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Wedding day is an important day for every couple. But it is preceded by another equally important day - the engagement. This is the on which a man proposes to his chosen one. On this day, it is customary to give the girl a ring, which she accepts as a sign of acceptance. To combine the engagement ring with the wedding ring that the groom will wear on the bride at the wedding, the online shop Fjewellery offers to purchase bridal engagement rings sets. This set includes an engagement ring and a wedding ring for the bride.

What a wedding ring should be

Women most often wear their wedding and engagement rings on the same finger. Therefore, the answer to the question of which is better: bridal set vs engagement ring is obvious. But there are special requirements for choosing engagement jewellery. By the way, the first engagement ring was given by Maximilian I (heir to the throne of the Holy Roman Empire) to Mary of Burgundy. It was a luxurious diamond ring that was worth a fortune. Since then, an engagement ring has symbolised the seriousness of a man's intentions and his level of prosperity.

There are unspoken rules for choosing this jewellery:

  • The design of the ring provides for a central gemstone. It may be the only gem in the piece or it may be surrounded by smaller stones. A win-win bet for an engagement ring is a diamond. It is colourless, so it is easier to match with other jewellery and outfits. It is also very durable and stunningly beautiful. Depending on the bride's preference, it can be a different stone, but always of natural origin (sapphire, ruby, emerald, etc.).
  • A woman may wear this ring on special occasions or daily, along with a wedding. Therefore, it should be beautiful, practical and go with different styles of clothing and jewellery that a girl wears every day, such as chains Singapore, etc. It should be comfortable to carry and easy to store.
  • The best metal for a wedding ring is gold. White gold is especially popular today. It looks very presentable and goes well with the wedding dress and other jewellery, such as necklaces hearts, etc.

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In our online shop, you can choose a wedding ring separately or buy a wedding ring set for her. A modern assortment with sophisticated designs at an affordable price.

To choose a model, just browse through the pictures in the catalogue. When placing your order, please remember to specify the size you require. In addition to rings, Fjewellery offers to cross hollows and other items.