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Pendants are in great demand. Their aesthetics are quite varied. The letter-shaped pendants attract particular attention. It is a universal product. Both women and men, regardless of age, are happy to wear it. A pendant with initials in noble metal looks spectacular and has a touch of mystery about it. For everyday wear, it is best to choose 14 karat gold initial pendants. They retain their appearance perfect for a long time. Choose and order one from the FJewellery online shop.

What does a pendant with a letter mean?

Initial pendants have a rich history. The predecessors of pendants were family medallions. They were attached to the collars of dresses and shirts by members of the wealthy classes. In the 16th century in France, personalized pendants made of precious metals were popular among aristocrats.

Initial pendants are laconic and symbolic. The choice of such a pendant can vary:

  • Many people wear a pendant with their initials. It has long been believed that a piece of jewellery on the neck with the first letter of your name will bring good luck and protect you from misfortune.
  • A pendant for him or for her with the first letter of your loved one's name indicates the depth of the wearer's feelings.
  • The letter on the jewellery does not necessarily mean a name. It can have a romantic meaning: "Beloved", "Dear", etc., which only you and your loved one will understand.

14k gold initial pendant

Features of 14 ct gold pendants

Today the jewellery industry offers a great variety of letter pendant designs. It can be a model with different ways of writing the letters, made of different precious metals, with or without a gemstone.

The initial pendant is most often to wear every day. 14 karat gold, therefore, is the best material for it. This alloy is quite solid as it has a high alloying metal content. 14-carat gold jewellery is designed to withstand all external influences and retain its original appearance. Moreover, their price is quite affordable. You can choose trace chains or chains in a variety of weaving styles from the same gold to the pendant.

In the FJewellery online shop, you can buy a 14k gold initial pendant at the most affordable cost. The assortment of the shop is very wide. Here you can choose expensive jewellery encrusted with precious stones, or inexpensive but very attractive ones. For example, by browsing through the pictures and descriptions in the catalogue, you can choose from: