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When you are looking for perfect gifts for your children, emotions and memories they will leave should be your orientations. Accessories made of precious metals are frequently underestimated, but they will definitely highlight the style of your kid and will teach them to see beyond modern fashion trends and create their personal tastes in different spheres. That is why it is highly recommended for parents to spend time with children during online and offline shopping too, and FJewellery is a great place to start with. 14kt gold baby bracelets are among the bestsellers for a reason.

How Big Should a 14 Karat Gold Baby Bracelet Be?

The top priority is a comfortable size and, therefore, fit. While small pieces that are too tight are surely taboo, several customers make one and the same beginner mistake by choosing a loose bracelet. Their objective is clear — they want a product to be as lasting as possible. However, this approach will ruin the overall impression of even the most beautiful design in the world.

That is why it is so important to stick to true-to-life sizes. If you don’t have an opportunity to take accurate measurements, there are approximate bracelet sizes for each age. This will help you not to make a totally disaster-like purchase. Let’s be more precise. Wrist size for children from one to four years usually ranges within 5.5”-6”, while the sizes of newborn kids and up to their six-month age are up to the minimum limit of the previous range. If you aren’t sure, don’t hesitate to stick to our catalogue’s pieces of advice or contact our online store’s support team for assistance.

14 Karat Gold Baby Bracelet

Here are some more considerations to analyze before you decide which option is the right one to buy in sale:

  • The assortment of solutions is breathtaking. When picking up the best 14 carat gold baby bracelets, be more attentive to their variety. If you want to be more flexible in sizing, there are special designs with an adjustable length. Bangles and beaded bracelets, chain accessories, models with and without gemstones and charms — each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.
  • The choice of a bracelet style largely depends on the occasion. If you want something more suitable for daily wear or special gatherings only, appropriate adjustments to your approach have to be done. Custom designs will be more luxurious and exclusive than chain bracelets for everyday wear.
  • Don’t doubt the pictures on our page. They will show how solid bracelets look not only in a 2D but in a 3D world too. On the contrary, they will help you catch the details that are usually unnoticeable when you shop offline. The cost doesn’t have to be your top consideration, of course.

Reasons to Choose 14k Gold Bracelets for Babies

Rose gold is a wonderful material for both a baby girl and a baby boy. It is not an allergic alloy and differentiates with its strength and durability. Even if your kid doesn’t mean to wear this accessory daily, it is a gorgeous contribution to their style for special occasions and going out with parents. For instance, playing with jewellery styles and attire will be suitable for shooting sessions, and involving little ones in this process will be an excellent and useful experience at the same time. Though it may be tiresome and somewhat troublesome for parents, it is really worth it.

All in all, gifts for kids require more attention and patience. There are plenty of styles that will work for children’s active leisure time and parties — from pendants St. Christopher to cable chains. Several accessories are universal, including buckle rings. Coming back to 14 ct accessories made of rose gold, they are affordable as well — feel free to buy them at FJewellery and enjoy prices for any budget.