Wedding fashion for brides

Wedding fashion for brides

Wedding fashion for brides

Choosing accessories for such a special ceremony is a very delicate issue that requires close attention to the specifics, details and clarification of all the nuances. Early planning, fitting, drawing up plans - all this accompanies the most important day in the life of a young bride, because it won't be possible to repeat the event and everything needs to go smoothly the first time. When the main elements, such as the dress and the graceful veil, have already been selected, it's time to move on to the wedding jewels - this is the final touch of the image, giving it radiance and exclusivity. We hope that in this FJewellery article you will be able to find clear answers to your questions about wedding attributes styling and with our help, quickly decide on the direction you need. Read and select right now!

Wedding decorations: varieties and features

The main detail of the image has already been bought - the dress is hanging in the closet and is waiting for its finest hour! Now it's time to choose the appropriate jewellery and this is actually not a difficult task, you just need to know how to approach it correctly.

Like the hair, the veil, the comfortable shoes, the bouquet and the make-up, the precious products are chosen according to the design of your dress. For example, if the clothes have a deep neckline, then a luxurious voluminous necklace and lush drop earrings can complement the look well, but if there is no neckline at all, then neck decorations may not be necessary - in this case it may be more logical to stop at a beautiful golden brooch and a pair of ideal cluster-earrings. Exquisite dresses with open backs are ideally suited with body chains extended along the back to emphasise the graceful posture and the finest luxury of lace.

By the same principle, metals and precious stones are selected. The shade of the mineral should match the skin tone of the bride and the overall colour scheme of the event. Remind yourself about the existence of more diverse shades than classic gold and silver. Perhaps you prefer the sparkling tenderness of rose gold, or vice versa, you love the strict and cold tone of platinum. All this should be tried on and compared in advance, so that the whole image looks as harmonious as possible and is sustained in a single scale.

With gemstones, the same story - it all depends on what shades you have chosen for your wedding celebration. Do you love blue and white? Then the combination of transparent diamonds will look good with the exquisite depth of sapphires, delicate topazes or even bright matte turquoise. Do you want something more delicate and airier? Try mixing rose quartz, feminine pearls or morganite. You can also add tiny swarovski crystals to make your eyes shine even more! Also, for marriage accessories, it would be a great idea to pick up items with a birthstone – so the image will be more personalised and add semantic load to it.

The goal of such a long and thorough research is to create a truly holistic and organic outfit that will complement and enhance the beauty of the tender bride, but not overshadow her, drawing all the attention to itself. In these matters, the FJewellery experts understand the best way possible and have specially prepared a guide on various styles to make it easier for you to decide in what look you want to see yourself on your solemn day.

What kind of bride do you want to be?

We have studied several main wedding directions that can be your starting point in creating an individual style of the bride, and we propose to explore each of them together for relevance to you. We have selected both more traditional options and extravagant styles that can also impress you. Let's start without further ado!


It's graceful, timeless and always luxurious! The use of the most familiar precious duo prevails here: noble gold and diamonds. If you want a little more variability, then you can use delicate pearls here - in such matters it's never superfluous. One advantage of the design of is that they will be appropriate not only on the day of your ceremony, but also in everyday life or on certain occasions. They can also be a smart investment in your future family budget.

Speaking of specific models, we mean solitaire rings, traditional pearl earrings and sophisticated diamond bracelets. As they say, simple but tasteful!


Air crystals, openwork textures and very delicate shades should prevail here. Filigree gold patterns in rose tone and stones in pastel colours are perfect. Mother-of-pearl can also play a role in such an image, and therefore you shouldn't neglect it here either.

Jewellery to select from: neat stud earrings, thin infinity symbol bracelets and sophisticated gemstone necklaces. Easiness and lightness - these are the main components for this direction!


It looks very contemporary and elegant, and therefore relevant in any situation. Clear smooth lines, cold sheen of metal, a minimum of unnecessary decor and the absence of bright inserts. This can be especially true if your dress is already over-embellished, or if you've opted for the simplest possible outfit and want to maintain its integrity.

This style is characterised by: silver studs, plain bands, thin women's chains and so on. These same decorations will come in handy on any other day, and you will be glad that you have replenished your collection with universal products so profitably.


These designs are homage to old and beautiful eras such as art deco and the like. There is a maximum of three-dimensional patterns, unusual gems and bizarre combinations here. They add a special charm to the bride's outfit and place accents in the most necessary places. From the recommendations: cluster earrings and other jewels in the same style, and you will shine brighter than the stars!


It's somewhat reminiscent of previous designs, but has more restrained and elegant motifs. Traditional golden alloys and authentic gems are the best solution for this look. And remember about pearls - they are back in business!

Here we can advise you to buy exquisite gold earrings, chic diamond necklaces or simple but refined pearl bracelets. No need to overload this image - try to stay within the same minerals, and you will be surprised!


Freedom, lightness and naturalness - that's what you should think about when choosing this style. Openwork gold, beads and feathers, stones of the most natural shades, seashells, etc. All the minerals that nature has given us are perfect for such spectacular ideas and will make your wedding the most memorable!

What to use? Themed pendants, voluminous gem-studded earrings, and custom beaded bracelets are just a few of the ways to start building your bohemian set.


This definitely needs more glitter! Saturated shades, bright and voluminous details, mixes of different metals - there is no style more suitable for self-expression and extravagance! But you need to be able to handle this correctly so as not to overdo it in the nuances.

What can we recommend? Large earrings, luxurious diamond rings and most importantly: tennis bracelets! You will glister brighter than celebrities in your favourite photos in your glossy magazines!


These jewelleries are about aesthetics and luxury, a manifestation of one's character and mood. Think about what you most want to buy from the precious assortment and do it! No one will be upset when you are so sure of yourself!

Here it will be relevant to use designer accessories, spectacular chandelier earrings, lush sparkling necklaces and other things that just come to your mind. Experiment, because everything was started for that!

Last parting words

When choosing your personal style for the celebration, prioritize correctly - it doesn’t matter who and how will react to your decisions, the main thing is that you enjoy this day and the triumph of your love! Always all the answers can be found in the soul, if you don't forget to ask it questions! Well, for other expert advice, there is the FJewellery online shop! We are always in touch and ready to take care of your precious riches. Contact us!

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