Christmas crosses

Christmas crosses

Christmas crosses

“Silent Night”, “I Wish You a Merry Christmas”, “All I Want for Christmas Is You” — if you hear these and many other theme-similar songs from every radio, advertisement, and TV show, then one of the most important holidays is just around the corner. That is a perfect chance to please your acquaintances and friends with happy moments and presents. If you are looking for gifts for him and her, then crosses for Christmas are worth considering. With a vast catalogue of different models and designs by "FJewellery", it is a piece of cake for everyone to make the right choice.

Silver Cross Set With Cubic zirconia-18

Christian Cross Variants

A lot depends on the fact which crosses you would like to select — Orthodox or Catholic. It is especially essential to pay attention to this parameter. Otherwise, if a recipient of your surprise is of another religion, you are likely to spoil the general atmosphere of cosiness during your family gathering.

In any case, the cross is interpreted as a sign of the victory of good over evil, as well as an eternal afterlife. However, here are the main image differences to take into account:

  • Form — the number of ends traditional for Catholicism is four and for Orthodoxy is either eight or seven.
  • Lettering — the inscription “Save and preserve” won’t be present on Catholic crosses.
  • The figure of Christ — facial expressions noticeable differ. In the Catholic version, the image is closer to reality. That means the posture allows us to see the moments of suffering. On the contrary, the Savior is depicted with the inner feeling of preparedness to another life.
  • The number of nails — a few do pay attention to this feature. However, it is essential to check. The feet of Jesus is nailed to the cross with two nails on Orthodox models, when on the opposite — with one nail only.

As you see, those who would like to buy Christmas gift crosses have to be careful and find out more about the topic to avoid mistakes. Modern designs aren’t so strict in details, so think twice before decision-making and check not only sale offers.

Buyers’ Guide: Top Recommendations to Consider

On the "FJewellery" website, customers are welcome to check whether the available assortment satisfied their objectives. All they have to do is to use the domain’s multifunctional search engine. Pictures of a decent quality show how units look in reality.

Apart from different price tags, crucifixes listed differentiate with their materials (they could be gold, silver, the mix of metals, etc.), styles (from fancy and Celtic to traditional crosses), and more.


To stay on the safe side, it is recommended to select casual decorative Christmas crosses (with stones and elegant lines, for instance) and choose matching chain necklaces and pendants. Besides, you are welcome to add fluffy toy sheep and angels (and sweets, of course) to make the present more beneficial for children.

What is more important, you don’t need to implement only a religious meaning into your present. Nowadays, the cross design is a popular trend and is preferred in creating earrings and even cufflinks among other selling goods.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of age or occupation, people want to believe in magic and forget about their daily routine, so Christmas is a perfect opportunity to make your beloved ones happier. To select jewellery as a great gift has become a nice tradition already. With the help of "FJewellery" services, it would be easier to select wonderful, beautiful, and at the same time symbolic surprises.

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