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Buy Heart Pendants made of 14k Gold in FJewellery online

Surfing through online collections of exclusive jewellery, you will come across romantic models for sure. FJewellery is convinced that 14 karat gold heart pendants are remarkable from this perspective. However, their functionality is more versatile than it seems. Stay tuned to check it out!

Rich Assortment for Any Demand

Putting the matter of price aside, the genuine value of 14kt gold heart pendants is predetermined by their designs. Though they seem suitable for romantic purposes only, the target recipient doesn’t have to be female only. The difference in lines, choice of materials, as well as execution approaches make any layout look gorgeous on the neck:

  • Open heart — these models are adorably delicate and elegant. With a heart-shaped silhouette as the main accent, they are lightweight and work for multiple moods and images.
  • Solid — lockets with engravings will become a wow present for gentlemen on anniversary or St. Valentine’s Day. Don’t stick to cliche gift ideas solely. The universe of male jewellery is welcome to achieve more connections with female layouts. Flat yet solid pieces function as the right emphasis of bonds between the sender and the target recipient.
  • Three heart — such samples can be realized divergently. On the one hand, it can be a straight line of three small heart-shaped metal plates (with or without gemstones). On the other hand, the elements don’t have to be interconnected and be in the form of three separate pendants on the same chain. Combinations of rose, yellow, and white gold are mind-blowing here. Another idea is to insert two smaller hearts within a large basic layout. As you see, everything is determined by the jewellers’ creativity.
  • Memorial heart — having something in the loving memory of dearest people is a good way to support important influencers in their lives. Engravings and symbolic patterns will enhance the meaningful value of this wonderful accessory.

How to Clean 14 Carat Gold

14 karat gold heart pendant

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that a case of green fingers on accessories is one of the worst customers’ nightmares. Gold isn’t supposed to tarnish and corrode, but irregular and improper maintenance and care will increase the negative influence of environmental factors on your favorite layout. You can’t control your body’s pH balance or air conditions, but understanding the alloy specifications will serve for the better:

  • The cost doesn’t define the quality of cleaning tools to return the brilliance to gold accessories. Soft homemade detergents and warm water will solve the puzzle.
  • There is a lazy method to clean your ensembles. Whether you take gold pendants, necklaces initial, or cable chains, just put them in white vinegar and wait for ten-fifteen minutes to pass. If necessary, customers can use a soft toothbrush to remove the left stain or dust. The same relates to any gold accessory, be it buckle rings or tiny 14ct gold styles.
  • After all, this material is less prone to damage over time and doesn’t require extra plating covers to stay in a sound “body”. It is also included in the list of safe materials for cleaning with rubbing alcohol — to buy a little isopropyl alcohol is a fast and efficient solution. It will work for pendants with gemstones as well.

The Final Verdict

Trying to find a perfect accessory for him, for her, or for a child, 14k gold heart pendants are a universal solution. There is no hustle and bustle about picking up the right size or something uncomfortable to wear daily. The FJewellery online catalogue simplifies decision-making with detailed pictures and recommendations. If you still feel lost amongst virtual shelves with accessories, just contact us for individual guidance.