quality or have some defects. This market works in much the same way as the car market - immediately after the purchase, the product loses at least 20 percent in price, or even much more. But by the same analogy, over time, their value begins to increase and already such antique items can be sold much more profitably. In addition, if you compare new and used jewellery, you will see that for the same money you can afford better quality gold and diamonds, since you won't have to pay extra for the brand.
  2. Collecting. Buying a rare accessory that has been out of production for a long time or was released in limited quantities is also a profitable investment. Even if you aren't fond of such things, you can always resell this decoration for a higher price to a true connoisseur. And the more time passes, the higher the amount will be.
  3. Rich choice. The range of pre-owned accessories is huge and isn't limited to current fashion or certain collections of contemporary brands. Fashion is very changeable and every decade some special and unusual models appeared. You will not find such jewellery on the shelves of fashion stores, but their value is many times greater due to this. In addition, it's unlikely that you will meet a person in exactly the same necklace, and your friend will not come in the same earrings as yours.
  4. The quality is top notch. There is no doubt about it, because if a thing has served for so many years, this means that it's made of the best and highest quality materials. Also, before placing a decoration for sale, jewellers very carefully examine it for all kinds of defects, process and polish it. After all the manipulations, each piece of jewellery shines incredibly brightly and simply amazes with its beauty and sophistication.
  5. Interesting story. Each used accessory has its own special story, and if the item is vintage, then perhaps it has changed more than one owner and its legend can be truly unique. You can always try to unravel this mystery or come up with amazing and mysterious theories. In your hands, such a decoration can acquire a new legend and become a family heirloom that you will pass on to your children, and they to future generations, and this is really priceless. New jewellery is devoid of this mystical flair.
  6. Conscious consumption. Buying second-hand accessories, you make your personal contribution to the conservation and protection of nature. And it's not a joke. Active mining of precious metals, diamonds and other natural gems has a negative impact on the environment. Of course, today the situation is better than a few decades ago, but everything is still far from ideal. And such a decision is an additional step towards environmental friendliness and ethics.

Pre-owned Gold Jewellery For Her

The FJewellery website catalogue contains many unique gold and silver pre-owned jewelries and each of them has its own special character. Here you will find models for every taste and budget: from exquisite platinum rings to beautiful vintage brooches. Enjoy shopping!

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