Wedding rings for men: what you need to know to be on trend

Wedding rings for men: what you need to know to be on trend

Weddind rings for mens

Men don't have many opportunities to embellish their style. The ring is one of them. Choosing the right ring is not a difficult task. But if you have not faced the choice of such an accessory before, you may have many questions. We at FJewellery have prepared a small guide to men's rings. Everything you wanted to know before buying, we collected in one place.

A bit of history

It is believed that the men named are responsible for the appearance of such an accessory as the ring. It was they who used it as a symbol of power, to identify members of the same group. Giving a ring or exchanging them as a sign of eternal fidelity and love began in the days of Ancient Egypt.

During World War II, some men did not wear a ring in memory of those lefts at home (loved ones and relatives). Later this custom carried over into civilian life, and the use of wedding rings became very popular. It's pretty hard to imagine a traditional wedding where the bride and groom don't exchange rings.

How to choose the right ring

Is it possible to choose any ring? Absolutely! Yes, that's not a typo. There are no canons that will help you quickly and unmistakably choose the perfect engagement ring. But if there are a few simple guidelines that will help you choose the best option from the huge range offered by jewellery brands. Here they are:

  • Decide on the material.
  • Choose a comfortable design.
  • Consider whether you want the ring to be embellished or if you are a classic lover.
  • Choose a ring that is guaranteed to go with any of your looks.
  • Now let's look at each point in more detail.

White wedding rings

Choosing the colour of metal

Take your time with the choice. This is a very important moment. You are buying a ring that you plan to wear for the rest of your life. It is worth spending a little more time on this matter. Think before you buy:

  1. Are you allergic to what metals? Perhaps you have worn or tried to wear a watch or chain. Have you noticed any redness on your skin? Health comes first, so immediately put aside any metal options that don't work for you.
  2. Determine your colour type. If people are more suited to gold (traditional, yellow) and some look amazing in white (like platinum or white gold). The veins on the back of the hand will help make sense of it. If they're greenish, you're probably the warm type and will look great in gold. If they are blue or purple, then most likely you are a lucky owner of a cold type and white metal is definitely for you.
  3. Do you want your ring and your partner's ring to be the same? Yes, that's a reasonable question. They can be different!

As a rule, men are traditionalists and choose rings to match the bride. Most often it is yellow gold. Keep in mind that you are likely to take it off rarely. For constant wear, 14, 18 or 24-carat gold is best. It better withstands various external influences and is pleasant to wear.

The second most popular material is white gold. Such rings have a beautiful silver colour. They look perfect with different decorations as well as engraving inside the ring. If you work a lot with your hands and the ring will have a constant physical impact, then we recommend paying attention to wedding rings made of platinum. It is expensive, stylish and modern.

For those who appreciate originality and style - rose gold. Such rings are gradually gaining popularity among men. They look soft and attractive and also make a beautiful single pair with the bride's ring made of the same metal.

Ring design

Yes, an engagement ring can be absolutely simple. But it is the design that gives it a special charm and uniqueness.

First, let's define the shape of the ring. It can be of four basic types:

  • Arcuate. It has a classic transition. It looks soft and understated. This design has been tested for decades. Sits well on the finger.
  • Direct site. This ring will give you a modern, stylish look. It sits comfortably on the finger, usually with little to no feel over the years. It is the choice of the younger generation.
  • A ring with a channel in the middle. Typically, this shape is used for jewellery with gemstones. Minerals are placed in this groove, and they will not interfere with you with a guarantee. The shape is comfortable, the stones are recessed into the metal and do not interfere when worn for long periods.
  • Chamfered ring. As a rule, this is a variant of the flat platform, in which both edges are trimmed (cut off). It is considered to be a very good option for those who work a lot physically. The shape does not interfere with different work, and such a ring looks stylish.

Mens wedding rings

What about the decor?

Any ring can be made in a classic version or have individual decorations that make you look at the model in a completely different way. While rings with gemstones are the choice of all women, men prefer wedding rings with decoration in the form of textures and finishes. We recommend that you get acquainted with all the options and then make your decision. The decor of men's rings can be the following:

  • Polishing. A classic version without decor, with a polished surface. The colour of the metal, in this case, is fully revealed.
  • Satin. This coating leaves the surface smooth, but completely deprives the metal of its ability to reflect light. The result is an effect somewhat reminiscent of fogged glass. Frosted deco has a modern look.
  • Brushing. Resembles the previous version, but in texture, it is not a flat surface, and to the touch resembles strokes. It looks interesting and is in demand.
  • Forging. It looks manly and somewhat rough, which is the special charm of the decor. Dents and irregularities are artificially created on a flat surface.

Accentuate your style

The style of the ring can be very different because the range is enormous. The main thing is to make sure that the option you choose best suits your style and looks. Of the variety of options, there are several optimal ones:

  • Classic is always stylish. This design is timeless. The ring can have an arched shape or a straight platform. As a rule, decorations are not provided here. It is smooth polished metal. A very light texture is possible.
  • With a groove in the middle. It can be undecorated or inlaid with precious stones. This is a very elegant solution for modern men. The decoration can be made of yellow, rose or white gold. All options look great.
  • A diamond engagement ring. Diamonds are always cool. Today it's also stylish. It can be a ring with a single central mineral or with a track (pattern) of diamonds. For those who want to emphasize their individuality, this is a great choice.
  • Experiment. Yes, gold rings are the traditional choice. But that's not all that jewellers have to offer today. For those who appreciate freedom and want to find a universal solution, rings made of platinum, silver, as well as combined options are suitable. For example, a black wedding ring is becoming a modern trend. Don't deny yourself the pleasure. Choose the option that best conveys your personality.

The huge range of wedding rings allows you to choose your version for any person. It will always be something individual and stylish, a piece of jewellery that will accentuate your lifestyle.

Keep in mind that you will (most likely) wear your wedding ring often. Most people wear it every day. So it's worth spending some time once and choosing the best option. If in doubt, call the FJewellery concierge. We're always here and ready to help!

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