The best jewellery designers - who are they?

The best jewellery designers - who are they?

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Today, wearing precious accessories is not only about glitz and beauty, no! It has become a whole culture and one might even say philosophy. These things never go out of fashion and don't lose their relevance, regardless of trends or times. As in any culture, jewelry art also has its own masters and geniuses, whom everyone looks up to, imitates and whose style is copied. Therefore, experts from FJewellery boutique decided to touch on this important topic and tell you about the most popular jewelry brands! We will talk about the most famous manufacturers, as well as new, promising ones. Sit back, pour yourself a cup of delicious tea and get ready to plunge into the world of the creators of the most luxurious accessories! Let's start!

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Top 10 jewels geniuses

  1. Speaking of fashionable precious art, one cannot, of course, not mention Tiffany & Co - perhaps the most recognizable and replicated brand. Its history began in the distant 1837 and, by the way, not with jewels. At that time, the New York brand store sold leather goods and stationery. But today it's probably the most famous manufacturer of silver products, having received several awards in this field. The signature turquoise colour, cute and recognizable gift packaging, the known models of engagement rings - everything Tiffany & Co creates is sure to be synonymous with style, luxury and elegance!
  2. Second in a row, but not least, is the oldest European manufacturer Cartier. This is the same timeless classic in all its glory! The brand began its existence in 1847, for the first time using noble platinum and diamonds to create its accessories. The company has the highest reputation and has long been recognized as one of the most prestigious in the world. Kings among jewelers - their creations cannot be confused with anything!
  3. If we are talking about kings, it's time to remember the king of diamonds recognized by the world jewelry industry - the unsurpassed genius of Harry Winston. The master founded the company of the same name in 1932 and since then his fame has not subsided. The incomparable cut of gems, the ideality and precision of lines - in each jewel of the brand one can feel the signature and sophisticated style of maestro Winston.
  4. At all times, the Swiss have been famous for their precision, punctuality and the highest quality standards for any product. So, who else could create the most famous brand of precious watches, if not a true Swiss? The Chopard company was established in the heart of this wonderful country in 1860. The main specialization was the production of pocket and wristwatches for women, but today the sphere of interests of designers is much wider. What are the amazing floating diamonds Chopard worth - it's real magic!
  5. When it comes to precious stones, one cannot help but recall the Italian company Bvlgari, which is famous, first, for its luxurious coloured gems. This brand was created in Rome in 1884 and is still one of the world's biggest manufacturers. Volumetric and unusual shapes, original and bold designs - all this makes Bulgari a favorite for lovers of extravagant and chic jewels.
  6. If you love pearls, but are not yet familiar with the unique Japanese brand Mikimoto, this needs to be fixed urgently! This company is the world's leading manufacturer of exquisite and sophisticated pearl accessories, and its founder, Mr. Mikimoto Kokichi, was the first person who was able to obtain cultured pearls from sea mollusk shells, which simply turned the whole world of jewellery upside down and to this day the company continues to delight us with its mother-of-pearl masterpieces.
  7. Remember another unique brand of truly fantastic jewelry - the House of Boucheron. This is not just a big name, but a family dynasty with a whole history. Its founder, Frederic Boucheron, began to create his magnificent accessories and opened the first little shop in 1858 in Paris. The maestro was inspired by many ancient cultures - from Egyptian to Asian, and was the first to offer the public the most extraordinary combinations of materials. In his decorations, onyx was intertwined with diamonds in an unusual way, and gold with bronze and ivory. If you are a fan of original and extravagant designs, we advise you to take a closer look at the creations of this company.
  8. Another extraordinary brand for lovers of bright combinations and atypical forms is Annoushka. All of this British company's pieces are handcrafted and sparkling in abundance with multi-coloured gemstones - these are chic accessories for true connoisseurs of the original avant-garde style. The founder of the brand, Annoushka Ducas, has received many awards for her special contribution to the development of the jewellery industry and regularly pleases her fans with more and more unusual designs.
  9. When we talk about radiance and brilliance, another famous brand immediately comes to mind - Swarovski. Oh, the shimmer of these delightful crystals is unmistakable! Signature silver tone, the highest quality cut and sophisticated designs are the hallmarks of an Austrian company that has been on everyone's lips since 1895.
  10. Let's finish our top with stylish and contemporary jewellery house Pandora from charming Denmark. Initially, the brand was founded by the Enivoldsen spouses in 1982, as a small shop of precious accessories, and no one expected that after some couple of decades their products would be sold on all six continents and become loved by many. Their bracelets with charms made a splash and conquered women all over the world of all ages. By the way, Pandora company jewelry is the most desired gift for Mother's Day in Italy - huge queues line up at the shops from those who want to please their moms with such a precious present.


Of course, there are many more truly brilliant masters in jewellery, and every year new designers are opening up to us, creating amazing accessories, both in the more budgetary segment and in the luxury one. If we start talking about all the creators, then we simply don't have enough time in the day, so in today's article we tried to highlight the best of the best. There is more to come, so follow the FJewellery blog to be the first to know about all the most important and intriguing innovations from the world of jewels and not to miss other useful information. We also hope that after studying our article, you have some inspiration and fresh ideas on how to diversify your precious collection, which means it's time to look through our catalogue and choose something new and original for yourself! Join now and create your personal precious style with us!

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