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If we are talking about versatile jewellery, then this is definitely an on neck chain. If you dig deeper and choose the length, most men and womens will choose a 22 inches chain. FJewellery offers a large assortment of such items in various types of weaving. This is a great option to make your style more distinctive or give a nice piece to a loved one.

Features of size 22 chain

If we talk only about the size, this is by far the most versatile option. It suits absolutely everyone. This kind of jewellery is a must-have in your arsenal, and here's why:

  • Comfortable. The lower part of the jewellery, worn around the neck, falls at the collarbone in men and just below the collarbone in women. You can wear the chain over any outfit or under clothing.
  • Stylish. A chain of this length is quite often used to create tiered designs. It looks very stylish! You can choose a simple chain, a chain with a pendant or a cascade of your favourite jewellery - either way, this piece will look great.
  • Varied. This chain will be an indispensable accessory if you are a fan of pendants. You can choose something for good luck, such as horse shoe pendants, or wear a cross, locket or initials. In any combination, it's a great choice.

In our collection, you can find

Silver and gold jewellery from new collections. These are exquisite little things that are in fashion right now. Today you can see celebrities wearing chains with this type of weaving, such as curb, mariner, ball or rolo and others. They are very popular!

22 inch Chains

The vintage pieces are of impeccable quality. In addition to the fact that you can find interesting design models here, you can buy them at a very attractive price.

In addition, the jewellery can be with or without coating. As you probably know, rhodium plating makes the model even more resistant to mechanical damage and also creates an unparalleled shine.

The catalogue has sections for him and her. We thought it would make it easier for you to find the right one. Using the convenient filters on the left and the menu, you can immediately find the section you need. Thanks to the colourful pictures you can choose several options, and then after reading the descriptions you can decide what you want. In addition to chains, you can always find on sale other jewellery that will not leave you indifferent. These may be bracelets (from chains, bracelets bead, or something very original), rings in a wide range, or earrings made in a variety of designs (from massive evening ones to the perfect option for a party - fancy earrings).