Trendy layered necklaces - an ultimate guide to creating

Trendy layered necklaces - an ultimate guide to creating

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All the best at once! With this motto, the popular trend for voluminous necklaces, consisting of several layers and various decor, burst into fashion again. Such accessories immediately attracted the attention of many Hollywood stars and began to appear more and more often on the pages of fashion catalogues and glossy magazines. It's not surprising that they quickly got their own army of fans - contemporary fashionistas never miss a chance to show off their stylish novelties in public. In this article, FJewellery specialists have analysed in detail the topic of the demand for these decorations and prepared a lot of useful recommendations for you on how to create them. Get comfortable and let's get started!

Understanding the basics

Contemporary fashion is very capricious and changeable, but it isn't for nothing that they say that it is also cyclical. What was common decades ago may again be in the tops - and this is what happened with layered precious necklets. And no wonder, because this is a great opportunity for self-expression, and today it resonates very strongly in the hearts of many girls. Nowadays, such multi-layered sets are known by many names, including:

  • precious stacks for the neckline,
  • bright mess on the neck,
  • multi-layered look,
  • and many others.

It doesn’t matter what you personally call it, because it’s not at all about the name. The main thing is the opportunity to show your individuality and unbridled imagination, improvising, inventing and combining or even not combining, different styles, designs and forms. This is a great way to practise creating your own unique image and training refined taste in a kind of playful way. Are you eager to try? Well, it's time to get action!

Looking for ideas and inspiration for bright jewellery

Before you start choosing chains and decor for your personal layered kit, you need to decide what look you want to create. With the huge assortment of models that are on sale today, any style and direction is available to you. But let's think - what is important for you personally, and what do you want the most? Perhaps you adhere to a very strict and concise style of clothing, or vice versa, do you like everything bright and extravagant? Do you love mixing different shades of metals, or do you prefer a variety of sparkling gemstones?

We invite you to browse our online catalogue to find the models you are interested in, or visit our blog, where we are constantly publishing the most useful tips regarding precious accessories for you. Also, it won't be superfluous to look for inspiration on the Internet, from your favourite bloggers or on the personal pages of your favourite celebrities. This will give you good food for thought and push you to new fresh ideas to implement.

Our managers are also always ready to help you and give you special recommendations in order to create the right set of jewellery that fully meets your character and mood. We are always online, and you can ask for advice at any time!

Tips from FJewellery experts

Many beginners always start with what is more familiar to them - choose one dominant metal and build their collection around it. This cannot be called wrong, but you should not get hung up on one particular material. You should always try to look for new original combinations and push your horizons - then each of your images will turn out unique and memorable.

Silver necklacesSilver Necklaces

Here we've compiled our best ideas for creating your flawless layered neck accessory stack, and we can't wait to share it with you! So, let's get down to practice!

1. Mix a variety of styles and types of chain weaving.

An important part of creating a layered necklet is looking for contrasts. Classic pearls combined with geometric shapes or pavé diamonds with animal motifs - don't hesitate to combine the strangest opposites, because they can turn into something really cool. Also, don't neglect different types of precious knitting, use models of dissimilar textures and weights, such as: Venetian, snake, wheat, snail, beads, rollo and rope.

Pairing thin and graceful chains with thicker and more massive weaves is one of the best ways to create a bright and visually striking variety around the neck. This is how a stylistic dialogue appears between two dissimilar accessories: a simple gold anchor chain brings the look closer to the classics, and a large necklace with a chunky fancy pendant adds a more modern and fresh touch - just what you need to start!

2. Use different sizes.

This is the foundation on which the very concept of layered precious necklaces is based. If you have all the chains of the same line, then you won't get beautiful transitions, but only a big tangled lump around your neck, and you definitely don’t need this! To achieve the desired effect of the cascade and highlight each individual jewelry, we need chains of different lengths - each subsequent one is a couple of inches longer than the previous ones.

You can learn more about this in our sizing guide to understand what pieces would look good in one bundle and what to avoid. Also, if necessary, you can shorten or lengthen your favourite accessories so that they fit harmoniously into the overall picture.

3. Strive for non-standard and individuality.

Your silver or golden layering will become even more personalised if you add themed decor to it, which will reveal more about your inner world and character. These can be nameplate necklaces or opening lockets with secrets, covered with initial engravings and other ornaments that are dear to you. This will create a certain stylistic separation between all elements of the set, and large details will place the necessary accents.

4. Add bright colours and glitter.

We have already said that many adhere to the idea of ​​​​using one shade and type of metal. But what if you push these boundaries and start mixing various colours of gold or add some blackened silver to them? It should come out at least bright and noticeable! Starting with a pair of white and yellow metal, then adding a trendy rose gold chain to the mix. Well, do you already like it? Agree, it comes out much more colourful and juicy.

The same applies to the use of pendants with precious stones. No need to stop at one particular gem - play with colours and cuts, and you will immediately see how the necklace comes to life and is filled with light. After all, what prevents you from using diamond drop pendants with a pearl necklace?

5. Experiment with textures.

This is another significant element that will help achieve diversity. Accessories of different textures will immediately demonstrate the volume and add air to the multilayer kit. As an example, you can take a simple and concise silver snake chain and add a diamond necklace to it - voila, the texture game pays off! In this vein, you can also mix fashionable cut stones with simple beads, coloured crystals with mother-of-pearl, spiga chains with smooth metal inserts, etc.

Gold NecklacesGold Necklaces

6. Start small.

If you are already a little confused and overwhelmed by the amount of information - that's okay! Just try to start with two of the elements you are used to and build a set based on them. No need to immediately grab onto avant-garde and unusual options for you - use traditional options and gradually add something new to them. This will make it easier for you to get used to the changes and understand what exactly you want at the moment. Also, don't immediately rush to buy all possible options for accessories, because the budget is not rubber even at an affordable price in our store. Use the base you have and eventually acquire something new to it.

7. Enjoy!

And this is the most important! Don't try to chase trends at the expense of your comfort - take small steps towards your desired goal for pleasure, not out of necessity. Such decorations are not about fashion or style, but about your individuality and self-expression, which means you need to be yourself 100% to get the best possible result! Only in this way will your multi-layered necklace be as exclusive and real as possible.

We hope that now it will be much easier for you to understand all the subtleties and nuances of creating beautiful multi-layered accessories and by visiting the FJewellery boutique website, you will no longer be at a loss and determine exactly what you need to create your themed precious wardrobe. And we will always be ready to provide you with any assistance and make your shopping easy, profitable and enjoyable! Welcome!

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