Chains for men: the most complete guide

Chains for men: the most complete guide

Mens chains

Jewellery is not just for women. By the way, most modern trends exist because they were once started by men. Today we will consider one of the most popular accessories, which are used by gentlemen of all ages, regardless of style preferences. All the products that will be discussed in this article, you can find in the catalogue of FJewellery.

What kind of chains are there?

The assortment of this jewellery is huge, and they're really is a lot to choose from. They can be of different lengths, types of weaving and made of different materials. The traditional ones are:

Gold Chains for men

They look stylish and can significantly change any look. Here's a quick overview of the types of weaves that are most in demand:

  • Cable chain. The classic type that has conquered many. Its main advantage is durability. Most often it is used to wear various pendants. Such a chain will withstand even the heaviest pendant. You will definitely not lose it.
  • Box chains. A very manly accessory. The links of such a chain are square. You can also meet this type of weave called the "Venetian" chain. The links are connected perpendicularly. Such a model looks very stylish.
  • Figaro. One of the options that are at the peak of popularity. The type of weave looks very stylish: one elongated link alternates with two or three short links. With such a product you will be on trend.
  • Cuban link chain. A very strong chain with a classic design. Looks like a braided braid. Can be of different thicknesses. Especially attractive in tiered designs. The thick walls of the links make this option look massive.
  • Snake chain. It got its name because it resembled snake skin. The close-up weave resembles the scales of snakeskin. It looks stylish and does not require any additions.
  • Curb chains. The link in this type has an oval shape. As a rule, the chain is flat. Refers to one of the most durable options.
  • Rope chain. A favorite of many. Oval links securely intertwined with each other, forming a rope. A durable and very stylish option for making a statement.

The second question that arises when choosing a chain is the length.

Chain length

In this case, the proportions are very important. To choose the best option, three parameters must be kept in mind:

  • body type,
  • neck volume,
  • height.

They will help you find the perfect fit.

The chain can be shorter (18") or longer (up to 30"). There is a simple rule that will also help you decide: choose the longer version if you want to wear the piece with a pendant, a token or a cross. The shorter the chain, the better and more harmonious it looks without additional jewellery.

So, the most popular sizes (in inches) are:

  • 18. This is the shortest chain among the men's assortment. It sits at the base of the neck, quite tightly. It is a good option for those who want the accessory to be visible either way (with the collar open or closed).
  • 20. To imagine wearing a 20-inch chain, just think of what you look like in your shirt. This size is considered an average size for a man of average build. The body of the chain is the distance between the top two buttons. It is worn just below the collarbone. This is one of the most popular basic options. Such chains look good on the body. Most often they are chosen to be worn without a pendant.
  • 22. A popular length due to its versatility. On the body, it sits below the collarbone. This chain can be worn over clothing or on the body, with or without a pendant.
  • 24. Perfect for those who plan to wear a chain with pendants of any style or design. It will squat in the middle of your chest or just above it, depending on your physique.
  • 30. A very good reason for self-expression. The chain is usually worn over clothing. It goes on or just above the sternum. It looks good with or without massive pendants.

Tiered chains look very stylish. It is not necessary to use a product with one type of weave. But it is important to choose the right thickness of each piece so that they look harmonious.

What about thickness?

As a rule, men choose products with a thickness of 0.2 to 0.6 mm. In this matter, proportions play a major role. The product should look neither too massive, nor too miniature. The main thing in the image is harmony.

If we talk about the minimum allowable size (2 mm), it is about the thickness of a standard headphone cord. This option is universal. The product can be worn with or without a small pendant, on its own or as part of a layered design. If we talk about the thickness of 0.6 mm, then imagine a pencil or pen in the section. This is a massive piece that should be worn with an equally massive pendant or used without it, solo. Products from 0.6 to 10 are worn exclusively over the clothing. They look massive and attract attention. If you want to strike the imagination, you can pay attention to chains more than 10 mm thick. They look really impressive.

How to make chain sets?

You must understand that all chains in a set cannot be equally bright and eye-catching. You need one main chain, which will play the leading role, and from one to several auxiliary ones. The first one can be massive, with a diamond cut, a large pendant or without it. The rest should look like a frame and complement the image. It is best to opt for small in diameter. The distance between the items on the chest should be 2-4 centimetres. This is enough to show the set in all its glory.

How to look after your chain

Many men like to take care of their accessories. It is a kind of tradition, a ritual. To keep the accessory looking attractive, you can:

  1. Rinse the item in running water, and then immerse it in a soapy solution (without detergents) for several minutes.
  2. Gently clean the chain with a soft bristle brush.
  3. Rinse the chain thoroughly.
  4. Carefully dry it in the sun and wipe it with a soft, lint-free cloth.

If you don't have enough time, you can always have your jewellery cleaned in a salon. It won't be expensive. And the chain will look as if you just bought it.

Chains for men

The seven most common questions our customers ask us about men's chains

  1. What is the right chain length for me?

It is very important to know your physique and proportions. As a rule, the optimal length is 20''. This is a chain that hangs down to the collarbone.

  1. Is a 20'' chain suitable for a man?

Yes, this is one of the most frequent requests among our customers. It is important to understand the thickness of your neck, your height, and your proportions. A chain up to the collarbone looks harmonious in most looks.

  1. If I buy a 24'' chain, would it be too long?

This is the second most popular size. It is ideal if you plan to wear a necklace or chain with a pendant on its own. For a man of average build, such a piece of jewellery falls in the middle of the sternum or slightly above.

  1. Is the chain a unisex accessory?

It is impossible to answer this question unambiguously, but in the jewellery business, there is some division. Men, usually choose more massive chains with a wide type of weave. Women more often pay attention to airy, not very bulky models. Although, everyone has his taste and, above all, should be based on his preferences in style and comfort.

  1. Can a man wear more than one chain at a time?

Why not? There are a few rules for this design to look perfect: in the composition, there should be one massive chain and several thinner ones, they should be spaced far enough apart so that they do not hang down in a pile. Today this option is in trend.

  1. Which chain is considered the strongest?

The strength of the product depends on the type of weave and the size of the link. A wheat chain is considered to be the strongest option. It uses 4 oval links that are securely intertwined to create one block.

  1. Can I swim with the chain?

It depends on what material it is made of. The general recommendation is simple: try not to do heavy physical labour, take off the chain before a shower or a swimming pool, don't splash perfume and other substances on the chain, and your jewellery will last you a long time.

Try different variations of chains, change your style and become brighter with products from the FJewellery range. We're always happy to help!

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