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Although the highest possible caratage value is 24 carats, it isn’t what customers would love to get. Gold is a soft material on its own, so adding other metals is a must to get a satisfactory result and wear your favourite jewellery for a long time. From this perspective, FJewellery has something no less precious to offer — 18 carat gold earrings are well-balanced and will work for any interested party. If you face another gift-giving occasion or just would like to diversify your everyday looks, don’t hesitate to get to know more about these accessories!

Is This Metal Purity a Good Choice for Earrings?

When people seek 18 k earrings, they expect to get marvellous designs. If brilliant gemstones are included, the target palette will only improve its lasting quality. However, a more in-depth understanding won’t be extra:

  • As has been already highlighted, pure gold can’t be used for crafting jewellery. No matter how much you desire to pay, such pieces are going to be highly prone to damage.
  • The worth of gold accessories won’t be ruined by adding other metals to the alloy. Copper, silver, and even small parts of platinum are components in such cases. With 18karat layouts, you get 75% of real gold, which brings great resistance, anti-corrosion, and other durability-related characteristics to the alloy.
  • The malleability of soft gold is great, so 18 crt models of jewellery can be styled in different forms and silhouettes — from creole earrings with gemstones like cubic zirconia to exquisite 18 kt shapes with modern twists and star elements to put on ear.
  • While softer, higher karats result in a more brilliant and eye-catching colour of the alloy. With 18ct solutions, a solid balance is easily found.

Of course, your shopping strategy will depend on the budget. Compared to pieces with a smaller content of pure gold, the price of 18 krt models will be more expensive. But this difference isn’t huge. Moreover, there is no need to invest a fortune in such jewelry. Although it isn’t cheap, discounts and promotions on the site will come in handy to boost your shopping efficiency.

Beautiful Earrings in 18krt Gold

The cost of jewelry isn’t the only aspect to bear in mind to be satisfied with a speedy delivery of precious accessories. Here are some little tricks to simplify your experience and guarantee joyful results:

  • No matter what type of design you prefer or how many elements it might include, the weight of the jewellery piece isn’t the only thing to check. Please pay more attention to the height and width of the layout to ensure you will feel comfortable wearing this or that pair of earrings.
  • Clasps are no less important and influential parameters to define the quality of jewellery. For instance, consider durable and secure closures for people with weak fingers or children.
  • This collection has different versions of 18 karat accessories to choose from, and rose and white gold aren’t less popular than yellow gold layouts. However, you are also welcome to pick up any metal coating. The most widespread and qualitative option is rhodium. It is a rather rare metal, but its characteristics result in a durable and extremely shining protection layer on the earrings’ surface.

The presented assortment boasts numerous high-end pieces of jewellery — from knot earrings to heart-shaped treasures with sapphires. To find what you are searching for fast and easily, utilise the functionality of the site itself, including its amazing filters.

How to Match 18Kt Gold Earrings

Undoubtedly, 18crt earrings for sale are one of the most exclusive deals in the market, letting you purchase highly valuable pieces of jewelry for women and men. Thanks to the fact that you don’t invest a considerable fortune into 18 carat goodies, it is reasonable to enlarge your online shopping limit and get something more than a beautiful pair of earrings. This way, you kill two birds with one stone and obtain a perfect-match accessory to diversify your everyday images gorgeously:

  • Double curb chains — such necklaces will surely be within your budget. What’s more, a double curb chain is incredibly lasting and can withstand everyday wear without any losses in terms of its quality and aesthetics.
  • Infinity symbol bangles — don’t forget about symbols and accents different pieces of jewellery can present and diversify your outfits in an instant. Infinity symbol bangles are unique accessories for him and for her.
  • Bead necklaces — the same degree of uniqueness goes for bead necklaces. Compared to link chains, it creates a refreshing and casual-looking vibe on the neck.

Where to Buy 18K Gold Earrings on Sale

Are 18 karat gold earrings worth it? Once you discover the way they sparkle in pictures and how amazing these are in terms of functionality, you will have no regrets. Whatever style you might be interested in, the FJewellery assortment includes dozens of 750 designs at the best price. Feel free to enjoy this type of magnificence. If there are any queries to solve, this team is always there for you.