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Earrings are one of the most popular pieces of jewellery. Women of all ages use them to create a variety of looks. Pendant earrings are very popular today. They can even correct some facial imperfections. FJewellery online shop offers 14k gold drop earrings. Unique designs help you create a spectacular look.

Dangle drop earrings

Dangle earrings have a rich history. This is evidenced by the findings of archaeologists. Only rich ladies could have this jewellery, as the earrings were made from precious metals that not everyone could afford. Italian jewellers are particularly renowned for their pendant earrings. Their masterpieces made history with the paintings of famous Renaissance artists.

Fashions and styles of jewellery have changed over time. But in every era there were pendant earrings for her. The shape of the earrings could be very different:

Today they are still popular. Works by renowned jewellers include classic drop earrings, gemstone drop earrings for evening or elegant chain pendant jewellery that can be worn in a casual style.

14 karat gold drop earrings

A great option for everyday wear is 14 karat gold drop earrings. The purity of the 14-carat alloy indicates that it contains quite a few additional metals. They make gold resistant to external influences and more durable. At the same time, the precious metal retains its beauty.

In sale in our online shop you will find:

  • 14ct gold earrings with a Turquoise Eye pendant. In addition to their aesthetic function, these pieces can also be used as a talisman.
  • Circles pendant earrings, inlaid with cubic zirconia and gold horseshoes inside, are the perfect gift for good luck.
  • 14kt gold chain pendant jewellery - stylish and reasonably priced.

The design of the jewellery allows it to be paired with other jewellery, such as cable chains, cross, necklaces initial, etc. You can buy this and many other pieces of jewellery not only in jewellery salons, but also in online shops. You can find a wide assortment here, and the cost is lower than in the salon. You can choose your jewellery from images and descriptions.

The FJewellery catalogue has a huge selection of jewellery in both classic styles (such as buckle rings) and modern ones. Here you can choose a gift for anyone or buy stylish little things for yourself.