A complete guide to wearing rings properly

A complete guide to wearing rings properly

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All of us, both women and men, love to wear precious accessories and that's a fact! But each decoration has its own characteristics, and it's important to understand how to put them on correctly, mix them with each other and combine them into sets. This is exactly what the specialists from the FJewellery store decided to devote time to in this article. Well, let's start!

Ring wearing etiquette: how to wear your rings

It should be said right away that in the contemporary world there are no such strict rules regarding this issue, since traditions are completely different in all cultures, and you just can't match them all. But there are certain generally accepted norms, and no one canceled the sense of style. If you don't want to look stupid, ridiculous and funny, then you should not ignore these simple basics. So, to start, two main points.

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1. Left or right

Different countries have different views on the location of wedding rings. In countries where Orthodoxy dominates, these important decorations are worn on the right hand, and in Western countries, on the contrary, on the left. But there are also more exceptional practices. So, among the Jews, it's customary to put a ring on the index finger. In fact, traditions in this matter are not as important as your personal comfort. If you are right-handed, then it’s logical that it is more convenient for you to wear jewelry on your left hand, which is usually less involved in activities, and vice versa.

2. Each finger on the hand has its own symbolic meaning

Someone believes in it and takes it seriously, while others don't focus on this. But still, knowing these nuances will not be superfluous:

  • Thumb. It's associated with the character of person. Two types of decorations will be appropriate here: large with a bold pattern or openwork and simple thin ones.
  • Forefinger. He speaks of the authority, power and strength of his owner. Earlier, kings and nobles wore jewelry on it. Jewelry design can be completely different and depend only on your preferences.
  • Middle finger. Balance, wisdom, responsibility and the god Saturn are associated with it. Often, large bright accessories are put on it, and a phalanx ring can become a stylish addition.
  • Ring finger. With him, everything is clear, simple and does not require additional explanations.
  • Little finger. This is a connection with the intellect. As usual, seal rings were worn, on which family coats of arms or initials were depicted.

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A few topical tips

  1. Everything should be proportional. If you have a small dainty hand, don't choose huge jewelry - it will look out of place, just like if you have large hands - don't use small and thin accessories.
  2. Look for harmony in everything. It's undesirable to wear more than two jewellery at a time on one hand, unless this is due to a specific image or the avant-garde of your style.
  3. A composition of several rings should be designed in a single style so that it looks harmonious and holistic.
  4. When combining the kit with other accessories, also stick to the overall style. Stick to one colour, metal type, and similar designs.
  5. Accessories with large precious stones are best left for an evening or cocktail look, and for every day, choose simpler models.
  6. Nobody canceled the office dress code. Under a strict business suit, a simple gold or wedding ring will suffice, no extra details are needed here.


Well, you have read the basic rules of etiquette for wearing precious rings that everyone should know. And if after reading this article you urgently want to replenish your collection with a couple of new and original accessories - welcome to the FJewellery online store. Here you will find the highest quality products, and their cost will pleasantly surprise you!

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