Christmas cufflinks

Christmas cufflinks

Christmas cufflinks

If you try to find a special gift for a man, you are on the right path. "FJewellery" presents products for every occasion. You find here earrings, cross necklaces, signet rings, bracelets, and chains. Our store also offers tie clips and custom cufflinks by Christmas for men.

A bit of history

Cufflinks gained popularity in the 19th century. It's really late for such an interesting addition to mens stylizations, however the first idea to create them appeared in the 17th century and its author was the king of France — Louis XIV.

Initially cufflinks which should be discreetly hidden were tied with delicate strings or ribbons. The ruler proposed to create accessories that were to be two glass balls connected by a chain.

Cufflinks — the devil is in the detail

This type of jewelry is dedicated to specific occasions or to men who care about the highest degree of formalities in style. Cufflinks are the great way to stand out and liven up a fairly strict business outfit, but they also appear more often in smart casual style.

Of course, to wear cufflinks, you must know one basic condition — to have dedicated shirts with the so-called French cuff. Lovers of good shirts have them, and if not, it's time to buy more elegant ones. French cuffs can be recognized by the double holes into which the cufflink is inserted, but this does not need to be explained for the dandy.

Cufflinks — which one to choose?

It is worth choosing them so that their leading color corresponds to the color of the watch and the belt buckle. Most popular are apparently the silver colored ones (dominating set among men's clothes). Cufflinks are a perfect complement to the business style.

In our catalogue you can find pictures of silver cufflinks:

  • with horses;
  • in the form of button;
  • for golf lovers;
  • in the form of rampant lion;
  • with stones;
  • with pearls and lots of others.

Cufflinks for Christmas would be a perfect and tasteful gift because our products are recognizable, affordable and perfectly suit more and less occasions.
The men's suit will look much more interesting due to the models available at our website. Cufflinks are distinguished by original shapes that will make your appearance remembered for longer. You can use them for elegant outfits to slightly break their formal character, but also for casual stylizations with a shirt in the lead role.

The store's offer for sale includes:

  • formal cufflinks;
  • high-gloss polished steel design;
  • minimalist form with stylish black accents;
  • the ones with the different colours.

If the Christmas cufflinks gift for a saxophonist passionate about music, the good option is to choose silver cufflinks in the form of a saxophone. In this way you will refer to his passion and give him an original and nice gift. Diversity is not only about the colours, but also motifs. If your boyfriend likes cars, silver cufflinks in the form of a wheel/tire would be a perfect gift for him. Does your boyfriend like minimalism? We can offer you silver plain oval/rectangle cufflinks.

Cufflinks are primarily a styling decoration, so their appearance is undoubtedly important. Also pay attention to the quality of the accessories. Those made of high-quality materials will last much longer. The silver and gold color of the element will not be wiped off, so the cufflinks will diversify your stylizations many times. The price is also important — in our assortment models with an impressive glossy surface are available in "FJewellery" at an alluring price.

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