Gold chain as an integral part of any contemporary look

Gold chain as an integral part of any contemporary look

Gold chains

Men, no less than women, like to attract attention with stylish accessories, but unlike ladies, they prefer laconic basic jewellery. Such things are the basis of the wardrobe and set a certain tone for each outfit. In this article, the FJewellery team decided to focus on one of these universal decorations, namely, a gold gents chain. We will talk about how to choose the right models for certain images and occasions, and consider several popular ways to wear them. Sit back and get ready to memorise - we have prepared a lot of useful information for you!

5 surefire ways to style your chain fashionably

Precious accessories set a special mood for all your outfits and are important memorable accents on which all personal style is based. And the chain is one of the most noticeable decorations - the eyes of others always cling to it. That is why it's so significant to pick it carefully and correctly combine it with costumes. We decided to bring you the 5 most basic and common situations in which men most often use these decorations and demonstrate the ideal selection options using clear examples.

1. Business meeting

Work occupies a significant part of a man's life - most spend a lot of time in the office, business trips, conferences and important meetings. And this is a great occasion to demonstrate your impeccable taste and status. Whether you wear a formal business suit or a traditional loose-fitting shirt with a trendy blazer, the classic 14 ct curb chain is a must-have for this look. Such a detail will look very neutral, but at the same time it will become the very necessary highlight that will make the image complete. It's better to choose a standard length - about 24 inches. The best option is for the chain to be visible in the unbuttoned collar of the shirt, but not to attract too much attention. Additional decor in the form of themed pendants and crosses won't be appropriate here - you should refuse it.

Chains for party with friendsChains for party with friends

2. Romantic date

For many guys, this becomes a very exciting event, for which they prepare especially carefully and this isn't surprising, because the ultimate goal is to make a lasting first impression with your flawless image. In such a situation, a simple but attractive outfit is appropriate - something in the spirit of a fitted T-shirt, a club double-breasted jacket and classic plain jeans. A stylish 14 kt mesh chain will be the perfect precious accent to this costume - as they say elegantly, but with taste. Another purely masculine option is the traditional cuban chain. The design should not divert all attention to itself, and therefore you shouldn't pick up too pretentious knitting and voluminous golden pendants. Your sincere smile will be the best decoration, and the jewel will only complement it!

3. Party with friends

This is exactly the event where we relax with our soul and body, which means that there simply cannot be any specific framework - the simpler, the better! The perfect outfit for such a friendly evening will be your favourite T-shirt and the most comfortable jeans, and they will be accompanied by a traditional belcher chain. Also, in this situation, various pendants to match your character will be appropriate - choose models based on your own preferences, but remember that they should be in proportion to the size of the main accessory. If desired, complete the set with a similar belcher bracelet or a stylish golden ring.

4. Go to a match with your mates

Such a bright and adrenaline-soaked event always takes place in the most friendly and relaxed atmosphere, which means that the image should be just as easy and free. Choose clothes in which you will feel as comfortable as possible - a T-shirt with a print of your favourite team, sports trousers or loose shorts, bright sneakers and don't forget the appropriate accessory, like a thick fancy chain made of classic 14 crt alloy. It can be supplemented with a ring or a pendant with a symbolic engraving - the main thing is that it fits the general spirit of the event.

Women's chainsWomen's chains

5. Beach vacation

A trip to a resort or a pool party is no reason to forget about your style. Of course, there is no need for strict suits and tight jeans - the vacation must be complete! So, it's time to pull bright beach shorts out of the closet, put on a thin linen shirt and stylish glasses. And to complete your vacation look, you'll need a bright 9 kt byzantine chain - a dazzling design for a cool getaway! You can also add voluminous pendants, massive bracelets and fashionable spectacle necklaces here - everything will be a bull's-eye if you like it!

We hope you've found fresh ideas for upcoming events here, and you can diversify your look by adding something new to it. And if you are still missing some details - welcome to the FJewellery catalogue! Here you will find a wide assortment of the most requested accessories for him, and you can buy them at a huge profit! The best service, nice prices and unexpected precious surprises are waiting for you - join now!

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