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Explore a myriad of jewellery chain styles from delicate and dainty to bold and glamorous, designed to complement any outfit. Crafted with precision and passion, the FJewellery chain collection exude timeless beauty and sophistication.

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Among all neck accessories, chains for womens are the most popular and in demand, and this is an indisputable fact. One elegant piece or several, made in the form of a necklace, made of precious metals or with inserts of bright crystals - they perfectly complement the image of a romantic lady, a serious businesswoman or a daring rebel. But it's always important to clearly understand how to choose and wear such jewels correctly, with what to combine them and what to complement. Simply put, to understand contemporary fashion trends and always be one step ahead. The FJewellery team is ready to help you understand all the subtleties and nuances, share expert advice and become connoisseurs of the world of precious accessories. Join now and let's get started!

Chains for womens

How it all began

The tradition of wearing all kinds of decorations appeared long before the advent of metal processing. Some scientists even say that jewelry appeared earlier than the very first clothes. Archaeological finds dating back to the Paleolithic era indicate that even then people already used the simplest materials at hand as decorations. Moreover, men were the first to decorate themselves.

For primitive people, the decorations on the neck served as a status distinction within the community, were used to convey information, or were trophies. With the development of religion, a new meaning began to be invested in them - necklaces were used as amulets from the forces of evil and protective talismans. The aesthetic beauty of accessories began to be given importance much later, and then they began to acquire their value and the purpose for which we use them today.

Since the discovery of silver and gold, and the emergence of technologies for their processing, a new era of jewellery has begun. The primitive decor was replaced by new products made of noble materials and multi-coloured gems. Their price was high and not everyone could afford such a luxury - they became the privilege of the nobility, priests, rulers and kings. These were not beautiful accessories, but real works of art.

Contemporary jewelers are inspired by the designs of these antique masterpieces and use the ideas of the old masters to create trendy jewels. Latest, the market for precious decorations has grown and expanded so much that it is not difficult to find an original and unique piece for yourself. In addition, they have become much more affordable and everyone can afford to purchase a stylish piece of jewelry for their personal collection.

The FJewellery online boutique offers a wide range of both new branded and unique second-hand decorations for girls and guys for every taste and budget. Only the highest quality and brightest precious goods created by the world's best manufacturers. Check out our website, explore the catalogue and find amazing details for your wardrobe!

Which chain to select

For a woman of any age, decorations mean a lot - with their help, you can radically transform the whole image and place the right accents. Necklaces play a special role in the outfit, which can be either a small nuance of the look, or its main detail and highlight.

Chains for Ladies

The selection of precious chains for her is very diverse and includes many design and style options. Among the most beautiful and popular, we can distinguish the following weaving options:

  1. Anchor knitting. This type is considered one of the most reliable and durable. It got its name due to the fact that visually it's very similar to the ship's anchor chain. Its peculiarity is that all links are connected perpendicular to each other and are tightly soldered. Breaking such a chain is almost impossible. This knitting option also has many subspecies, each of which differs in shape and number of elements used. Classic models use oval parts, but depending on the variety, they can be round, square or rectangular.
  2. Armor weaving. No less durable than the previous type, but differs in that each link is located in the same plane with respect to the previous one. The technology of knitting real chain mail is taken as a basis - hence the name. There are also subspecies, where elements of different sizes and shapes are used.
  3. Weaving Bismarck. It's considered the most beautiful and luxurious. It has many variations, each of which is special in its own way. In the basic version, thick links are used, consisting of several differently directed and firmly solitered rings - they are reliably intertwined with each other, guaranteeing high chain strength.
  4. Fancy types of weaving. Each of them is unique and has no similar analogues. The elements of such a girly chain can be in the form of animals or plants, be massive or tiny, large and rough or sophisticated and cute.

Each designer, creating a new jewel, takes one of these varieties as a basis and brings something of his own into it - novelty and originality. In addition, a lot depends on the combination of different precious details - in each set the same chain will look special: somewhere it will be just an element that complements the outfit or continues pictures and prints on clothes, and somewhere the main base.

However, when choosing a chain for female, not only the type of weaving matters, but also the method of its manufacture. There are three of them:

  • Creating chains manually is the best and most reliable way, but also the most expensive. An experienced master jeweler spends a lot of time creating an accessory with his own hands, but the result is simply unrealistically amazing.
  • The machine method takes much less time and significantly reduces the cost of the process. This method is used for most products on the market.
  • Stamping. Fast and cheap, but not the most reliable method. The links of stamped chains aren't soldered, so the probability of deformation and rupture of such necklaces is very high. It is often used to create simple bijouterie.

Another important aspect when buying chains for girls is their size, or rather the thickness and length. There are certain standards here, where:

  • 16-18 inches are the shortest or slightly elongated models, called chokers;
  • 20 inch is considered the most optimal;
  • 24'' and over are extra-long options that are worn exclusively over clothing.

As for the width, it's:

  • 3mm very thin and elegant models;
  • 5mm universal thickness;
  • 7 or more - fat and chunky necklaces that are worn without additional decorations.

Chains for Her

What to wear and combine with?

Having decided to purchase a new accessory, you must understand exactly whether it will fit the style of your wardrobe and whether you will actually wear it, and not just throw it into the box and occasionally remember it. To do this, FJewellery experts have compiled a short but very useful list of recommendations for you, after studying which you can quickly and easily navigate the assortment of precious products and pick up the perfect ones for yourself. So, here are our tips:

  1. The rule of three accessories. Don't overload your look with an excessive amount of jewels - three accents are enough to elegantly complement the dress and not make it overly gaudy. It can be a silver chain + a pair of cat pendants or a gold chain + classic emerald earrings and a simple ring.
  2. Try to assemble an original necklace, which will use chains of different lengths and widths. Such jewellery is now in trend, and you'll look as stylish as possible.
  3. Similar to similar. Invariably the right decision would be to combine decorations of the same style or very similar in design. E.g., if you already have box link bracelets, then match them with the appropriate chain of the same knitting method.
  4. If you often wear glasses, then you should buy spectacle necklaces and they will become a unique accent in your image. It's comfortable, practical and very fashionable.
  5. If you are a fan of vintage chic, then opening lockets or graceful pendants watch can be a great addition to a simple ladies chain.

And so, if you have finally decided that the time has come to diversify your jewelry wardrobe with such a versatile and fashionable accessory as an elegant chain, we invite you to take advantage of all the benefits of online shopping in the FJewellery shop. Here you can calmly and slowly pick up the thing you need, at any time ask clarifying questions to consultants and place an order and delivery, wherever you are. In sale on our website are only high-quality goods that have all the necessary certificates of authenticity. We value the comfort of each of our clients and are always glad to see new ones! Welcome!