Stackable bracelets. New trend guide

Stackable bracelets. New trend guide

Stackable bracelets. New trend guide

We have already told you on the FJewellery blog how to assemble contemporary necklaces and rings into fashionable kits, and now it's time to talk about another hot trend - multi-layered bracelets. This is a stylish way to reveal your personality to the world and express your unique style through bright thematic attributes. But the most amazing thing is that this option is equally good and can be used by both girls and guys - there are no restrictions! And now you will learn many secrets about this!

Perhaps you are already an expert in stackable jewellery or just starting your journey in this matter - our tips will be of interest to everyone and will open up many new ideas and opportunities for you to personalise your own collection. Let's explore them all!

Layered bracelets – what is it?

This is a contemporary jewellery trend, which can be called a whole art. Multiple bracelets (from two or more) are worn simultaneously on one hand, forming a complete kit. There are many types and varieties of such kits, among which there are two main areas of design:

  • when accessories are used in the same style and colour scheme;
  • the use of decorations that are fundamentally different in shape, shades and styles.

You can add anything to such combinations, whether it's luxurious tennis bracelets or models of hard metal bangles. You can change their places, remove and add new details at any time - this is the advantage of this precious direction. There are no conditions, as well as options for their location on the hand. More often, they are worn closer to the wrist, but ideas are also becoming popular when they are shifted higher on the forearm.

There are no certain situations for wearing such stacks - this is just a way of self-expression, and it's up to you to decide at what point it would be appropriate to use such a set of accessories.

Where to start your own stack?

The assortment of precious bracelets is colossal and for many it can be difficult to make your choice on specific models - it happens that you like a lot, and you just wonder what to take as a basis and how appropriate the accessories you have chosen will look together. That is why we decided to make this guide. Here we will talk about the main aspects of assembling such decorations, share our ideas and help you get creative in creating your own exclusive stack. After that, you will orient yourself in our online catalogue like a fish in water and will easily be able to pick up the necessary models from the FJewellery range! But we will start with the necessary basics and move deeper gradually!

Decide which hand is more comfortable for you. A few decades ago, there were rules of etiquette that regulated on which wrist bracelets should be worn, and on which watch. But today, all this is a thing of the past and now only your convenience and preferences are a priority, so there can be no unambiguously correct answer here. So, if you're right-handed, you might be more comfortable wearing all your jewellery on your non-dominant hand, or contrariwise. Also, no one bothers to add a watch (smart or fitness bracelet) to the general stack of accessories, stylize their strap and create your own unique design on the hand where you want.

Select the number of elements

The minimum number of decorations in the stack is two, and the average is considered to be from 3 to 5 attributes, but this is more a recommendation than a rule. You may well want to use many graceful bracelets at once, or vice versa, limit yourself to two catchy models. It's ideal to start a layered set with three thematic options, and then add relevant details to them later. The advantage is that you can alternate quantities and models, depending on the required image or the event you are going to. First, fold the two parts, and then you can easily understand what else is missing!

Pick a colour palette

The shades of precious metals and gems vary, and only your taste determines the basis for your stack. You can assemble your sets in one tone or combine different ones. So, for example, silver is in perfect harmony with matte stones, such as onyx or turquoise, and classic yellow gold looks perfect in a duet with trendy rose. Different natural minerals blend well with each other, you just need to choose the right colour vector - you shouldn't overdo it with shades so that the set doesn't look too clumsy and ridiculous. Use a couple main tones in the base, and then add dazzling inserts to them for comparison.

Mix gemstones

There is no need to dwell on one mineral - different stones in one kit can look very original, adding bright colour accents and changing the overall perception of the jewellery. In sale in our boutique are bracelets and bangles with gemstones, including such as:

  • refined diamonds;
  • fiery rubies;
  • real sapphires;
  • delicate amethysts;
  • and many others.

We even offer bracelets with a mix of stones, for lovers of the smartest images! If you are afraid of too bright combinations, then it's better to opt for neutral tone crystals, or try using a mix of matte and transparent stones - this can be a great start for your personal design.

Connect shapes, textures and sizes

There is no easier way to diversify your stack than to play with contrasts - it always draws attention and makes the details more interesting. There are many unusual shapes and materials that seem obviously different, but together create a real wow effect. For example, you can mix thin cz bracelets paired with massive expandable bangles, or add dainty rigid models with the infinity symbol to really chunky curb bracelets. Combinations of non-ferrous metals and genuine leather, flexible rubber, matte beads also look great. Don't be afraid to take risks and experiment - this is the only way you will understand what is right for you!

Get the most out of the process!

The whole idea of ​​such multi-layered accessories is based on the principles of diversity and manifestation itself - this is just a bright opportunity to reveal your individual style, bring it to perfection and make it accentuated and recognizable. If you already understand the basics of creating such multi-level sets, then there is no need to learn any rules and follow them.
Do what you want and enjoy it!


  • Are these bracelets still in fashion?
    Our answer is yes! And they are becoming a new cult trend! Previously, this style was attributed to street dancers, hippies or other subcultures, but today it's becoming a next milestone in the jewellery world and is considered a truly stylish manifestation.
  • Is it acceptable to wear such mixes on two hands at once?
    This is a completely logical continuation and improvement of your style. If you like splitting stacks and using two wrists at once, then why not? Your comfort comes first - nothing else matters!
  • Are there materials that are better not to use?
    There are no strict taboos, but there are indeed minerals that are more prone to wear or deformation than others. Thus, pearls are considered brittle compared to other natural crystals and may be left without their beautiful pearly sheen, with constant friction against rigid metals. Leather products are also not very durable and can lose their visual appeal with constant contact with hard gems. You can always clarify these points with our consultants.
    Do you need more tips and tricks? Write to the FJewellery online chat and our managers will provide you with professional assistance. And if you already know exactly what you want - then go shopping! We are waiting for you!
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