What are the jewelry trends for 2022

What are the jewelry trends for 2022

Jewelry trends for 2022

In today's world, without accessories, it is no longer possible to imagine any fashion shows or everyday looks. And it's especially pleasant that most famous jewellery brands present them not just as a possible addition, but as an important and integral part of a holistic image. From year to year, jewelry trends replace each other, following the most fashionable images and taking all the best from them. 2022 was no exception, and today the FJewellery website team is ready to present you with a selection of the brightest and freshest ideas of the current year. We hope the article will be useful to you, and after that you will be able to study and examine in detail the pictures of all the latest models of accessories in our online catalogue. Join now!

What to buy in your collection now

We always say that fashion is cyclical and that's a fact! What was popular 10 or 20 years ago was considered forgotten yesterday, but today it's again winning hearts and regaining its popularity. So, let's find out what jewellery is now flaunting on the pages of the most famous magazines and websites, what celebrities wear on red carpets and catwalks, and what every fashionista simply needs to have to look stylish and trendy this year!

  1. More gold chains! Bright, sparkling, multi-layered necklaces have become a real breakthrough this year and have confidently taken their honorable first place in our ranking! Original combinations of chains of different lengths and thicknesses, all the most unusual types of weaving and an abundance of beautiful decorative elements will make your image unique and special, emphasize your subtle sense of style and become the main highlight of your wardrobe. If you like to wear a variety of pendants fancy, large medallions, multi-coloured gems and hollow crosses, then now is the time to replenish your collection with these accessories. Feel free to experiment with shapes, textures, shades, cutting methods - any combination that comes to your mind. But don't forget about the main thing - so that you do not combine, the necklace should look like a single whole, and each of its details is a logical continuation of each other.
  2. Graceful composite bracelets will be the perfect complement to the set of neck accessories. Here you can also let your imagination run wild and combine different designs and styles. If you are not a fan of classic yellow gold in large quantities, then don't be afraid to dilute it with other shades or even other metals. So, for example, cold and strict silver can elegantly complement the ensemble and make it more textured and varied. If we talk about specific models, then you should pay attention to charm bracelets and mesh bangles.
  3. Hoop earrings have become one of the clear favorites of this year and have confirmed their high value. Large and bright, thin and graceful - any shape, size and design: from classic geometry to unusual twisted ones, all models will be relevant! And if you have several types of piercing in each ear, then you can create truly extravagant and non-standard combinations. Every girl loves these earrings, and today they are really a must-have for her!
  4. Compound and stackable rings are one of the latest jewellery trends of the year. Layering different styles and shapes creates incredible volume and accentuates the details. Signet rings are back in the spotlight, and when paired with thin and elegant single stone rings or oversized cocktail ones, it's a real fashion explosion! We highly recommend purchasing a couple of these accessories for your collection.
  5. Colour is everything! Bright, colourful, shining precious stones are at the peak of popularity today - they have become an indispensable part of any jewelry kit in 2022. Large necklaces and compound bracelets, voluminous rings and unusual earrings - their presence is simply necessary to make the image complete and fashionable. Please note that this year's main gemstone hues will be rich blues, juicy spring greens and beautiful delicate pinks. If we talk about gems for engagement rings, then among all the variations, oval and pear-shaped cuts are in the lead.

Trends jewellery

So, if we sum up the trends in jewellery in 2022, then the main theses are:

  • gold in all its variety of shades,
  • multi-layered,
  • non-standard forms,
  • an abundance of rich colours,
  • combinations,
  • more details and accents.

If your personal collection lacks any fashion accessories from this list, then you can choose and buy on the website of the FJewellery store. Our catalogue contains only the best models for every taste and budget, and thanks to many discounts and promotional offers, you can easily purchase high-quality and exquisite jewels at the most pleasant and affordable price. Looking stylish is easy if you know exactly what is needed for this! Read helpful tips on our blog and enjoy online shopping with us! Welcome!

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