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Eternity rings for women are a symbol of a long-lasting union and eternal love. Originally, this jewellery with rubies and diamonds was given as a gift on the 20th anniversary of marriage. Unlike wedding and engagement rings, Eternity rings are not usually designed for a specific occasion but to express a lasting love between people. Eternity rings are often given for wedding anniversaries or the birthday of a loved one. The special beauty of this jewellery is that it is often given without a reason, just as a sign of love. F jewellery shop will help you choose the right one for you.


The feeling of everlasting love is the greatest value of this jewellery. Such jewellery has a simple design and is similar to traditional wedding rings, only partially covered by a circle of small gemstones. As a rule, stones of the same size are used, primarily diamonds. Rubies, sapphires, tanzanites and emeralds are also popular. The Eternity ring is worn on the same finger as the engagement ring, sometimes together if their size and shape allow. Celebrities do not ignore this tradition either. The famous Hollywood blonde Marilyn Monroe was married several times, but only Joe DiMaggio gave her a platinum Eternity ring with 35 diamonds.

The ladies eternity rings tell someone that you love him or her forever. If the diamonds go all the way around, then it symbolises that love is a continuous circle that never ends. The recipient will remember how you feel every time they look at this gift.

The eternity ring for her is a gift for many occasions. It can symbolise the new life that you start together. Choose your one or heart necklace with F jewellery shop from the assortment with images.

Women's Eternity RingsWomen's Eternity Rings

Half Eternity vs. Full Eternity Rings

Both are great choices to buy, depending on what you prefer and how you plan to wear the ring.

Full eternity rings - bright and luxurious, possibly in silver, studded with sparkling diamonds all over the bezel. These rings are a chic piece of jewelry and a wonderful gift for special occasions.

Half-eternity rings are a better choice for everyday use, as the metal half of the bezel will be more durable. These rings are also great as diamond engagement rings.


Yellow gold

The warm yellow gold colour gives a soft glow to your ring and suits all skin tones. Yellow gold with a slight vintage touch can be combined with various ring designs. It also perfectly emphasises the purity of diamonds.

White gold

White gold is a wonderful and quite popular choice for eternity rings as the white colour of the metal complements and reflects the brilliance of the diamonds. All of our white gold rings are made from 18-carat gold and plated with rhodium for extra protection and durability.

Rose gold

This metal is a more modern choice and surrounds the sparkling diamonds with a warm and delicate hue. Rose gold contains copper, which gives it that delicate, pleasant shade and increases its strength.


Platinum is as popular and beautiful as white gold, and the reflective qualities of this metal enhance the sparkle of diamonds. An additional advantage of this metal is that it is hypoallergenic and more durable, but it may still need polishing after a few years.

The addition of precious stones can be an unusual and bright touch in the eternity ring. This will not only add colour to the piece, but also embody a special symbolism. Your ring can symbolise trust, passion, love or hope; it can symbolise your love story as well as hollow crosses.

Cheap eternity rings to order are full with a multitude of styles and prices, as well as a variety of precious stones. They contain gemstones embedded all around the circumference of the ring. Half-eternity rings only have gemstones on the front of the ring. Generally, the rings for sale contain diamonds. Other gemstones such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires are also popular inserts but diamonds are out of competition. The shape of the gemstone as well as its type is very important. Square and rectangular diamonds are easier to place around the perimeter of the ring and are perfect for eternity rings. F jewellery shop catalogue offers many models of eternity rings or singapore chains at an affordable cost.