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Article: Top 3 accessory ideas for him and for her

Top 3 accessory ideas for him and for her

Top 3 accessory ideas for him and for her

Drop earrings for her

Graduation is one of the most important events in life. We're sure that you've thought about your image a long time ago or have an idea of the impression you want to make on those around you. You can't even imagine what important place in your image is given to accessories! FJewellery has taken care of that. We have some stylish ideas to help you make the right impression. And you probably know that self-confidence is a crucial thing at such events.

Classic look

A very favourable choice, especially if you want to look more solid and older (mature). For girls, it's an evening dress, shoes, and tall hair (or loose hair falling off the shoulders). For guys: a suit, shirt and shoes.

For her

High hairstyles and evening dresses (especially models with shoulders) look perfect with drop earrings. With precious stones, they look especially solemn. Choose the colour of the main (the largest) mineral in tone with the dress or contrast. Both options will look elegant and stylish.

For him

Just as earrings complete a woman's look, a good suit watch in a man's look will speak volumes about serious intentions for the future. Yes, everyone has smartphones and sports bracelets, and everyone knows where the wall clock hangs at school, but a business classic watch is an old school. It's always classy and cool.

Bracelets for him

The perfect night to be the centre of attention

Everyone wants to be a star on such a festive day. Why not add a little sparkle to the image? It doesn't matter what look you choose, as long as you feel comfortable, and then the evening will turn out the way you wanted.

For her

Some accessories look great with almost any outfit: a pantsuit, a little black dress or a beautifully romantic look. We are talking about tennis bracelets. They can be inlaid with precious stones of different shades or transparent. As a rule, we are talking about a single track of minerals, but there are also multi-row bracelets, which are very shimmering in daylight and artificial light.

For him

Cufflinks and tie pins are another pair of old school ideas that are very popular this year. They can range from a vintage model to something very fashionable. Such a piece should convey the character of the wearer. Jewellery can be with or without gemstones. There are a lot of ideas. Just choose what suits you best and fits into the look.

Versatility of choice

Neck jewellery is one of the easiest options. They will allow you to refresh any image and make it more interesting and harmonious.

For her

A beautiful necklace will help to decorate a deep neckline or shape it if you have a closed dress. There can be a huge number of options: from an elegant pendant on a beautiful chain to an exquisite necklace. The main thing is that all the accessories and the outfit are combined and united in one harmonious ensemble.

For him

A chain around the neck is a good option to complete the look. It can be wide or quite thin, long or short. It is very important to respect the proportions, and then the look will be whole.

Pendants for her

Please note that when choosing accessories, you should remember that accessories made in the same style and from the same materials look beautiful and harmonious. That is, choosing earrings or watches of white metal, it is desirable to match them with a bracelet, cufflinks, ring or chain of the same colour.
These are just a few of the options that have become fashionable this year. You can put together your own set of jewellery or buy a ready-made option. The FJewellery online store has everything for that: a large assortment, reasonable prices and concierge assistance.

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