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If you don’t know how to improve your mood or what present to prepare for the upcoming gift-giving occasion, the jewellery market has a lot of answers to these and related questions. Gold is a great investment and visual statement for both genders, regardless of their age. To predetermine how the gift will be accepted and appreciated, reduce the decision-making hassle a bit by going for 18ct gold chains. They are lasting and extremely beautiful, so why not? The FJewellery online store will be more self-explanatory in details.

18ct Gold Chains

How to Choose the Right Necklace

To select the best 18 ct chain for your needs, it is not enough to consider what fine links are to your liking. There are multiple aesthetical and practical differences between infinity, Venetian link, Cuban, square link, and other types of necklaces. From a technical standpoint, you have to differentiate the products that will work for pendants from those that won’t suit (snake and Herringbone options aren’t the best choices given their delicacy). There are also other criteria to bear in mind and analyze to be satisfied with what you put on neck:

  • Solid vs hollow — the link construction is different. With a hollow chain, you achieve a lightweight and cheaper style. However, it is prone to damage more, compared to solid necklaces. The latter is distinguished by its robust composition, durability, and strength. Both solutions are functional for pendants. The main condition to follow is to ensure the chain is heavier and, therefore, stronger for additional charms or lockets.
  • For him vs for her — stereotypically, people just think that small sizes will work for ladies and vice versa. In reality, jewellery fashion is a more complex phenomenon, enabling interested parties to reveal their personalities through unique ensembles of accessories. The best piece of advice is to check what the target recipient likes about gold pieces and stick to your empirical experiences. You might go wrong by buying a heavy 18kt chain for men. Pay more attention to what he wears and how the chosen necklace thickness will work for the image. As for the link structure, any of them can be excellent for male and female styles.
  • Being swayed away by sizes — there are numerous lengths of modern gold necklaces appear on the market. The simplest way is to take the measurements and add a few inches to the received result. Then you will get a comfortable product to wear daily or for important occasions without difficulty. With the help of pictures and online size charts, it is easier to understand how the same length will fit womens and mens. Bigger sizes come at a higher cost, but it is unreasonable to pay less for a smaller size, which can’t be used conveniently. On the contrary, it won’t be problematic to use a chain that exceeds your expectations. Interested parties can also experiment with opera and alternative large pieces, creating images with multi-layered chains or simply long hangings on the neck.

What You Should Know About 18 Karat Gold Chains

Gold chain 18 carat layouts are definitely a good balance of the jewelry price and quality. Taking into account how sturdy and pure this alloy is, there are minimum chances you won’t like its brilliance. In order to understand what is so special about this combination and why interested parties consider shopping for it even though no discounts are offered, it is a must to get acquainted with its content.

gold chain 18 carat

Overall, 18 kt is a measure of the particular metal’s presence in the alloy. The total number of gold parts is twenty-four. So if you want to buy 18 carat gold chains, you invest in the composition of eighteen pure-gold components and six additionals. It is impossible to get a mono-gold accessory — the analyzed material doesn’t work as a solo player. It is malleable and suitable for jewellery crafts, but it is also overly soft to be durable enough on its own. That’s the main reason why such metals as copper, nickel, and zinc are added to the alloy.

In the case of 18crt gold chains, the gold content equals 75%. Compared to lower carat samples, you will see a difference. Although the durability increases thanks to extra components and alternative solutions with more premises are a bit more beneficial, the distinctive advantage isn’t significant. Apart from getting a model with a higher content of pure gold, you stay on the safe side in terms of its anti-allergic properties.

The corresponding reaction is less probable, especially if the alloy composition doesn’t include nickel at all. However, since it is softer, happy owners have to be careful about wearing 18 c gold chains in non-appropriate conditions (training, taking a shower, etc.). This layout isn’t scratch-resistance. In turn, 22k gold isn’t recommended to wear daily because it is a pretty vulnerable material.

The distinct features of 18 karat necklaces appear when taking a deeper insight into what stands behind their tone. In general, this collection of jewellery includes not only thin or thick chains for any taste. You are also capable of finding a rather cheap style made of yellow, white, and rose gold:

  • To attain increased longevity and the ideal delicate rosy color, the 18 k rose varietal of this precious metal is often a blend of gold, silver, and copper. The characteristic colour intensifies with the increase in the copper content. Pink becomes less dense when there is more silver present. In contrast to rose gold, yellow gold is more likely to develop imperfections and change its shape over time. To keep its shine, it might need extra upkeep and polishing. In comparison with white and even yellow gold, this version usually contains more copper, which makes it far more lasting and durable.
  • The higher price of 18 karat white gold is due to the enhanced content of pure gold in the alloy. At the same time, it is less likely to oxidize because of the decreased contribution of other metals. Compared to models of lower karat values, it is brighter and more white-silvery in the majority of cases. You don’t have to doubt whether it is real gold or not — the 18 karat hallmark on chains within our catalogue speaks for itself. Another twenty-five percent of the composition might be “occupied” by silver or zinc, depending on the supplier in the UK market.
  • If you are interested in classic solutions, then yellow gold is the best option. It is a bit less expensive than white gold usually, but its worth is complimented by regular promotions at our shop. Enthusiasts are welcome to get a stunning product in one of the many sizes online for sale. The analyzed varietal is among the most recognizable statements. It is smooth and elegant with other gold colours and perfect for earrings, rings, and other jewellery pieces.

How to Wear 18 Carat Gold Chain

Whatever style of links you are going to choose or models of what metal colour seems more captivating, you will face the necessity to become a guru in matching your necklaces with other accessories. Gold is a pleasant joy from this perspective and works for multiple potential candidates to work in pairs within the same ensemble. Rather than the chain tone, its size and construction of links might be more influential.

18 karat gold chains

As practice shows, curb, flat link, twisted, cable, cascade, belcher, and other types of chain are pretty multifunctional, so there is no need to hesitate about matching them to other jewellery solutions you already possess or would like to own in the future:

  • Expandable bangles are convenient layouts, especially when you aren’t sure what size to pick up and desire to stay on the safe side. This style works well along with several fashion trends too. It won’t be challenging to choose the suggested model as a casual contribution to your mood and a stunning statement for evening gowns.
  • Sapphire pendants are wonderful for those who want to make a glorious statement with a minimum of details. The most typical hue is intense blue, but searchers will come across other breathtaking tones as well, including purple, orange, and pink. The color saturation influence’s the gemstone quality, so you can determine whether the purchase is worth it remotely. The heirloom among the sapphire grades is the AAAA category. They are pretty expensive and form just one percent of all sapphires in the industry. Most probably, you will need to select between A and AA grades, which are great for regular use.
  • Eternity rings are gorgeous symbols of love, commitment, and promises to share all the best in this world with a partner. At least, that is what a common meaning refers to. Interested fashionistas don’t have to restrict its functionality to wedding or engagement bands only — they can become your personalized talismans, the genuine meaning of which is clear to you solely. In the major part of cases, this design comes as an unbroken circle of crystals. Eternity rings can include one type of gemstone or represent a suite of them. You will be able to navigate through our assortment of jewelry intuitively thanks to its decent search filters and find what you are truly looking for.

About 18 Karat Gold Chains

Wrap It Up

All in all, 18k gold chain are a mesmerizing choice for any occasion. With the help of online shopping tools, FJewellery is the best place to place an order and receive it in a timely manner. If you are interested in individual or bulk purchases, you are welcome to check the website functionality in practice here and now. You will be amazed at its convenience, great structure, and intuitive navigation. In cases when you have no idea what to do next, feel free to drop the support team a message. This journey promises to be fascinating, isn’t it?