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If you’re looking for versatile earrings that will go with any outfit and won't get in the way, you should pay attention to 9ct gold stud earrings. They are very comfortable, practical, and always on-trend. The FJewellery online shop offers a wide collection of these lovely jewellery pieces. They come in all shapes and sizes and we’re sure there’s something for everyone!

Stud Earrings

The model features 9 carat gold stud earrings

The stud earrings consist of two parts. The first part looks like a nail with a head. It is inserted into the ear hole. The front part can be decorated with a jewel, engraved, bas-relief or shapes. An important feature that distinguishes this type of earring from others is that the front part always attaches to the ear and is flat or slightly bulky.

The second part of the product is worn on the pin at the back of the ear. It acts as a lock and slows down the sliding of the stud. It can also be threaded. Opening and removing such an earring is not easy, as you have to unscrew it from the base. But this guarantees extra safety when wearing it. You definitely won't lose it!

Of the obvious advantages of the product:

  • Unisex, meaning they are suitable for both men and women. Such an item would be a nice gift for her or him for all occasions.
  • They can be worn by children, teenagers, adults and the elderly.
  • They are quite easy to put on and take off.
  • They look stylish and go with any outfit.

The studs are available in different diameters: 3,4,6,8 mm. Your choice depends on how important an accessory your look needs to be. You can also buy several sizes in a row if you have several holes in one ear. They will look very pretty when arranged in sequence from large to small or vice versa.

9ct Gold Stud Earrings

The most popular models are those without additional decorations, only with gemstone. They look very attractive and pretty on ear. They can be coloured or colourless. Either option looks beautiful and depends on your preferences.

When selecting such a model, pay attention to the minerals of your birthstone:

  • January. Garnet jewellery will help you find and keep love and make many friends. The colour of the mineral can be very, but dark red specimens are particulary beautiful.
  • February. Amethyst symbolises purity and strength of spirit. Some believed they it would help them to get out of difficult situations with dignity. The mineral has a great variation of shades in the violet spectrum.
  • March. Aquamarine will bring harmony and tranquillity. It is believed to give youthfulness and revive strength.
  • April. Diamond. One of the most popular options. If you dream of jewellery with these gemstones, this option can be a piece for every day. It looks stylish and concise. It is believed that it can promote good luck in your life.
  • May. Jewellery with emeralds will bring enlightenment and good luck. They can vary in intensity from dark to grassy. They are one of the favourite minerals of royalty.
  • June. Earrings with pearls are very beautiful. Many believe that such jewellery can bring good luck and freedom. White pearls in white gold look very attractive.
  • July. Ruby is said to bring prosperity and wealth. It symbolises courage and good luck in all endeavours. The bright stone will attract attention and leave no one indifferent.
  • August. Peridot or chrysolite is also called an ‘evening emerald’ for its light green colour. It symbolises strength and helps those in need of mental or physical strength. The earrings and pendant set will look amazing.
  • September. The sapphire is one of the favourite gemstones of royalty. It symbolises loyalty and nobility. Perhaps that is why jewellery is often given as an engagement present.
  • October. People born this month have doubts about almost everything. Opal will help you to deal with this feeling and give you confidence in all decisions.
  • November. Topaz is a mineral that will bring good luck to everyone born this month, and will also help you find true love.
  • December. Your gemstone is one of the rarest on Earth. Jewellery with tanzanite will help harmonise all aspects of your life, as well as transform dark energy into light.


When it comes to jewellery, in which minerals play the main role, the cut plays an important role. FJewellery offers jewellery in which gemstones are used to their best advantage. These cuts can be of the following types:

  • emerald, which is able to reveal all the virtues of the gemstone;
  • oval for those who like minerals without sharp edges;
  • pear for lovers of large accessories;
  • princess, which looks very stylish and preserves the maximum beauty of the natural material;
  • a round brilliant cut with 57 facets will make the mineral sparkle with the slightest light;
  • trillion for those who want to shine even more, etc.

