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Charm pendants are becoming more and more popular. They can be worn not only on a chain but also on a bracelet. The pendant adds personality to the jewellery. You can use several pendants at the same time or alternate them to give the bracelet a different meaning. At the FJewellery online shop, you can choose a 14k gold pendant charm with a certain meaning, which will not only become a beautiful jewellery piece, but also your talisman.

Features of charm pendants

Charm pendants have very deep historical roots. The first charms appeared more than 2000 years ago. They were made of clay, stones, bones in the form of animal figures or household items. Some believed that such pendants had magical powers. Later, the pendants were made of metal and adorned with precious stones, but only the wealthy could afford such a luxury. Today the FJewelery company offers such jewellery in 14-carat gold at the most affordable price.

14k gold pendant charm

Charm pendants are small jewellery with a special attachment. They can be worn around the neck or on a bracelet. They can be made of precious metals, leather, textiles, etc. The jewellery is often inlaid with gemstones. Such a pendant should be matched with other jewellery:

The designs of the charm pendants are very varied. You can choose a model for him, for her, or for a child. The jewellery is chosen according to a certain style and can carry a certain meaning. For example, a pony figurine symbolises perseverance to achieve a goal. It attracts good luck and will promote success in career and business. Travel lovers can get a pendant with a picture of a trailer, bus, sailboat; pendants with the initials of their own or a loved one's name, etc., are popular.

Many charm pendants are used for everyday wear. Therefore, they must be resistant to external influences, especially when worn on a bracelet. 14 karat gold pendants are ideal in this case. 14ct gold is characterized by a high content (41.5%) of alloying metals. These give the product hardness, durability and resistance to adverse influences. In addition, 14kt gold has a relatively low cost.

The FJewellery online shop offers to buy 14k pendant charms and other jewellery from the company's huge assortment from the comfort of your home. Everything that is in sale can be viewed in the catalogue. It takes a few minutes to place your order. We take care of the rest.