Collection: 14ct Gold Pendants

Buy pendants made of 14 carat gold in FJewellery online

If you are looking for the most varied designs in the jewellery universe, 14kt gold pendants are probably the very first champion to look for. Such small details are capable of highlighting any image and style. Their divergence is truly complementary for fashionistas, and due to their properties, it is not a problem to experience new looks without serious threats to your budget. At the FJewellery online store, you are welcome to pick up exclusive deals for any occasion.

How to Choose Perfect 14ct Gold Pendants

When it comes to selecting accessories, the matter of materials’ quality and durability is crucial. Overall, gold, silver, and platinum are the top three considerations that are mostly spread in the market. For the combination of lasting properties and efficient price, designs made of gold are appreciated among the target audience. Besides, since this alloy is flexible enough to ensure that different jewellers’ techniques won’t be a waste of time and talent, the complexity of 14 karat gold pendants is outstanding.

Whether you are going to wear pendants on the neck daily or are searching for more exquisite models for special occasions, our assortment offers a vast range of suitable solutions. They differ in size and cost, but they are still affordable and will satisfy several objectives:

  • For those who want to prepare a meaningful gift for a child, a 14k gold pendant is a wonderful choice. Modern designs can include fauna, floral, geometric, and numerous other patterns, so it is as simple as ABC to pick something according to the target recipient’s taste. From charms in the form of dolphins and horses to small stars and hearts — it is not a problem to make your purchase personalized. Just check the pictures online and decide what is the best pendant to buy for him or for her.
  • The variety of pendants is distinguished by a large collection of traditional layouts. Zodiac sign pendants, crosses with or without a crucifix, lockets — feel free to consider either big gorgeous models or delicate micro styles. Thanks to a relatively small size, especially compared to other jewellery kinds, the overall cost is rather cheap than demanding. So pendants can be easily decorated with stunning and top-notch gemstones. For example, teddy-bear figures with eyes made of crystals look good not in the picture only.


Reasons to Buy 14 Carat Pendants

Available in so many styles, that is a perfect solution for quick online shopping. Our catalogue includes myriads price ranges and styles to make your purchase as satisfactory as possible. However, knowing pendants are good as a present may be not enough. Here are some other features that increase its value in the market:

  • Pendants can be easily custom-made. They are solid enough and don’t require special care and maintenance. Besides, there are fewer choice requirements when it comes to them — you have to focus on your desires and tastes (or the future recipient’s ones). Gold pendants will contribute to your style anyway, whether you are wearing a dress-code-oriented outfit or a gown for a holiday evening.
  • There are no issues in choosing pendants. At the same time, their versatility enhances their compatibility exponentially. Customers are welcome to play with styles not only when it comes to picking up the right charm. If you accompany your pendant necklace with a rings five stone design or Claddagh earrings, you are able to control the overall impression. In addition, chains box links for sale will become a good partner for 14 carat accessories of the analyzed kind.
  • Pendants are excellent symbols of friendship, love, and several other important feelings and thoughts. Among the traditional motifs for charms, religious-based templates are among the most spread ones. Anyway, it is more efficient to consider which design reflects the personality of the future accessory’s owner.

What Type of Chain Is the Best?

Naturally, it is highly important to consider what chains will ensure the longevity of your favourite pendant. In general, numerous types of necklace chains differentiate with their solid structure and quality — cable, curb, Figaro, and box chains are recommended to start with. Their minimalistic and timeless looks will contribute to the beauty of any pendant. But is the design the only choice criterion that matters? Don’t forget to take into account the following parameters:

  • Choosing the right pendant necklace, take care of their weight compatibility. The rule of thumb is as follows: chains should be twice heavier than a charm itself. This is especially essential for safe long-term wear.
  • The necklace length will change the pendant’s vibe too. 16” chains are usually the most comfortable and convenient. Please note the target person’s height. It will help you consider which length is a soulmate.

All in all, if you are looking for a real treasure to wear anytime you have to shine, pendants are gorgeous companions. Their compatibility, versatility, and affordability are second to none. The collection of FJewellery will complement your objectives with numerous suitable and exclusive designs. Just check it out!