Gold stud earrings 9 carat


These earrings sit firmly on the ear. They can’t hang down like Claddagh or cross earrings. It is therefore already a slightly different style. It may seem boring and very plain, but in fact, there are a lot of them. For example, here are a few options:

  • What we talked about are stud earrings with a single gemstone. The whole earring is a platform with fasteners to hold the jewel in one position with an ear stud and a closing part. This is one of the most exquisite options that everyone from children to adults loves.
  • Ball. In this case, the gold ball may be on the front side. And some models are also designed with a ball-shaped lock. Looks amazing! A very popular model for every day.
  • Knot. A stylish option without the gemstone inlay. Regardless of size, these pieces look interesting. The knot is ideal for a classic and formal outfit.
  • A geometric shape. It can be something very strict: a triangle, a square, etc. These pieces are concise and are often used to create office looks. They are practically free of distractions but perfect to complete the look.
  • Freeform. Here, the choice are endless: kiss, Celtic, angel wing, feather-shaped, etc. Very fantasy. You can give such a product your meaning or just wear your favourite little thing.
  • Nature: bunnies, kitties, owls, butterflies, flowers and other options. This option is more often chosen for children and teenagers. Very cute piece of jewellery!

The accessory can be decorated with diamond-cut or gemstone inlays. The three shades of gold are also beautiful: rose, white and yellow. Three colour earrings are one of the most popular designs. The knots in this design look very stylish.

The product can also have a rhodium coating. Why coat gold with something else? This protects the item from scratches, as rhodium is harder than gold. This way you can wear your gold jewellery and it won’t tarnish or scratch for a very long time. Even if you wear them every day.

Why 9 carat jewellery is a good choice

Many people think that 9 ct is not gold. It contains only 37.5% of the purity of gold, and the rest (62.5%) is alloying metals. 9k gold is sufficiently solid and impact resistant. The alloying metals transfer their properties to the alloy. It is ideal for everyday wear.

As for colour, the 9kt alloy has a light yellow colour. If, in addition to gold, only white metal is used in it, you get white gold, if more copper is added, you get rose gold. The FJewellery online shop offers a large collection of 9 kt jewellery for all tastes at a very attractive cost.

How to wear 9k gold stud earrings

This accessory is ideal for creating sets if you want to accentuate some other part of the body: the wrist (you can use a massive or fancy bracelet), the neckline (a necklace or a beautiful pendant will do). And also for lovers of minimalism. If you want to create a sophisticated set, you can always find on sale:

  • Bracelets. A set of earrings with clover leaves and clover bracelets will look very nice. It will bring you good luck and prosperity.
  • Pendants. They can be very intricate designs or have a religious theme, such as silver crucifix crosses. In the ears, you can find carnations-crosses or angels.
  • Chains. When putting together a minimalist set, consider thin, airy chains around the neck or arm. This will help you create a delicate, lightweight look.
  • Necklaces. With studs, angel wings, necklaces with one central stone (which would duplicate the stones on the earrings), initial necklaces, etc. will look interesting.

Don't be afraid to experiment! There is only one wish. Try to match your jewelry with the same colour scheme. In this way, the accessories will look harmonious. Although today there are no strict rules and you can pick up three-coloured earrings, and wear white gold, silver and rose gold with them. It all depends on your style and preferences.

9 carat gold stud earrings

What does the price depend on?

The cost of any jewellery piece depends on:

  • the materials used to create the piece,
  • design complexity,
  • designer's work.

9crt gold stud earrings with a diamond cut cost more than a gold heart, albeit the largest, but cheaper than tanzanite earrings of the same size. If you settle on the option that suits your price point, check out the sale and second-hand sections, sign up for news and take advantage of the discounts that are available before the holidays.

FJewellery offers a large assortment of jewellery. All made with love. Impeccable quality. From the pictures in the catalogue, you can see each one to do. We also offer support to our customers. You can always ask us any question and the concierge will be happy to help you in finding the perfect jewellery for you or as a gift for a loved one.