Which is better white gold or platinum

Which is better white gold or platinum

White gold jewellery

All fans of the magical aesthetics of cold tones in decorations commonly have doubts - is there a difference between platinum and white gold, and what is it? In appearance, such similar materials have a significant number of differences, and first, this is their cost. Many people ask which of them is better and worse, and in this article, the experts of the FJewellery boutique tried to reveal this topic as much as possible and tell you about all the nuances regarding these beautiful metals. So, let's start with the most important!

White gold what is it?

The most common misconception that many buyers have is that this colour is natural for this material. No, the white tone of gold doesn't exist in nature - only classic yellow. All other colours are achieved by mixing metals of various densities and types - this is how alloys are obtained. And in such alloys, the proportion of pure gold isn't large. Many have heard such a term as gold karat - it doesn't always refer to gemstones. This indicator can just tell you how much precious metal is present in the alloy. The conclusions are as follows:

  • 9 carats contain approximately 37.5% natural gold,
  • 14 crt is 58%,
  • and 18 kt is the biggest - 75%.

Platinum RingsPlatinum Rings

To get white gold, jewelers create an alloy that consists of palladium, nickel or silver. The more silver in such jewellery, the more matte the product will turn out. To achieve a luxurious sheen, the decoration is covered with a thin layer of noble rhodium. This expensive metal gives accessories an amazing shine and protects against many mechanical damages. So, it affects the hardness of the product, since gold itself is quite soft and pliable. However, over the years, such a coating will have to be updated periodically, especially with regular wear.

It's also worth noting that some may experience an unpleasant allergic reaction to the white alloy. The thing is that natural aurum itself is considered hypoallergenic, but when it's given a white tint, nickel is often used, and it is on it that many people have a skin reaction. Since rings are frequently made from this material, irritation may begin on the fingers, redness and itching will appear. If you know about such features of your skin, before you decide to buy jewelry, make sure that it doesn't contain an allergenic component for you.

There are a lot of stylish white gold accessories for sale on the FJewellery website, and our managers will be happy to clarify for you which alloy is used in a particular product, so that you can understand for sure whether it suits you personally.

Platinum what is it?

Everything is very transparent here - this is an exclusively natural material that exists in a white colour. In jewellery, platinum is used in its purest form and rarely any other metals are added to it. Most often, the total percentage of platinum in the composition of the product is about 95%. However, it's a rarer material and doesn't occur as regularly as gold - hence the high price and increased demand. Also, platinum is inherently stronger and harder to work with it. Only truly professional jewellers will undertake such work to order. Such luxurious jewelry is usually not found in the mass market or common fashion collections - usually it's the prerogative of really famous and expensive brands.

Platinum metal is safe, doesn’t cause allergy or other discomfort associated with it. It’s also never covered with rhodium, so you will have to take care of such an accessory more carefully - in order to maintain its unique appearance, smoothness and shine, it will have to be polished and cleaned more often. The style of such decorations is also more traditional and is designed more for lovers of the classics. You'll not find many models with a trendy or fancy design. This gives this metal more status and sophistication - platinum jewellery is kept as a valuable family heirloom and passed on to subsequent generations.

What conclusions can be drawn?

Both of these metals are visually very similar, and it's difficult to distinguish products from them. Seeing them in one picture, only a true professional will be able to see the difference and tell which one is which. The main difference is the cost, and it all depends on your budget. It is difficult to say which of them is better or worse - both have certain minuses and pluses. White gold is more affordable - it's easier to find and afford to buy, while platinum is more about long-term prospects and investments. Our online catalogue features products from both metals, and you can easily compare them with each other to understand which is more to your taste.

White Gold EarringsWhite Gold Earrings

Also, in our store you will find a lot of other bright accessories from various materials, and you can immediately put together an original and non-standard set for yourself. Our range includes:

The main advice that we can give you is always relying on your own desires and preferences and choose the best for yourself! Join us, stay tuned for updates in the FJewellery assortment and blog, so as not to miss bright new products and learn more useful information from the world of precious accessories! Welcome!

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