Everything you wanted to know about jewel

Everything you wanted to know about jewel

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Precious accessories, whether it is an expensive luxury item, a sentimental memory, a family heirloom or a special gift, a thing that we keep in our jewellery box or wear every day - for everyone they have an individual meaning and everyone determines their value for himself. FJewellery is a team of London-based jewellers who have spent many years researching, creating and selling the finest and highest quality precious products. Every day we receive a lot of questions from our customers about different details and features of certain accessories. We have collected the most common ones and compiled a reminder that will help you with your next purchases.

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Popular jewellery FAQs: answered by a jewellery expert

  1. Are gemstones a good investment? They say that "diamonds are forever" and this is the true truth. These are one of the rarest and most expensive stones, along with sapphires, rubies and emeralds. They delight with their radiance and fall in love with themselves at first sight. Since ancient times, these crystals have been highly valued and were available only to the richest people: kings, priests and nobility. Since then, their value has not changed at all, but they have become more affordable and many of us can afford an accessory with a small shining diamond. But this doesn't detract from their significance, and yes, they are still an excellent investment. It's not for nothing that many people keep such jewelry for years and then pass it on as the biggest and most important family value!
  2. Gold or silver, what to choose? Let's agree right away - both of these metals are precious and highly valued. Luxurious cold silver has long been used to create the most luxurious and rare jewelry, and now you can find very special vintage and antique pieces made of blackened silver with inlays of the most expensive gemstones. But what about gold, you ask? Well, this is a timeless classic that needs no further words! Due to the special properties of this metal, it easily changes colour, and you can come up with many more design options with it. On the other hand, silver is much more economical and therefore more affordable. There is no single answer to this question - it cannot be, because everyone has different tastes and everyone chooses for himself. We can say one thing for sure - both metals are simply amazing and both types of jewellery is a must-have for everyone in their collection!
  3. How to properly care for jewels? High-quality and timely care of accessories is very important for long-term preservation and impeccability of their appearance. So, not a single metal or precious stone tolerates contact with aggressive detergents and chemicals. If you want to clean the jewellery - use pure water, a soapy solution and a soft, clean cloth. It's also worth keeping them carefully - use a special box with separate compartments for this. Decorations likes room temperature, lack of bright sunlight and moisture. Depending on how often you wear a particular accessory, it should be taken to an experienced jeweller. The master will carefully and, most importantly, properly clean and polish it without damaging it.
  4. With which ring is it better to make a marriage proposal? Traditional gold and a natural round diamond have been the most common engagement accessory for many years. But this doesn't mean that everyone should choose just such a model. There are many designs, original and unusual. We often write about this on our blog, and there you can find much more information about the types of engagement rings and the cut options that are in demand. The main thing that matters when choosing such jewelry is your personal tastes and preferences of your lady of the heart!
  5. How to determine authenticity? This question worries a lot of people and should be a priority when buying. First, each product must have a manufacturer's mark and a metal sample. Even if the decoration is made by a private jeweller, it will most likely have an imprint or a brand name of the master. It's also important to make sure that the store where you want to make a purchase has all the necessary certificates and can confirm the quality of each product. If you have any doubts, it's better to contact a trusted shop, where you will definitely not be deceived and will give all the necessary guarantees.
  6. Is it safe to buy used jewellery? A very popular question to which we are always happy to answer as detailed as possible. Over the past few years, the demand for such decorations has increased significantly and this isn't surprising. Pre-owned precious accessories are unique and unlike the popular mass-market items, they are much cheaper and keep a special charm and history. You can also not worry about their quality - all products undergo a thorough check and pre-sale preparation.

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We hope that we were able to satisfy your curiosity and answer some of your questions. With all the rest, you can contact Fjewellery specialists online, and we will definitely advise you on all the details and nuances. Contact us anytime!

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